Descent - Recap

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The episode begins with a group of Geologists surveying a barren land. One of the students spots something at a distance. They go to check. The professor notices the timer on the nuclear weapon and tells his students that they need to get out of this place. They try run as fast as possible. The bomb explodes. In the ops, Eric tells the team that Gamma rays and X-rays were picked up by satellites, but the radiation has affected only the uninhabited areas of the desert. Granger is on a video conference with his team and he tells them that Russia, China, Great Britain and India have denied any involvement.

Callen tells Hetty that this is like the Wella incident. Sam and Michelle arrive. Sam tells Kensi that in ’79, there was a nuclear explosion and no country took responsibility. Granger thinks that this is one of the three bombs Sidirov acquired. This was done to prove that the bombs are functional and it also exponentially increases the value of the other two bombs. Granger tells the team that NCIS and CIA have been keeping an eye on a man named, Michael Zhrov. Michelle tells them that Zhrov works with Sidirov and meets potential clients when Sidirov is in the wind. They need to find Sidirov and also make a plan to get hold of the other two bombs. Hetty tells the team that Callen and Kensi will be going to Iran. Kensi is preparing to leave for Iran. Deeks is worried.

Later, in Iran, Callen and Kensi manage to capture Marcel Janvier. In the ops, Nell tells the team that a white cargo van entered Mexico two days before the explosion. It was detected by the radiation center. However, the Mexican border patrol missed it. That is how Sidirov got the bomb into Mexico. Later, the same van was spotted outside the Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles. Nell tells them that according to CIA, three men from Sidirov’s gang entered the United States and stayed within blocks from the Biltmore hotel. Deeks tells them that CIA doesn’t have surveillance of Sidirov arriving or leaving. Granger tells them that they need to find Sidirov soon. Sam, Deeks, and Michelle stakeout the Biltmore hotel. Michelle sees a black woman entering the hotel. She tells them that she is Sidirov’s types.

Moreover, she is wearing an expensive designer dress; a designer who Sidirov pays to “doll” the girls. Eric tells the team that the girl got off on the 9th floor and one of Sidirov’s men has opened the door. This means that Sidirov is in there. Eric tells them that there are no cameras around the stairs and they lead straight o the garage. Michelle tells them that Sidirov always takes the stairs and has 3-4 men with him. On their flight back, Callen tells Janvier that he wants him to broker an arms deal for them. He tells Janvier that this way he could exact revenge against Vaziri and Iran for cutting off his hand. Sam and Michelle assume their undercover identities (David and Quinn) and capture Sidirov.

They tell him that they need a lot of money, and want him to go to the bank and withdraw the money. Sidirov asks his men to stand down. On the flight, Callen tells Janvier that he wants him to call Vaziri and make him an offer; a nuclear bomb. Kensi tells him that their mission was designed to prove that he (Janvier) financed his escape from prison. They ask him to call the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and ask them to have Vaziri call him. Sam and Sidirov are in the bank, and Sidirov wire transfers the money to Sam’s account. Outside, Deeks arrives with the cops and tells Sidirov’s men to drop their weapons. Sidirov sees this and flees the scene with Michelle and Sam. Granger arrives at the scene. He tells Deeks to bury Sidirov’s men in the system.

In the boathouse, Janvier receives a call from Vaziri. Eric traces the call. Janvier tells him about the weapons. In return, he wants Vaziri to guarantee his freedom and also a nice profit from the deal. Vaziri tells him to set up a meeting with the seller. After the call, Janvier tells Callen that he wants a good amount of money sent to his daughter in Paris. Callen tells Janvier to call Zhrov and tell him that they he has a buyer for the weapons. Callen also tells him that his daughter will not get any money if they don’t find the other two weapons. Sidirov arrives with Sam and Michelle (David and Quinn) to meet Zhrov. He tells Zhrov that he wants to move the merchandise and get out of the country. Zhrov tells him about Janvier’s call.

Sidirov trusts Janvier and tells Zhrov to set up a meeting. He then tells Sam and Michelle that he wants them to protect him. They ask him to pay upfront. Sidirov introduces them to Veronica and Maya, two ex officers from Russian Special Forces. Sidirov tells Zhrov to call Janvier and fix the meeting but the location would be decided by him. Zhrov calls Janvier and tells him the location. As per Callen’s instructions, Janvier tries to tell him that the buyer wants to decide the location, but when Zhrov tells Janvier that this is not negotiable, Janvier agrees. Zhrov gives him the coordinates. Eric tells the team that it is in the middle of nowhere. Hetty tells Callen that from the looks of it, Janvier will have to drive in. Later, Callen and Kensi wire up Janvier.

Callen tells Janvier that if he does anything to jeopardize his people, he will kill him. Janvier wants Callen to make sure that his daughter gets the money. Janvier then goes to the restroom. Later, Janvier, Sidirov and Vaziri meet at the decided spot. The price is set at 20 million in gold. Sidirov asks for 5 million upfront. He also says that if the deal goes south, he will keep the gold. They all agree and leave. Callen feels that something is not right. Next, Vaziri’s men hand over the down payment. Deeks and Kensi keep an eye on them from a distance. Sidirov likes the quality of gold, and tells the girls to check the exchange location. He tells them to take Quinn/Michelle along. Sidirov walks up to the car and asks Quinn if she is playing him. In response, she places a steamy kiss on Sidirov’s lips.

Deeks tells Kensi that they should not mention this to Sam. Kensi tells him that Michelle was protecting their cover. The topic shifts to Monica and Kensi is irritated. She tells Deeks that he never tells her what is going on in his mind. In response, Deeks kisses Kensi. Kensi goes to check on Michelle. Sidirov returns and tells Zhrov and David/Sam to deposit the gold in the bank. He tells Sam to cuff himself to the briefcase just like Zhrov has. Sam agrees. Sidirov then pushes Sam into the pool and holds him down. Deeks goes in to help Sam. Sidirov knew that this would happen. Deeks jumps into the pool to save Sam. Eric loses all electronic contact with Sam and Deeks. Later, Callen arrives to check on Sam and Deeks.

He sees that Sidirov took them. He feels that Janvier tipped off Sidirov about Sam. Callen heads to the boathouse. The Russian girls take Michelle to the 30th floor of a building. They tell her that they are waiting for Sidirov’s orders. Sam wakes up in a room. Sidirov knows that he is an agent. He tortures Sam by passing electricity through his body. He asks Sam if Quinn is an agent. Sam says no. Kensi arrives at the building and goes in to save Michelle. Michelle ends up in a fight with the Russian girls. One of the girls pushes her out off the window. Michelle hangs on to a plastic sheet. In the boathouse, Callen confronts Janvier. Janvier closes his eyes. Callen notices ‘DAVID AGENT’ written on his eyelids. This is how he tipped off Sidirov.

Janvier tells Callen that he lost his hand because Callen gave him to the Iranians. He blames Callen for all that is happening. Janvier tells Callen that his only aim is to destroy everything Callen loves. He tells him that Sidirov is going to kill Sam. In the room, Sidirov continues to torture Sam, but Sam doesn’t budge. He maintains that Quinn is not an agent. Sidirov decides to torture Deeks and get the truth out of him. They ask Deeks if Quinn is an agent. He says no. They drill into Deeks’ gums. Sam watches helplessly. To be continued.