Important mission! Heading to the Wave Country - Recap

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Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are headed after the target in accordance with Kakashi sensei’s training. They pounce and capture a cat, thus completing “Operation Capture Tora the Lost Pet” for Madam Shijimi, wife of the Country of Fire’s Feudal Lord. She is thrilled to pieces.

Soon they are ready for their next ninja training mission: babysitting Yojyu-sama’s boy, grocery shopping, etc. Naruto starts whining that he’s sick of these stupid missions and he is soon scolded by Iruka sensei. Hokage-sama then explains what missions are. People come to the village requesting tasks every day. Those tasks are then separated into the difficulty levels A, B, C, and D, just as ninjas are separated into Hokage, Jounins (Elite - like Kakashi sensei), Chuunins (Commoners - like Iruka sensei), and Genins (Cadets - like Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke) according to their abilities. A tasks are assigned to the Jounins, B and C tasks are assigned to Chuunins and C and D tasks are assigned to Genins.

Naruto still isn’t convinced and decides to sit and hold his breath. Hokage gives in and assigns the ninja cadets a C task. A drunken man enters and insults Naruto. He then introduces himself as the bridge building expert Tazuna. Their task is to protect his life while he finishes building his bridge.

As they journey towards the Country of the Wave, Tazuna again insults Naruto, which again makes him angry. Sakura then asks Kakashi if there are also ninjas in the Country of the Wave. He answers that there aren’t, but explains that there may be hidden ninja villages equivalent of the country’s military powers. They maintain their relationship with neighboring countries, but aren’t under the control of the country. Supposedly, they are equal in position. However, because the Country of the Wave is so small, they don’t need a ninja village. The five hidden villages of the countries of fire (Hidden Village of Konaha (Leaf)), water (Hidden Village of Mist), lightning (Hidden Village of Cloud), wind (Hidden Village of Sand), and earth (hidden Village of Rock) make up the Five Great Ninja Powers. Their leaders carry the name of ‘Kage’. Hokage, Mizukage, Raikage, Kazekage,, and Tsuchikage are known as the ‘Five Kages’ that reign over the tens of thousands of ninjas. When Sakura and Naruto hear that, they immediately doubt Hokage’s abilities.

Suddenly, two ninjas with wraith like characteristics jump out from the trees and capture Kakashi sensei. Naruto is next, but Sasuke fights back and takes out their chain weapons. Luckily, Hokage sensei comes to the rescue using his replacement technique and captures the ninjas. Naruto was poisoned from the battle and startled that he couldn’t do anything while Sasuke was calm and unafraid.

Kakashi explains that their two attackers are Chuunin class ninjas from the Hidden Village of Mist known as the Demon Brothers. They are trained to keep fighting no matter what the cause. Kakashi knew about them because there was a puddle on the ground. He thought that was strange because it hasn’t rained in several days. He waited to learn who their real target was. He then reprimands Tazuna for not revealing the actual difficulty level of the mission, which is not C but above a B. Sakura wants to give up and go back to the village. Naruto isn’t ready to yet. He pulls out his kunai (throwing knife) and thrusts it into his wounded hand, vowing to become stronger and to protect the old man with his kunai. Kakashi asks to look at his hand and observes the wound has already started to heal. They continue as planned.

Meanwhile, the man who hired the Demon Brothers is perturbed that they couldn’t get the job done and rants to another ninja. That ninja reminds him threateningly that he is Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Hidden Village of Mist and will get the job done.