Lohkay - Recap

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The episode begins with a guy entering an electronic shop. He steals a laptop and leaves, but the owner notices and chases him. The guy is then knocked down by a car. We see that two men lift him and put him in the car before they drive away. The owner recovers the guy’s bag with the laptop in it. At the precinct, Deeks and Kensi are going to attend a seminar, but Kensi doesn’t want to go to it. She tells Sam that she made Deeks join the sniper classes with her, so now she has to accompany him to the seminar. Deeks also tells Sam that he hates going to the seminar. He is only going because he wants to pay Kensi back for taking care of his pet last week and he feels that Kensi is very much into these things. Sam finds this entire thing very amusing.

Sam gets a call and he looks worried. He goes to the Ops and tells Eric that there has been an accident and he wants to check all the surveillance footage. Sam tells Eric that this is a personal matter. Eric stops. Granger arrives and tells Sam that he cannot deal with personal stuff on Government time. Sam tells him that when he was in Afghanistan, a man named Yusef Khan helped him when he was wounded. Khan risked the safety of his family and village for him. Now, his nephew was in an accident and is missing. He wants to help Khan, but Granger does not allow it. Sam tells him that he has accrued 219 hours of leave.

He is taking it, but Hetty intervenes. Eric arrives and tells them to take a look at the accident footage. They see Amir Khan being taken by the guys who hit him with their car. Hetty tells Eric that this cannot be pursued, but Eric states that the facial recognition on the man in the passenger seat leads to Hakim Habib. Hakim recruits local US Muslims and then introduces them to the ways of the Taliban. Hakim has never come to the US before, so why now? Hetty tells them to find Hakim, and Sam will find Khan’s nephew. Kensi and Deeks go to the store and talk to the owner. The owner tells them that Amir has been coming to the store for the past two weeks and test driving the latest laptops. This morning he tried to steal one. They tell the owner that they will have to confiscate the laptop and all the surveillance footage. Sam goes to meet Yusef Khan. Khan tells Sam that Amir has no history of violence. Sam then shows him Hakim’s picture.

A black SUV pulls in front of the dry cleaning store and opens fire. Sam pushes Khan to safety and shoots down the gunman, but the SUV drives off. Eric tells Callen that the dead man is Aleed Durrani and he is a member of a small time radical group of the Jihadist front. He also has a brother, Salim Durrani. Khan tells Sam that he knows this is the work of the Taliban. He tells Sam that once Sam escaped, the Taliban came to search for him and, when they found out Sam had escaped, they killed his family.

He managed to save Amir by fleeing to a refugee camp. Sam did not know about this. Sam wants to hide Khan in some safe place off the grid. Callen thinks it is a bad idea; he says that they should put Khan in the system so that they can keep an eye on him. He says that Sam is not thinking with his head. Sam agrees. Deeks and Kensi go to Amir’s house to search the place. Deeks finds a laptop, which looks brand new. He wonders why Amir was trying to steal a laptop when he already had a brand new one. They then find a gun under the bed. Eric finds something very interesting; he finds a footage which shows the Duarrani brother dropping Amir at the store. They knew each other.

Sam tells Khan about the gun and Amir’s friendship with the Durrani brother. He feels that Amir was involved with some radical group. Khan blames all this on Amir’s American girlfriend, who he doesn’t like. He tells Sam that the girl wanted Amir to relinquish his heritage. Sam wants her address. Kensi is pissed with Deeks because he read her diary. She now wants Deeks to tell her something that no one knows. Deeks tells her that he was a stripper in his college days for extra money. They go to meet Amir’s girlfriend. The girlfriend tells them that Khan was forcing Amir to be something he didn’t want to be and he also thought that she was bad influence on Amir.

Sam and Callen locate the black SUV a mosque. They see Salim Durrani walk out of the mosque. They think Salim wanted Amir to do something but Amir refused. That is why they had fallout and Amir had a gun. They follow Salim, hoping that it will lead them to Amir. Eric and Nell find some emails on the store’s computer. They look like they are for Hakim. Granger fears if Hakim is involved, it means that something is happening on a large scale. Sam and Callen follow Salim to a hookah bar. Salim escapes in a silver sedan. Callen and Sam follow the car. During the pursuit, Sam’s car window is shot at and Sam is pissed. He then fires shots at the sedan.

Salim is arrested and the driver is dead. Callen finds a lot of ammunition in the trunk of the car, enough to start a war. Sam gets nothing useful from Salim. They arrive at the HQ and Hetty mentions the bad driving skills. Sam tells them that it was Callen who was driving. Kensi is shocked that Sam let Callen drive the Challenger. Sam feels that they should get the girlfriend, Nicole, and Khan in the same room. Maybe they know something collectively that they don’t realize. Kensi and Deeks go to Nicole’s place and find that two men are trying to abduct her. A gunfight ensues and Nicole gets shot. The two men are also killed. Deeks finds a picture in one guy’s pocket. It is a picture of Khan and Sam together and Sam’s face is circled.

Deeks realizes that the hit at the dry cleaners was actually for Sam. Sam arrives at the safe place and finds that the guard is missing. Khan tells him that Amir called, so he had to let the guard go. Amir walks down the stairs and Hakim Habib arrives with his men. Sam realizes that this was a set up. Hakim says he can now finish the job by killing the guy who got away years ago. At the ops, everyone is tense because Sam is not reachable. However, the GPS shows that he is at the boat shed. All the cameras in the boat shed have been disconnected, but Eric knows about the secret camera and turns it on. They see that Sam is held captive and is being beaten up. Hetty wants Nell to inform Callen that the boat shed has been breached.

Hetty wants Sam to be saved at all costs. Khan is upset with Amir for his actions and Amir tells him that he doesn’t want to carry this burden all his life, just because his uncle made a wrong decision. Hakim plans to kill Khan and Amir as well. He calls Amir a coward for turning on his own uncle and he wants to kill Khan for sheltering the enemy. Kensi, Deeks and Callen arrive at the boat shed. Kensi and Deeks pose as a couple having an argument and Callen tries to get into the basement. They shoot down the men, arrest Hakim Habib, and free Sam. Amir thinks the others would still come for them and he tries to shoot Sam. Khan tries to stop him and ends up shooting his own nephew, the last of his family. He tells Sam that if he had let Amir shoot him, then his whole family would have died in vain. Sam thanks Khan and Khan leaves.

At the precinct, Hetty decides that she will be punishing Sam for disobeying her rules about federal resources. She offers Sam one of the finest Scotch ever made. Sam is happy. He wants to know how much it costs. Hetty tells him that he will find out in his next pay check. The episode ends.