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Wanted - Recap

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The episode begins with a man, Victor Varlamov, arriving at the park and pulling out a note from under a bench. Just then another man stabs Victor with an ice-pick in the back of his neck and then in his chest. The killer then cuts off one of his fingers. Sidirov is watching this on his computer. Next, at the precinct, Kensi is filling out a survey form from a bridal magazine and Deeks tells her that her biological clock is ticking. Nell arrives and tells them that Victor Varlamov was killed this morning. Nell and Eric tell the team that the footage was pulled from a Venice chess park.

Victor was hired by Anatoli Kirkin (a rival mob boss) to assassinate Sidirov. They feel that the killer did not turn his face because he knew about the camera. Callen thinks that Sidirov might have staged it so that he could watch from a remote location. Callen tells Eric and Nell to check how many people have watched this video. He also wants everything on Victor. Callen then leaves to talk to one of Victor’s poker buddies. Later, Kensi and Deeks take a look at Victor’s dead body and they find some letters (not in English) carved on Victor’s forehead. They also notice that the killer has cut off Victor’s middle finger.

Deeks does a search and tells Kensi that the letters correspond to the English letters, S L O N, which is Russian for elephant. Callen tells Sam about the message carved on Victor’s forehead. They then meet Arkady and he tells them that in this case SLON means a prison. He also tells them that cutting off the middle finger could be because of the tattoo that was on that finger. Arkady has his doubts on Dmitri Greshnev. Callen says that Dmitri flew off with Sidirov. Arkady feels that Dmitri is back. Callen tells Sam that if Sidirov and Dmitri are back then they will try to find a buyer for the stolen nukes. Sam tells Callen that if they are back, they are going to come after his wife.

Nell tells Deeks and Kensi that Sam is not able to reach Michelle. They are about to leave for Sam’s house when Hetty arrives and tells them that they will have to partner up with CIA officer Snyder and keep him busy till Sam and Callen get a handle on this case. She tells him that they will have to keep the CIA in the loop if this case is about Sidirov and the missing nukes. Sam checks on Michelle and finds out that she is fine. Deeks and Kensi manage to keep Snyder at the boatshed and Snyder realizes that they are trying to stall him. Nell tells Callen that there was a new number that popped up on Victor’s call list and it was from a burner phone. She is trying to trace where it was purchased.

Sam and Callen are about to leave when Sam notices a car pull over and a man walks towards the house. Sam follows him and he sees this guy hugging Michelle. Sam jumps at him. Michelle tells Sam that this man is Officer Sobatino and he is CIA. Callen and Sam arrive at the boatshed with Sobatino. Deeks and Kensi are surprised to learn that Granger wants then to work with CIA. Eric appears on the screen and tells them that a computer logged on the chess park camera ten minutes before Victor was killed and then logged off after his death. Sam and Michelle are undercover as Foreman and Quinn. When they reach home, they find Dmitri waiting for Michelle.

He wants to know why she didn’t kill Kirkin. He thinks that Sam is distracting her and gives her 24 hours to finish her task. Michelle tells him that it is difficult because Kirkin has doubled his security and he seldom goes out. Dmitri tells her to get the job done and leaves. Sam calls Eric and tells him to track Dmitri’s car. Sam leaves to follow Dmitri. Sobatino hits on Kensi and when Snyder tells Deeks about Sobatino’s intentions, Deeks looks a little uncomfortable. Next we see that Kensi likes Sobatino’s company. Sam is following Dmitri and the cops ask him to pull over. They search him and find two guns and Victor’s murder weapon in his car.

Later, Hetty arrives to meet Sam in prison and Sam tells her that Sidirov wanted him out of the way so that Quinn/Michelle could kill Kirkin because Sidirov knows that Quinn is used to him being in prison. He knows that Sidirov wouldn’t kill him because that would make Michelle too distraught to do the job. Hetty tells him that she is not going to bail him out for the moment because she feels that Sam is going to be safe in prison. Sam is pissed. He fears that Michelle is in danger and Hetty gives him her word that she will take care of Michelle at whatever cost. Callen doesn’t like this idea and tells Hetty to spill out her master plan.

Hetty tells him that she doesn’t have one. She wants Callen and his team to come up with one. Kensi has a plan. She tells them that they need to convince Kirkin to cooperate with them so that they can convince Sidirov that Michelle killed Kirkin and that way he would come out of his hiding and they can trace him back to the stolen nukes. The Agency guys like the plan. There is just one problem; Deeks has to go to the spa where Kirkin works from. Deeks doesn’t like the idea of being amidst naked men, but he has no options. He approaches Kirkin and tells him that he is from NCIS and that they want to kill him. Kirkin’s guards tackle Deeks. Kensi is about to go in when Deeks walks out and tells them that Kirkin has agreed to cooperate.

Sam tells the police officer that he wants his one phone call. He then assaults the officer and escapes. Next, Kirkin is at a restaurant and he is ready. Kensi and Deeks are there as well. Michelle walks in and shoots Kirkin, creating chaos and quickly leaves. Kensi sends the eye-witness footage to Eric so that he can float it on the internet. Nell tells Hetty that the cops have sent out an alert on David Foreman (Sam) because he assaulted a cop and escaped from prison. Next, Michelle arrives at a park and waits for Sidirov and Dmitri. Snyder, Sobatino and Callen are at the park too.

Sidirov and Dmitri arrive and Sidirov tells her that she needs to get on a flight and leave the city for a while since she murdered Kirkin. Dmitri looks around and figures out that Snyder and Sobatino are keeping an eye on them. He alerts Sidirov. Sidirov shoots Snyder and gets away in a lifeguard’s van. Dmitri takes Michelle with him and is about to shoot her, but Sam arrives and shoots Dmitri. Callen wonders how Sam tracked them and Sam tells him that he tracked Michelle’s phone. Next, Sobatino is upset about his partner’s death and tells Kensi that he has been called back to DC to head up a task force. He leaves.

A teary eyed Kensi then tells Deeks to promise her that he will never get himself killed. Later, Sam and Callen arrive at the precinct and Hetty is in a foul mood. She tells Sam that he did not trust her and escaped prison. She then tells him to go and spend some time with his family while he can. She is going to have a tough time explaining to her superiors as to how Sidirov escaped and why the only lead they had, is dead. She knows that all this is far from over. The episode ends.