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Parley - Recap

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The episode begins with a guy trying to gun down a woman walking on the street, but he misses his shot. A chase ensues and the woman gets into a black car. A guy steps out of the car and fires at the shooter. Taking advantage of the distraction, he gets back in and asks the woman what she did this time. The woman kisses him. It is Deeks. They quickly drive away. At the office, Callen, Kensi and Sam talk about fitness and workouts. Eric tells them that Hetty wants to them in the ops. Nell shows them surveillance footage and tells them that an hour back, Monica Davis was the intended target of a shooter in Hollywood.

Sam notices the way Monica evades the bullets; it looks like she is used to being shot at. Eric tells them that Monica is a hostess at an Afro-beat night club, N’Kosi. They wonder why someone is trying to shoot Monica. Hetty thinks that the shooter may be involved with Johannes Waaldt aka Jojo, the owner of N’Kosi. It appears that Waaldt does a lot of charity work in Africa, but back in the day, he was a well known international arms dealer. Callen thinks that Monica must have seen something she wasn’t supposed to see. Hetty tells them that they don’t know that for sure because they haven’t heard from their inside man, Deeks aka Max Gentry. Nell enlarges the part of the footage where Monica kisses Deeks. Kensi is surprised.

Hetty tells them that Granger set this up and Deeks is undercover. Nell tells them that Deeks hasn’t checked in yet. At home, Deeks tells Monica that she screwed up the whole thing and now she is in danger. Monica doesn’t understand the seriousness of the situation and she is busy seducing Deeks. Deeks had told Monica to quietly sneak in and get some pictures, but she ended up stealing a pouch of diamonds from Waaldt. Deeks feels that this whole thing is a bad idea. At the office, Kensi is worried that they haven’t heard from Deeks. Nell arrives and tells them that Deeks sent an encrypted text which didn’t reveal much. Hetty tells Kensi to backup Deeks. Sam and Callen decide to go to the club to find out more. Callen is worried about Kensi, and tells Eric and Nell to keep an eye on her.

Sam and Callen arrive at the club and tell them that they want to book the club for an event. Sam is wearing a button camera. He sees Waaldt sitting with two other men. Nell and Eric run a facial recognition. Nell tells Sam that their shooter is Pieter Smit, a South African native, and he has worked as security for a lot of cartels. The other man is an international banker, Noah Bernisoni, but he has no criminal records. Elsewhere, Kensi texts Deeks and tells him to wear his ear wig. She asks him what is going on. He tells her the whole story. He feels that Kensi is jealous of Monica, but Kensi denies it. Monica hears Deeks talking and wants to know who he is talking to. He gives her some stupid excuse. Monica kisses him and Kensi can hear them.

At the office, Nell tells Sam and Callen about the diamonds. Callen tells Sam that they might have to use some new tactic to get to Waaldt. At the safe house, Monica is still trying her best to seduce Deeks. Kensi does not like it. Waaldt calls Monica and Deeks tells her not to answer the call because Waaldt can track them down. Monica doesn’t listen and picks up the call. She tells Waaldt that he has to pay up if he wants the diamonds. Next, Callen and Sam manage to get hold of Pieter. Kensi arrives at the safe house and tells Deeks that Sam and Callen have got the shooter, and that they want to use Monica to turn him. Deeks goes to the bedroom to get Monica, but he finds out that she escaped through the window. She took the diamonds along with her. He definitely didn’t see that coming.

Sam and Callen bring Pieter to the boat house. They try to get him to talk, but he doesn’t say anything. Eric calls Callen and Sam, and tells them that Monica escaped with the diamonds, but since her cell phone is on, they are able to track her. Also, Kensi and Deeks are following her. Callen asks Eric where Granger is. Eric tells him that Granger is untraceable. Kensi and Deeks arrest Monica, and Deeks reveals his true identity. Back in the interrogation, Callen asks Pieter what Waaldt is planning to do, but Pieter refuses to answer. Sam prepares to clip off Pieter’s ear. Pieter tells them that Waaldt was brokering a deal, but he doesn’t know for what. He tells them that Bernisoni was negotiating for the seller.

He also tells them that the seller is a Russian because he heard him speak Russian when he came to the club a few days ago. This means that Pieter saw the guy. They show him some photographs and ask him to identify the seller. It is Sidirov. Deeks and Kensi arrive with Monica. Callen tells them that Sidirov is the seller and Pieter doesn’t know anything about the buyer. Callen tells them that they need to come up with a plan. They think that they can make Waaldt believe that Pieter and Monica paired up and stole the diamonds, but for that Monica needs to co-operate. Deeks decides to talk to Monica. Monica tells him that she risked her life for him, but he ended up lying to her. He tells her that he did not tell her to steal the diamonds. Monica still has feelings for him and she tells him that she is ready to co-operate.

Deeks tells her to call Waaldt and tell him that she is scared of him because he tried to kill her. He tells her to tell Waaldt that she is ready to give him the diamonds for a hundred thousand. Monica tells Deeks that she will ask for $250,000. She then whispers something into Deeks ears. Deeks walks out of the room. Kensi tries to talk to him, but Callen stops her. Kensi goes inside and wires Monica up. Monica asks her if she trusts Deeks. Kensi tells her that she trusts Deeks with everything because he is her partner. Later, Monica arrives at the decided spot with the diamonds. The entire team is present there, but in disguise. Waaldt arrives with his men and the exchange takes place. He shoots Monica, but the Kevalar saves her.

Kensi shoots Waaldt. Deeks checks on Monica. She tells him that she was better off with Max. Case Closed. Next, at the office, Kensi arrives to hand over an envelope to Deeks. She tells him that it is from Hetty. She then asks him about Monica. He tells her that she is sore, but definitely lucky. Kensi tells him that Waaldt hasn’t said a word yet. Deeks asks her if she is alright. She tells him that she is. It is an awkward moment. Kensi leaves. Deeks opens the letter that Hetty sent him. It says, “Sunshine and Gunpowder”. Deeks smiles. The episode ends.