Kill House - Recap

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The episode begins in Mexico, where there are a few guys guarding a house. Just then a task force arrives and takes one of them down. They enter the house and go into a room to check on two people sleeping on the bed; but they are dummies. This is a trap. Just then a few civilians come in and open fire at them. But it is too late to abort the mission; all of them are killed. At the precinct, Kensi gets a huge box in the mail and Deeks is curious as to what is in the box. But Kensi tells him to mind his own business. Granger arrives and asks them to come to the ops. The team watches a video recorded by a helmet camera. The task force had invaded the house of Luis Cisneros, the Head of the Molina drug cartel and wanted by the FBI.

They see how the mission turned into an ambush and the elite team was wiped out. This seems to be a leak of intel. The person needs to have high clearance access to such kind of information. They try to narrow down the list of suspects and they end up pulling the list of the tactical role players. So, Granger tells them that they need to train with a few guys for Special ops; and these guys make Al Qaida looks like a walk in the park. This is done to take a close look if these guys are the leak. Hetty briefs them about the weapons. The team arrives for their training and their button cameras are activated. Sam feels that Deeks and Kensi are not really prepared to be tossed to the deep end of the game. They walk into the simulated “KILL HOUSE”.

But they fail the mission. And somewhere Granger is laughing at them! Chad Parish arrives and talks down to the team. He is former SWAT member and has been in the team for just two months. David Inman arrives and tells the team that their biggest flaw was to break up; fragmented team! All they had to do was sit back and see how they wanted to be killed. David is an ex-marine and is the group leader. Granger tells Nell and Eric to dig deeper into the TRP’s history; he knows that everyone has a weak spot. Nell points out that all of the TRPs are single except for Chad Parish. He has a wife, Jenna and she is two months pregnant. Sam and Callen think that Chad mentioned the ambush that happened in Mexico. Callen thinks that he did it intentionally.

They feel that either Chad could be the leak or might want to stay clean as he has a baby coming. They need to have a talk with him. They then go for their next mission which involves civilians. The team avoids casualties, and manages to take one of the guys with them. But their car gets rigged. They fail this one as well. The man they took with them is David. Just then a man comes running out and tells David that one of their guys is hit; it is Chad. He is dead!! Sam tells Callen that the LAPD has said that Chad broke his neck due to a bad fall. But Callen wonders if it was an accident or murder. David arrives and tells the team that he is going to have to cut this contract. They will be assigned to another team for their training to take down Cisneros.

He tells them that he will wait for what the LAPD has to say and then conduct his own investigation. Chad is the first guy they lost in training. Callen asks Kensi and Deeks to follow David while he and Sam would work the crime scene. Granger has decided to bring David in. Getty thinks that this will compromise their mission. Granger points out that this mission was compromised the moment Chad got his neck broken. Next, Deeks and Kensi follow David who goes to meet Jenna and tells her about Chad’s death. She pushed David away and runs into the house crying. Deeks and Kensi think that this is the right time to talk to her. They ask her about Chad and his work. She tells them that Chad was the black sheep of the tribe as he was the only married one.

Chad always talked about quitting but they needed the money. She then continues to tell them about David’s dream project; a high tech training center in Mexico. Meanwhile, Nell goes through the crime scene and tells Callen and Sam that there is one camera that could tell them about Chad’s death. Hetty calls Callen and asks them to come back as Granger has brought in David for interrogation. Callen and Sam watch Granger talking to David; and it no where looks like an interrogation. It looks like some date!! Callen is suspicious and asks Eric to dig into David’s military records to see if there is any connection between him and Granger. Eric tells them that Granger had specifically asked him to dig about David earlier.

He tells Callen that two months of David’s services are being heavily redacted and this time coincides with the time when Granger ran a black op in Iran. Callen has a question for Granger and Granger comes out of the interrogation room to answer it. Callen wants to know why he did not tell them about being friends with David. That is because, Granger thought that he was always considered as public enemy number 1. He asks them to sit back and watch the interrogation; they might just learn something. Eric tells Deeks and Kensi that he did get some information on David’s new training center in New Mexico and David has already put in 2.3 million dollars in it. There is no way his military contracts could fetch him that kind of money.

In the interrogation room, Granger tells David that he had sent his team to him to get some information about the leak on Cisnero. David had figured out that something about the team was off. Granger also tells him that he vouched for him and wanted his guys to be trained for difficult operations; but he feels that David blew it off. He has solid intel on Cisnero’s location and thanks to Chad’s death, he will not be able to train his guys to take out Cisenero. Eric calls Callen and tells him that he knows about Cisnero’s whereabouts. Cisnero has gotten sloppy; that means he is in a hurry. Granger arrives in the ops. And David has managed to escape. He is on the move. And this is exactly what Granger wanted!

Eric tells them that David is going to the Kill House facility. So, they now need proof that David was behind Chad’s murder. They try to get in touch with Nell. But her cell phone is offline. Sam says that they left her at the restaurant to check the camera footage. They are sure that David has got her!! They go to the training center and Sam knows that David knows how they think and now he would be expecting them to move in a certain way.

But they decide to do otherwise; they stick together as a team. They manage to arrest Luis Cisnero who is in the training facility and they also successfully manage to rescue Nell. Later, Granger apologizes to the team as he wasn’t completely honest with them and he risked Nell’s life. Callen tells him that it is Nell’s call. Nell tells him that it is all good. The episode ends.