The Whole Story - Recap

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The episode begins with a voiceover narrating the story of “Nashville” from the beginning. It tells us about the life of Rayna James, who has a loyal husband and two beautiful daughters. She has a sensation in country music and has had a glorious career. Her current competitor is Juliette Barnes and Juliette doesn’t like Rayna and her success. But her roots lie in country music and she is a big fan of Deacon. Deacon is the lead guitarist in Rayna’s band and also her former lover who has been to rehab for substance abuse. Juliette wants Deacon in her band. Deacon always sings at the Bluebird Café. He has a niece, Scarlett, who works at the Bluebird and she writes poems.

Scarlett’s boyfriend, Avery, is an aspiring songwriter. Gunnar, who also works at the Bluebird, recognizes Scarlett’s talents and encourages her to give music to her poems. White, who is a legend in music, recognizes this pair’s talents and decides to give Scarlett and Gunnar a break. He asks them to write three songs and he would release them. Juliette asks Deacon to join her band and she is ready to pay double of what Rayna pays him. She also says that they could have a lot of “fun” on the road. But Deacon refuses as he cannot do this to Rayna. He tells Rayna about Juliette’s offer and she finds herself at a crossroads, battling for her career. She is in for more shock as her fame is dwindling and the label’s new head, Marshall Evans, asks her to do a combined tour with Juliette as she is the current sensation.

But Rayna refuses. Meanwhile, Juliette is not happy with her success as she wants to do more than just pop music for pretty teens. She wants people to take her more seriously. Rayna and her family are facing some financial troubles and Teddy, her husband asks her to borrow some money from her father Lamar. Lamar is Nashville’s most powerful businessman and he keeps politicians in his back pocket. Rayna was never in good terms with her father. To add to her misery, Lamar decides that he is going to make Teddy the next mayor of Nashville. Tandy, Rayna’s elder sister, knows that Rayna wouldn’t appreciate this decision. She is very close to Rayna but Tandy is the one who runs Lamar’s empire. Scarlett is coming down very strong on Deacon. They write a song together and they also end up having sex.

Looks like Deacon’s loyalties are being put to test. Rayna and Deacon end up having a fight. But for her husband, Rayna has always been a good wife. She stands by him as he launches his mayoral campaign. But when Lamar’s investigators dig into Teddy’s past, he goes into the defensive. The investigators tell Lamar that there is something fishier about the Cumberland deal than Teddy is really telling them. Lamar thinks that a mayor with secrets is easier to control. Meanwhile, Deacon is singing at the Bluebird and he calls Rayna on the stage to join him. This hurts Juliette a lot as she too was present in the audience and Deacon did not call her after all that happened between them. Later, Deacon refuses to go on tour with Juliette. Tandy tells Rayna that Teddy’s numbers are falling on the polls and so they are going to hold a fund raiser at the country club.

Rayna agrees to sing at the event. But at the fund raiser, Rayna bumps into an old friend Peggy. Next, Scarlett and Gunnar record their first song at the studio and this gets them a writing gig at the center where a lot of big names got their first break. At the center, they meet Hailey. Jeanne, the head, wants to take the new pair for dinner. But at the dinner, things go a little sour as Avery behaves very strange when Scarlett tries to praise him. Avery tells her that he doesn’t need her help. But that evening ends on a better note for Gunnar and Hailey as they end up in bed together. Gunnar and Scarlett have an opportunity to present their song; but Avery steals the limelight by showcasing his talent by going off the chart.

We then learn that Juliette, who is now a big brand name, is also trying to run away from her past. She is trying to run away from her mother who is a drug addict. But later she is left with no option, but let her mother stay with her. The stress drives Juliette crazy and she picks up an old habit of hers; she flicks a nail polish from the store and three girls capture this on camera. At the fundraiser, Rayna and Deacon have a fall out. Rayna fires Deacon. Juliette’s shop lifting incident goes viral and her sponsors start dropping out and her tour gets cancelled. Teddy’s and Peggy’s old past starts surfacing again. Teddy had laundered money in the past for his business and Peggy had helped him with that. Teddy finally confesses this to Lamar and Lamar says that he would take care of this mess during the fed audits.

But this also leads to more trouble, when a photographer clicks some pictures of Teddy and Peggy together and hands then to Coleman, Teddy’s competitor, who is also standing for the mayoral elections. Lamar tries to hamper Coleman by setting him up with some drug issue. Coleman was an addict before and he has been clean for a long time now. But Lamar tries to use this for Teddy’s advantage. Coleman, who now has the pictures with him, decides to use them against Teddy, by publicizing it as an affair. Juliette’s mother poses a huge problem for her and she reaches out to Deacon for help. Deacon who had overcome his own addiction agrees to help Juliette’s mother. Jolene agrees to get help by going to a rehab.

Deacon takes back a bottle of pills from her and later hands it over to Coleman, who is also his sponsor. It is this bottle that puts Coleman in trouble. Avery gets his first break through an insider from the music industry. Ray tries to find her voice through a rock star, Liam. She goes to him and tells him that she wants to write with him and also wants him to give music to her songs. Deacon had warned Marilyn, the manager, to stay away from Avery as he knows that she gives a break to good looking guys but she also sleeps with them. Scarlett thinks that Avery too slept with Marilyn and so she leaves. Juliette moves into a new house and then she meets the quarterback, Sean. Juliette’s PR tries to set them up as a PR move. But what started as a PR stunt became something more.

Coleman meets Teddy and asks him to drop out of the race. Juliette tells Sean that she is singing at the Ramen’s which would also mark her comeback. But Marshall Evans who is calling all the shots, asks Juliette to perform with Rayna or not perform at all. Juliette is left with no option but comply. Now this alignment creates a lot of fireworks and Juliette had reached her limits. She then tries to sleep with Sean; but Sean tells her that they should take it slowly. Juliette is furious and asks him to leave. Deacon defends Juliette and asks Rayna to listen to the song she had written along with him. Rayna then goes over to Juliette’s and they write a song together; without killing each other!! Avery and his band get their break and he is asked to go to Atlanta.

Hailey has a plan to get the depressed Scarlett back on her feet by giving her a makeover and taking her to a club, where a guy hits on Scarlett and just when they are about to get close, Gunnar intervenes. It is show time at the Ramen’s and Sean drops by to make peace. He is ready to do things Juliette’s way. The show goes on smoothly and creates a rage. Hailey realizes that Gunnar has feelings for Scarlett and she breaks up with him. Evans agrees to release Rayna’s single album. But her joy doesn’t last for long as Teddy’s photos with Peggy are released to the press. Peggy tries to kill herself and this leads Rayna to assume the worst. Teddy then tells her the truth about the money laundering. Rayna is upset.

Dominic Wells wants to work with Avery but sans his band. Sean’s parents invite Juliette home for dinner but his mother asks her to stop dreaming about being a part of their family as it will never happen. Deacon gets an offer to go on tour with some old friends; the Revel Kings and Rayna and Juliette are excited for him and they both ask him to take up this opportunity. Juliette asks Sean if he would marry her. Marshall Evans asks Rayna to work with Juliette as it will be huge and it will help both their careers. Rayna does not say a “no”. The episode ends.