The Chosen One - Recap

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The episode begins with a police officer following a white van and signals it to stop. He then checks the license of the driver; Dennis McGrady. Dennis is driving with his friend and he tells the officer that he is helping his friend move. The officer wants to take a look at what he is moving. Dennis is nervous. Just as he was about to open the door, his friend shoots the officer and runs back into the van. The officer shoots Dennis who is trying to run to get inside the van. The friend drives away with the van.

At the precinct, Deeks has bought an aquarium and has managed to have fishes in it which represent the counterpart of his team member; there is no Hetty as the smaller fishes tend to get eaten by the bigger ones! And yes he is the goldfish! Eric arrives and calls them to the ops. They are briefed about the case. We learn that Dennis is the alias the driver was using. His real name is Karim Moussa, and he belongs to a terrorist group that links the Al-Qaida to the Taliban. The surveillance camera could not get the face of the friend. Karim is from Chechnya, which has become a hot bed for Islamic terrorism. They know that Karim was trying to protect something or someone at the back of the van. Hetty tells them that thanks to the vest, Sergeant Rick Gibson survived the shots.

Deeks and Kensi go to the car rental company to find out about the details of the person who rented the car. The guy at the counter seems to have OCD. He tells them that a guy named Dennis rented the car. His friend was an African American and the guy describes his height, built, waist and clothes pretty precisely. But he doesn’t remember the face too well. Rick says that he did not look at the accomplice. His accent did not support the name on the license. He also tells them about a take away bag that he saw in the van; he describes the logo. Eric and Nell track the take away joint and they also see that the van was in that area an hour after the shooting. They predict that the camera should spot the van, judging by the route it took. But surprisingly, it did not show up. Nell calls Callen.

Callen, Deeks, Kensi and Sam spot the van. But the van is clean; except for some traces of ammonium nitrate which is used to make explosives. Nell tells the team that the tyre has traces of recycled paper pulp and there are just three in the area where the van was. One of them was shut a while back. It was owned by a Chechen national, Akmed Movladiev, who was sent back when his business turned belly up. The satellite images show that the van entered the facility and then left. Probably, it unloaded the ammonium nitrate and then the driver dumped the van. So what is happening in LA that could be a target for a terrorist attack? The Israeli PM is attending the museum of tolerance this week and author Ephraim Nabeel is going to lecture on his book and former Secretary of States is speaking at the Reagan library.

So, it is time for some old fashioned stake out. So, the four are waiting outside the run down mill. They have some action. A man walks out of the building. But Eric is unable to track him as he is bunched up in the crowd on the street and is unable to isolate him. Kensi does the bump and manages to hold him stationary for a while. Eric tracks him. He is Jamal Alvurov, a Chechen national with a chemical engineering degree. Eric has sent a virus to his phone which helps him to track all calls and emails sent from that phone. There is one coded email which describes a person arriving on a flight. There are three Chechen nationals on that flight and the closest to the description is a man named Anwar Amurov. They infer that the mention of a red baseball cap means that they have never met that man before.

So, Callen decides to show up in his place. hetty thinks that this is a bad idea. but Callen tells her that they have no choice. Also, he is aware of the Chechen dialects. Callen dresses up and Hetty corrects his tenses. Nell wires him up; but he takes them off as he points out that these guys are smart enough to use minimal technology to stay off radar. They will strip him off first. They go through Anwar’s files and he has no skills that would make him a Jihaad player. He has a four year old named Anya. So, the operation begins and Deeks and Kensi take Anwar with them and hand over the red cap to Callen. Callen walks out of the plane and we see that the guy who drove off with the white van is waiting for him.

He asks Callen to follow him. They go to the building and there they meet Jamal. Jamal tells him about Jihaad and he introduces Callen/Anwar to Gloria and Chovka Zelimov. The African American guy is James/Masud. They then kill James and tell Callen that his work was done and soon Callen’s too will be. Kensi interrogates Anwar and Anwar defends the actions of Jihaad. He then lawyers up. Deeks arrives with pizza in the building and manages to get it delivered into the building. Chovka not wanting to gather any outside attention buys it from him and then takes it inside. He is about to throw it off when Callen stops him and tells Jamal that he has always wanted to eat American pizza.

He has a talk with Gloria and before he could learn much, Jamal asks her to leave. Callen, who has by now finished the pizza, pulls out the button camera that is hidden in it and fixes it on his button. But he does not mange to get the ear piece. Jamal then takes Callen to the van full of ammonium nitrate. He then hands over a paper and pen to Callen. Hetty realizes what is happening./ she tells the team that the paper and pen is for writing the last letter to his family; Anwar was called in as a suicide bomber and now Callen is the chosen one. In the warehouse, Callen focuses over a paper written by the author Nabeel and also a strange map; it is the map of the Braddock University. Hetty figures out that Nabeel is their target as the author had written some questionable papers against Islam.

Jamal makes Callen wear the vest. Chovka will be driving him. Jamal then hands a gun to Gloria and tells her that it is time for her to do the deed. She takes it. The team is around the building and see a van leave. They chase it. Kensi shoots Chovka but they see that the van is empty. Everyone is surprised. Just then the ops receive news that Gloria shot herself in her head in the middle of the route that Nabeel was supposed to travel. So, now the traffic needs to be diverted and Nabeel’s vehicle will have to take the route which passes through the warehouse. Hetty now realizes that they will blow up the warehouse and Callen never left the warehouse. In the warehouse, Callen is zip tied to a plank. Jamal knows that Callen is not Anwar as he remembers that Anwar was left handed and they all sat in the last row in school.

He then places a cell phone on the vest and is about to leave. The team arrives and shoots Jamal. They then go to free Callen. They cut off the zip tie and Callen is about to get off when Sam stops him. The plank is rigged on a pressure plate which is connected to some explosives. Sam cuts off the wire and everyone is relieved. At the precinct, Deeks cannot find his aquarium. Well, that is because it is with Hetty.

She asks him why there is no fish that represents her. Well, she has brought a fish that she puts into the tank; it is a guppy. They try to warn her that small fishes won’t survive with the bigger ones. But once the guppy is poured into the tank, the other fishes look at it for a moment and then they turn around and swim in the other direction! Looks like even the fishes are wary of Hetty’s counterpart! The episode ends.