You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) - Recap

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The episode begins with Juliette attending Sean Butler’s fundraiser for animals. He is a quarter back and Makena wants Juliette to be nice to him. Attending this event is to help rebuild her tarnished image. Makena wants her to be nice to Sean. Rayna makes Marshall listen to her new song. This time she doesn’t want Randy to do this for her; she wants a new energy for this one. Teddy is still down on the polls and they need to do something. There is a pledge signing coming up and Lamar says that he can get some of his law enforcement guys to delay Coleman’s arrival at the signing and this would give Teddy the time to tell people that Coleman doesn’t take this seriously.

Teddy doesn’t want to hurt Coleman personally. So, it is only going to be a traffic stop! Avery apologizes to Scarlett for not being in the best of his moods lately. His friend, JT tells him that Reid Olsen is coming. Reid is a regional promoter and he is sort of big. Rayna thinks about Liam Mc Guinnis. Bucky tells her that Liam is rock and he knows nothing about country music. Rayna points out to the fact that he has won five Grammies and the top ten downloaded on i-tunes. She wants Bucky to set up a meeting with Liam. Makena wants Juliette to go on a dinner date with Sean as her picture with Sean has created quite a sensation. Juliette finds this quarter back boring but on being compelled, she agrees. Next, after his performance, avery walks up to Reid and introduces himself.

He tells Avery that he liked his performance but he doesn’t Say much and leaves. Marilyn Rhodes introduces herself to the couple; she is the manager and she tells Avery that Reid is a coward. He doesn’t know what he likes till ten people in town tell him that something is good. Rhodes thinks that Avery could be a great opener for the Luminiers and that he should call her so that they can get together, and talk. She feels that Avery can make it big. Rayna goes to meet Liam and tells him that she wants him to produce her new song. Liam tells her that he doesn’t want to listen to her songs as they don’t speak “moms and SUVs” and so he cannot produce her songs. Juliette and Sean are at a diner and she tells him that all this is a set up by her publicist.

He says that despite that they could enjoy the meal and get to know each other. Juliette is her usual self and ends up being rude to him. Avery takes food for Deacon and Deacon tells him that he is fine and he also hasn’t been drinking. He only wet to jail for some time and isn’t on his death bed. Avery asks him about Marilyn. Deacon knows both Reid and Marilyn. He tells him that he will put a good word for him to Reid but he doesn’t want Avery spending too much money on the manager. Next day, Rayna once again arrives to meet Liam. She tells him that he made a snap judgment about her songs without even listening to it. She then says that it would be like talking about a song he sang two years ago in Belfast without listening to it. Liam is surprised that he heard the song.

She then hands him that CD of her latest songs and asks him to hear them. He asks her to come inside so that they could talk for real. As per Lamar’s plan, Coleman is pulled over by two traffic cops and they ask him to step out of the vehicle. At the pledge signing, Teddy remarks on Coleman being late and he moves on to signing it with Coleman being present. Peggy meets Teddy as she is volunteering for his campaign. She hugs him and we see a man clicking their pictures; once again. The cops find Oxytocin in Coleman’s vehicle and he is placed under arrest. After a short conversation, Juliette tells Sean that they could go someplace else and have some fun. They are on a flight and she learns that Sean never drinks.

She calls him a choir boy. He then picks up the guitar and starts playing. She is surprised to learn that he knows her music. They sing together. Rayna and Liam are still talking. She wants a kind of sound that is different and holds their attention. She came to meet him to find her voice again. At the Blue Bird, Deacon tells Marilyn to stay away from Avery as he has spoken to Reid. He tells her that Avery is his niece’s boyfriend and he doesn’t want to see him hurt. He tells her that Avery is an ambitious kid and he doesn’t want him to drown because of that. Gunnar is listening to this conversation. Teddy confronts Lamar as he is upset about Coleman is accused of possession.

Lamar tells him that he had nothing to do with that. It was only a traffic stop that he had planned for. Avery is told that he didn’t get the gig; despite Deacon’s recommendation. He is pissed. Juliette takes Sean to a club and they end up dancing together. At the 5 spot, Marilyn tells Avery that she was told to stay away from him. But she tells him that she could really make him big. She tells him to come by her house by 8 in the evening so that they could discuss about his career. He tells her that he can’t. But then he agrees to meet her. Outside the club, a photographer clicks pictures of Juliette and Sean together and he taunts Juliette about her mother and her shop lifting stunt.

Sean gets angry and pushes the guy to the ground and they leave. At home, Teddy wakes up Rayna with coffee. She has a terrible hangover. She then sees Coleman on TV where he releases his test results and proves that he has been sober of a long time. Those drugs were handed to him by a guy who wanted to get sober. Rayna is sure that there is a mistake somewhere as she knows that Coleman would never get back on drugs; he is a man of strong resolve. Teddy tells her about the traffic pull over. She at once realizes that all this was Lamar’s doing. Juliette arrives home and Makena is pissed about what happened in Miami. The tweets are bad enough as this is assault in public because of drunkenness. But Juliette tells her that Sean wasn’t even drinking. But Makena shows her a picture of Sean where he looks “wasted”.

And pictures do speak a lot. Rayna goes to meet Liam and wants to know what happened last night as she doesn’t remember anything. He says that last night was magical and shows her the video of the song they recorded and it is electric. Rayna likes it too. Gunnar tells Deacon about the conversation between him and Marilyn and Scarlett leaves to meet Deacon. Deacon tells her that Marilyn signs young guys and signs them after“certain closeness” is established. Avery and Marilyn make out but then Avery stops and says that he cannot do this. Avery returns home and Scarlett yells at him. Avery tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong. Juliette buys off the photographer from Miami.

A photographer shows pictures of Teddy and Peggy together and tells Coleman that cheating husbands are his bread and butter. Sean meets Juliette and asks her out on a date. Rayna makes Marshall listen to her song but he tells her that he doesn’t want to work with Liam. But she sticks to her decision. Scarlett arrives at Deacon’s house with her suitcase. Coleman’s wife asks him to leak Teddy’s pictures. He is not too happy about it. Avery goes back to Marilyn’s house. The episode ends.