Red, Part 1 - Recap

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The episode begins with a car crash in Moscow, Idaho. A man stumbles out of the car and walks up to a public phone to make a 911 call. Another car stops at a distance and a man walks towards this guy. The guy tells the 911 operator that his car crashed and that someone is after him. His voice is barely audible because of the wind and heavy snow. The mysterious man draws a gun and shoots the guy. He then pulls out things from his pockets and scatters it around the dead body. He leaves. The car explodes.

At the office, Deeks finds a box on his desk and he knows it is Kensi’s box, but Kensi tells him that she is giving that box to him. Deeks finds it weird and thinks that it is some sort of a trick. He decides to open the box, but is interrupted by Eric, who tells the team that they have their next case. They go to ops, where Hetty tells them that a man was found shot in the back of his head, execution style. The victim is Rachmed Santoso. Santoso, an Indonesian national, was a vocal supporter of the radical Islam and a suspected arms dealer. Nell tells them that the chatter in Taliban indicates that an attack on US is imminent. Hetty receives a call. Nell tells the team that Santoso dropped off the grid ten days ago and the killer took his shoes. Hetty tells them that there is a change in plans. The weapon that was used to kill Santoso, was also used to kill Gunnery Sergeant Edward Tyler and he too was shot in the back of his head too. H

etty tells Sam and Callen that they should leave for Idaho and that their RED team is already on the ground. She asks Kensi and Deeks to find Santoso’s shoes. Kensi and Deeks go to the crime scene and they find a trail of footprints, but a single set. They follow the trail and find the shoes neatly placed under a tree. Kensi concludes that the killer kills Santoso, wears his shoes, walks down the road and steps in on his own footsteps, thereby eliminating them. Next, Sam and Callen arrive in Moscow and Logistics Officer Danny Gallaghar welcomes them. He tells them about his team is going to be led by Special Agent Paris Summerskill, but at the moment she is being outranked by Granger. Sam and Callen are shocked to see Granger in Moscow.

Danny takes them to a truck, which is where they work from. He introduces them to the RED team, which comprises of Paris Summerskill (the boss), Spl. Agent Dave Flynn (also the cook), Spl. Agent Claire Keats, and Tech Assistant Kai Ashe. Paris briefs them on the case. Hetty calls the team and tells them that “they found the missing shoes”. Everyone finds the call weird and Granger knows that Hetty is not telling them something. Sam and Callen try to work out the connection between the two murders. Callen points out that a professional never uses the same weapon again, and that too, a low velocity round.

The next day, Nell arrives at the Ops and finds that Eric did not go home last night. He tells her that Hetty was freaked out at the fact that they did not have any leads. So, he stayed up and went through the security footage and saw that Santoso had parked his car in a parking lot, a quarter mile away from where his body was found. Santoso rented a car under a fake id, but he slipped up by giving the hotel address to the car rental company. Eric tells Nell that Santoso has been staying there for the past couple weeks and that is the time his name was linked to the attacks. Kensi and Deeks go to the hotel room. They figure out that Santoso had company. Kensi tells Eric to check the security footage for the last week. Deeks finds empty boxes of 9mm ammo and lots of them. At the trailer, Callen and Paris discuss the crime scene and they notice that Tyler’s cell phone is missing. They then reconstruct as to what could have happened and they figure out that Tyler must have dropped his cell phone and that is why he used the public phone to make the 911 call.

They go to the site and manage to retrieve the phone that was hidden under a thick coat of snow. Sam tells Callen and Paris that Santoso had five people with him. They are on their way back to the trailer and Paris tells them that they did not find much on Tyler’s phone. A truck arrives and rams into their vehicle and tries to run them off the road. Sam breaks the sunroof and shoots at the truck driver. Callen and Paris join in, but the driver escapes. Danny, who was driving the car, is unconscious and Callen calls for help. Sam goes looking for the driver. Next, at the trailer, the two teams are having a video conference and they go over the contents from Tyler’s phone. Claire looks at a video that Tyler shot at the airport terminal and notices that a man was trying to cover his face.

Hetty tells them to send the picture to all airports and find out about that man. Sam tells the team that Tyler was wearing his uniform and so the man (probably a criminal) could have doubted that Tyler was on to him. At the Ops, Kensi and Deeks go through security camera footage and find four men leaving the building along with a driver. Hetty recognizes one of them. At the trailer, Kai gets a hit on the airport guy and he tells them that he is probably using a fake id, Robert Spears, but he flew into LA this morning. Hetty calls and tells the team that a man named Alhed and four others were recorded leaving Santoso’s building. They are Afghani military and disappeared from a DOD training last month. It is advanced aeronautics and all of them are qualified pilots.

Sam and Callen arrive in LA with Paris and her team. Kensi tells them that Spears rented a car which was used to pick up the men from Santoso’s building. He then upgraded and bought a car with GPS which was found abandoned next to the house of a TSA officer. He was dead when the police found him with the security card was missing. Callen tells Eric to find out which gate the TSA personnel used at the airport. Eric locates the van and informs Callen. They too locate the van. Sam alerts Kensi and asks her to stay close. They follow the van and a gun fight ensues, in which four of them are dead and one slightly injured. Spears, manages to get away. Next, at the office, Granger tells Hetty that the Red Team has one guy less because Danny is still in the hospital. Hetty hands over a file to Granger and Granger is reluctant to approve it.

At that moment, Analyst Roy Haines arrives. Hetty is surprised that he is early. Hetty tells the team that Roy will be filling in for Danny and she asks Paris if she is okay with it. It looks like Roy and Paris have had some kind of a “history” because Paris lands a heavy punch across Roy’s face. Later, we learn that Roy and Paris were partners and that he was on an operation where he was investigating an arms dealer in NY. An ambushed followed and three of the assailants were killed and Roy was wounded and almost died. Hetty believes that there is more to the story that Roy isn’t telling them.

Eric tells the whole team that they have a lead on Spears. Spears made a satellite call three minutes after he slipped away. Spears, tells the guy on the other line that he will take some time to organize and get Alhed to him. He tells him to stay at a hotel in Al Centro and to use the name Jackson. Hetty sends Callen to interrogate the terrorist they have in custody. She tells Paris to keep an eye on the hotel. Paris is about to leave and Hetty reminds her to take Roy along with her. To be continued.