Drive - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman speeding in her car, continuously looking at the rear view mirror; she is tensed and scared. She calls Deeks. Her name is Jenny and Deeks wonders why she is calling in the middle of the night. A terrified Jenny tells him that there are some SUVs that are being smuggled outside the US and they are being used for various crimes in Asia. Just then another car follows her and she is totally scared. She picks up something from the dash board and crushes it under her feet. She asks for help but before she could say anything more, her car rams into something and the line goes dead.

At the precinct the next day, Callen declares his resolution of staying of caffeine and Sam mocks him by saying that 92% of people can never keep up their resolution. Deeks who has been in the office for hours, calls them to the ops for their next case. They hear the recorded conversation. They then check the security camera footage where they see two men abducting Jenny after the crash. Deeks was her public defender when she was charged for some misdemeanors. But later when Deeks became a detective, she became sort of an informant. And she was right about the crimes in South-East Asia. Hetty tells them that one the cars belonged to a soccer mom in Beverly Hills and two weeks later, it blew up a government building in Philippines. Maybe Jenny was dismantling international terrorism.

Her daughter Talia is a sophomore at Whitley University. Callen and Sam go to check Jenny’s vehicle. The officer says that Jenny is a drug addict who is out on parole and once she is found, she will go back in. they check the car and it is filthy. Looks like she lived in it! Callen finds a list of three vehicles and their models. They also find last night’s dinner. Sam finds a dead USB thumb drive under the gas. It is the same one that we saw she crushed under her feet. Deeks and Kensi go to the University to meet Talia. She does not remember Deeks. She is pissed with her mother and she says that she last spoke to her mother two years ago. She also states that every day she wakes up prepared to hear that her mother is dead. She cannot help them in anyway. Eric and Nell try to revive the USB; but no luck.

But they have figured out the logo that was on the take away car. The car was stolen. Sam and Callen go to meet Jaime to get some information on stolen car. Deeks and Kensi go to meet Mrs. Allison Hall who lives in a HUGE mansion. It was her car that was used to kidnap Jenny. They talk to her and learn that there was a break in where some jewelry was taken; but they did not notice their spare car key missing from the kitchen. She does look a little uneasy. Kensi wants the security camera footage. She is getting late for an appointment and she asks them to be quick. Eric goes through Allison’s CC statements and Nell figures out that she is a shopaholic. Callen and Sam bring Jamie to the interrogation room and they ask him about the SUVs.

He doesn’t want to tell a name as he will be killed. They tell him that they will pay him and that Kensi will have his back. Well, that sounds good! They ask him to take Kensi as a new member for their crew. Next, Jamie and Kensi arrive at the place where the stolen cars are boosted up and he introduces Kensi to Esposito, the guy who runs the show. Esposito is pissed at Jamie for giving out his location and profession and Kensi proves her worth. Deeks is across the street trying to sell old phones. Kensi totally wins Esposito’s trust; obviously with the help of her team who help her use a fake app and also stage a fake police chase where she smoothly loses the cops! Eric and Nell tells Callen and Sam that Talia was lying about not being in touch with her as her electronic footprints narrate a different tale.

She has something to hide! Eric tells Sam and Callen to check on Talia. They find Talia walking at a distance and a man in a hoodie arrives and punches her and tries to grab her bag. Sam and Callen rush to the scene and the hoodie manages to escape. Talia tells Sam that now they are going to kill her mother. later, Talia tells them that the men told her to bring her laptop to the park; else her mother would be killed. she feels that thanks to Sam and Callen, she would surely be killed now. Sam assures her that since those guys couldn’t get what is on the laptop, there is a chance that Jenny would be still alive. She says that she last spoke to her mother day before yesterday and that she has been sober for three years.

Eric and Nell tell the guys that there has been an email sent to Talia by Jenny which is password protected; but it is an audio file and not easy to decipher. There is another email which says that the key is in the stack. Callen thinks there is a message in that as to how to access the audio file. Also, there is a hit on the phone call made to Talia. At home, Callen manages to find the key; it is the audio from a birthday card which is kept in a stack. They access the email and send it to Eric. Eric sends the information on the guy; Gonzalo Vargas; he works for a landscaping company in Beverly Hills. We also see that he is the same guy Kensi and Deeks pass by while visiting Allison. Esposito pays Kensi 1.5k for her brilliant work and he wants to hook up with her. She refuses.

Eric tracks down Vargas’ location. It seems like he is about to visit Esposito’s auto shop. Ouch. Eric alerts Deeks as Vargas had seen them at Allison’s mansion. Kensi tries to leave but Esposito stops her to introduce her to his boss Vargas. She tries to hide her face and Vargas thinks he has seen her before. He recognizes her. Deeks asks for backup. He then enters the store and Vargas recognizes his as Kensi’s partner. They are about to be taken to the yard where the “four” bodies will be gotten rid of. Sam and Callen arrive and a gun fight ensues. All the bad ones are killed. They then go to the yard where according to Jenny’s manifest, three SUVs are supposed to be shipped to Singapore. Using thermal satellites, Eric traces the container that shows a body but it is not moving.

They find Jenny in the trunk of the car. They revive her and she is glad to see her daughter Talia. She had done some booking work for Vargas and she waited so that she had a full story. Deeks always told her never to come to him with half a story. At the precinct, Hetty tells the team that they are going to send the shipment as planned; only that there are going to be “significant” changes made to the vehicles. Sounds like they are going to have access to a ‘treasure trove’ of Intelligence! Deeks overhears Kensi making dinner reservations. It is his birthday and Hetty has brought in a bottle. Deeks thinks that he is the one going to dinner with Kensi.

Sorry birthday boy; it is Jamie who is having dinner with her. Jamie has also brought his mother and he introduces Kensi as his girlfriend. Kensi agreed for this dinner because Jamie saved her life during the gunfight at the store where Esposito had held her hostage. They order drinks and Jamie’s mother asks Kensi if she liked children? Oops. The episode ends.