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Red, Part 2 - Recap

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The episode begins with Granger telling Hetty that he still cannot understand as to who redacted the report on Roy’s shooting. He feels that there are a lot of unanswered questions about that night. Next, the Red team arrives at El Centro (Roy included). Callen and Hana interrogate Ari Yusuf Sayed, the terrorist they captured. Deeks is sure that Ari would not speak till the time Spears is out there. Callen and Sam lie to Ari saying that Spears was killed in El Centro by the guy who helped Spears cross Mexico. Ari is shocked. They know that Ari knows the name of the other guy.

Ari tells them that he is Jose Ramirez. They inform the Red team about Ramirez. Paris briefs her team about Ramirez. She says that Ramirez specializes in smuggling people and weapons across the border. They find out that Ramirez owns a ranch and they decide to check it out. Roy tells them that there is just one way into Ramirez’s ranch and so they need to be careful. Dave, Paris and Claire go to the ranch and click some pictures. They see seven guys walking out and getting into two cars. They leave immediately. The two cars follow them and Paris thinks that they are on to them. Claire thinks it is not possible as they just got there, but Paris is right. One of the guys begins shooting at them. Claire takes charge and a gun fight ensues.

One of Ramirez’s cars flips and the driver gets out. He is about to shoot Dave and Paris shoots him. They arrive at the trailer and Roy tells them that he had some drinks with the County Sheriff. After the Sheriff got drunk, he let Roy download the GPS database with which they can track down the GPS in Ramirez’s car. At the ops, Granger is going through the video from the airport and Hetty arrives. He tells her that five years ago, when he was in the Special Task Force, Bobby Wilson, a whistle blower was murdered despite being under witness protection and they could not get his testimony. The MO was not exactly the same (the killer used a pillow to muffle the sound), but it did keep him awake for months.

Granger feels that Spears is the same guy who killed Bobby. He also feels that if Ari says that Spears is a fundamentalist, then what was he doing acting as a contract killer five years ago? In the trailer, Dave goes through Roy’s GPS database and tells Paris that there are multiple trips made in and out of El Centro and the first visit is to Ramirez’s ranch and the ranch is also the final destination. The second most visited place is a beach and it is worth checking out. Next, Eric hands a flash drive to Deeks and Kensi which contains all the unsolved murders from the past five years, where the victim was shot in the head with a low velocity round.

Hetty wants the duo to go through the files and search for common denominators. Nell arrives and tells them that she found surveillance pictures from outside the airport where Spears is talking to a man wearing a red scarf. Alongside, Dave, Claire and Paris arrive at the beach. Dave tells them that there is a house at a distance and Paris tells them that they will walk. When they arrive at the house, they find bodies lying in front of the house. They go inside and find multiple dead bodies lying dead on the ground. Claire realizes that they are illegal immigrants. They go outside and see that Ramirez is dead, a single gunshot to the back of his head. It looks like Spears was a step ahead of them.

Later, Sam and Callen arrive at the scene. Paris tells them that there are 15 bodies, including Ramirez and his two bodyguards. They feel that Ramirez was tipped off that somebody was trying to get to him. So, they arrive at the house, the body guards go in and kill the immigrants. Paris tells them that Ramirez was already dead when the two bodyguards came out and they too were shot at the back of their heads. Callen feels that something is not adding up.

At the trailer, Roy fixes the waste pipeline and Kai comes out to talk to him. Kai thinks that it was dumb of Spears to kill Ramirez. Roy says that the MO is the shooter’s signature and that they haven’t yet proved that Spears is the shooter. Next, Hetty calls Deeks and Kensi to the ops. They are on a video call with Kai and Roy. Eric tells him that they managed to get footage of the guy wearing the red scarf. His name is Tommy Kraus. Tommy has a satellite phone and it is the same phone used to contact Spears. Nell says that Kraus is an underworld “fix it” guy and he can arrange for anything and everything. Hetty wants Deeks and Kensi to get Kraus.

They go to Kraus’s house and meet Brett. They pressurize Brett a little and Brett tells them that Kraus has gone to some hotel in El Centro and won’t be back until the next day. They stake out the hotel and arrest Kraus. At the ops, Kensi tells Hetty that there are 13 cases in the past that match with the recent killings. Granger thinks that they are contract killings. The question is, why would a Jihadist get into contract killings? Next, Dave examines the bullets that killed Ramirez and his bodyguards and finds something. During the interrogation, Kraus tells Claire and Sam that he is not an enemy of the country. He says that the moment he found out what Spears was up to, he decided to put an end to it. He says that he hired a contractor to clear the mess, Santoso, Ramirez and Spears. They are shocked to learn that Spears isn’t the killer, he is the target.

Nell and Eric go through the airport footage and see that Kraus is talking to someone. It is a woman. Kraus tells Claire and Sam that the shooter is a woman. Dave tells Paris that there is lipstick on the bullets that he examined. Nell and Eric look at the women and feel that they have seen her before. She was on the footage that the Marine shot at the airport. At the hotel, Paris also realizes who the killer might be. She sees that killer get into the elevator. A gun fight ensues between Paris and the shooter and also between Callen and Spears. Spears, gets shot by Callen. In the parking lot, the shooter is about to shoot Paris from a point blank range, but Roy arrives from behind and takes down the shooter.

Paris takes the shooter’s gun and pulls out the magazine and sees that there are lipstick marks on the bullets, “the kiss of death”. Next, Paris tells Callen to stay back for dinner, but he tells her that they need to leave because Sam has a family. He wants to know what happened between her and Roy. She tells him that it is complicated. Roy comes out and tells Paris that they have a new case and it involves a “long” trip. At the precinct, Hetty tells Granger that Tyler did not get killed because he filmed Spears; he got killed because he filmed the woman. The woman has been killing for years for money. Granger is relieved that the woman who killed his witness is finally killed. The episode ends.