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Episode discussion for: 04x15 | History (Feb 19, 2013)

Dean Albertson, stabbed stumbles out of woods into a BIGFOOT Hunter take by Brad Ross, what are the chances?? They are slim of dying right infront of someone like that. But we needed him to be found.
Cute that Sam was dressing up as an Astronaut in Mike Collins suit. The guy that drove 250,000 miles in space, to remain in the car. Wonder what Mike Collins thought of that line?

Rock, Paper, Scissor West Coast or East Coast Rules, still funny between Sam and Deeks. Deeks and Kensi talking about How Deeks plays down to Sam.
Sam and Callens comments about deeks purse, and matching his shoes. They were cute. Also In prison Jim Mullens calling the guys "pigs". Deeks stepping in the bear poop in woods. And Leah Dewhurst "Tickling Deeks Pickle". And all the joking Sam does about it later. The jokes about being a place kicker for the Jets. Deeks better wear a cup.
At College I wondered about Dr.Roy Hale/Oliver Johnson. But not at first. David i wondered about. Later kensi goes to see him, hopefully he won't be like Gun Barrel Party or Red Tide.
Sam breaking Allen Sandersons nose and him talking back was nice. The Albert Puhol joke when Red Tide members had bats was funny. Deeks finding the bomb in the school was scary. Also the house of Dr. Hale blowing up.
Hale having the bombs in a storage unit and almost backing his Focus into Deeks Cadillac. KABOOM! He said he argued with Dean Albertson and he fell on his knife. He died of a heart attack. Then even scarier he may have planted more seed in minds for the future. Now if someone could play off this say a few years down the road on one of these shows!!!? Hetty saying at the end: " A good friend at just the right time", was right for Kensi visiting David Thompson.
At the end at Morgans party, Sam tells he was 2nd coolest at his daughters party, A navy Seal was cooler.
Message Posted On Thursday, February 21st 2013 at 4:38 pm

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