Naruto (JP)

Show Tidbits
In the anime, Gaara's sash is white. In the manga, Gaara's sash is red.
The clouds that cover Naruto's breasts when he uses Sexy No Jutsu are smaller in the manga than in the anime.
Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji followed in their fathers' footsteps to become teammates and practice the InoShikaCho formation. The InoShikaCho formation is also a technique from a card game.
There once was a Japanese priest who supposedly enchanted a teapot to never be empty at a party and was believed to be a tanuki. His name was Shukaku. Gaara's tanuki demon is named Shukaku.
There was a short manga called Karakuri that was the prequel to the manga Naruto, which predecessed the anime. In Karakuri, Naruto actually is a demon fox.
Kabuto, Yoroi and Tsuguru are all on a team in Naruto during the Chuunin Exam. Their names mean, from left to right, Helmet, Armour and Sword, appropriate gear for a ninja.
The names of the three Sannin (Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru) were taken from the "Legend of the Gallant Jiraiya" each of whom had a special magic they learned - toad, slug, and snake.
The character Kankuro of the Sand Nation is named after a famous Kabuki actor and is a common name for crows. The character Kankuro uses puppets as his weapon against opponents, puppets were widely used in Bunraku theater. Kankuro's outfit is that of a typical Bunraku puppeteer. The most well known of his puppets is named "Crow".
The reason the ninjas all wear protective headbands is because Naruto originally wore goggles (first episode), but the artist of the manga thought it took too long to draw the goggles, so he replaced them with the forehead protector.
The scene where Konohamaru and Naruto go into an adult magazine store for 'inspiration' was never in the manga.
The often line "Dattebayo" that Naruto repeat in dialogs is changed in the English version as "Believe It". Also, in the Spanish version, is changed to "De veras".

Network: TV Tokyo ( Japan)
Type: Animation
Genres: Anime, Action, Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Wednesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 23 Minutes
Language: Japanese
Premiere: October 03, 2002
Ended: February 08, 2007
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