You Win Again - Recap

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The episode begins with Rayna, Juliette and Liam performing. Rayna and Liam interact a lot during the song; this makes Juliette feel left out. She is pissed. After the song, Calista, the executive from the competing recording label, introduces herself to Rayna. She tells her that she wants to talk to her. Rayna says that she has a flight to catch. We see that Liam and Rayna are getting close. Gunnar is having a tough time using the new guitar as Jason pawned his guitar. Marilyn tells Avery that he needs to attend the party that is being thrown for Rayna and Juliette; there he would meet all the big names in the industry.

Avery tries to taunt Marilyn by asking her if she is trying to give Dominic a run for his money. Well, she tells him that Dominic gave him a car and she is giving him a car. Marilyn has designed the backdrop for Avery; it says “The Avery Barkley Band”. But Avery tells her to lose the the “the” and “band”; he wants it to be just Avery Barkley. On the flight back to Nashviulle, Juliette tells Rayna and Liam that on stage they behave as if she doesn’t exist. Liam tells her that they are painfully aware of her existence. Bucky tells Rayna that Calista wants her next five records and Juliette tells them that they co-wrote the songs for this trip; so it is unfair that only Rayna gets credit for it. Bucky then points out to an article in the magazine which says that Cy fired Deacon from the band. Everyone is shocked. Deacon is pissed at the editor of the magazine. He tells the editor that he did not want to comment as Cy was mauling his niece and he wanted Scarlett to have some privacy and not get dragged into this whole thing. But he states that he was not fired. Rayna is home and Calista has sent a gift for her.

Teddy wants to know what is happening between them and whether they are trying to fix the issues between them or not. Rayna tells him that they took this time apart so that they have some clarity and she doesn’t have her answers yet. Calista visits Rayna t home and she tells her that Liam was the one who sent her the songs and she thinks that they are great. Calista can see that Rayna is reinventing herself and she thinks that it is time for Rayna to move on from Marshalls’. Calista says that she wants to become Rayna’s partner. Next, Jolene is presented in front of the Judge and Juliette testifies for her. Actually, it was Deacon who was supposed to do that; but after the article and the raging press waiting outside the court, he feels that it would be best if Juliette testifies for her mother.

But that doesn’t really work well for Jolene. Deacon congratulates Juliette for the party thrown for the “Wrong Song” success. But she tells him that Rayna is given all credit. Deacon knows that Juliette is equally responsible for the success. She tells Deacon that he could come on the tour with him anytime he wants. But he says that he wants to stay off the road for a while. But she is totally against this idea. Deacon thinks that Juliette should take Jolene to the party and Juliette thinks that it is not a great idea to have a rehab patient for an industry party. Deacon tells Juliette that he can stick with Jolene and she will be fine. Scarlett is at Avery’s performance and JT is there too.

Scarlett is not too happy to see Avery’s success as she feels that a guy like Avery doesn’t deserve it. Liam thinks that Rayna should take up Calista’s offer. It is high time that she experimented on her own. He feels that she is used to stick to the boring pattern which does ho her any good; just like her marriage. Rayna goes to meet Deacon. She tries to tell him that she still cares about him. But Deacon is angry with her as whenever he turned around; she always gave up on him. She tells him that she was tired of dragging him out of hotel not sure whether he was just passed out or dead. Well, the talk goes nowhere and Deacon leaves. At the party, Juliette is pissed to see that Rayna is getting all the attention. Jolene is alone and Deacon is nowhere to be seen. Juliette gets worried that this could be trouble.

Gunnar talks to Jason’s parole officer and learns that Jason is now a fugitive. Scarlett arrives and tells him that she has a proposition for him. Teddy arrives at the party and Rayna is glad that he came. Scarlett tells Gunnar about playing with JT and the band. He tells her that he has a lot on his plate and that he doesn’t want to talk about it. She is upset and she feels that she shouldn’t have talked about it. She leaves. Jason drops off Gunnar’s guitar at Bluebird. At the party, Teddy gives a speech and thanks Rayna and Juliette for being the ambassadors of Nashville. Jolene talks to Rayna and Juliette is furious about it. She thinks that Jolene is ruining everything for her. Avery tries to talk to Juliette and Juliette doesn’t pay much heed to him.

Rayna and Liam are at the bar and Marshall arrives and tells Rayna that Liam had a side deal with Calista that he would get a huge cut if he brought Rayna on board. Rayna is upset that Liam lied to her; she says that partners don’t lie to each other. Liam tells her that he was only trying to help. He also states that she got back her career because of him as she is the one who came knocking at his door for help. She is furious and walks away from him. Teddy sees this and is suspicious. Teddy later confronts Rayna as he feels that there is something more going on between her and Liam. He tells her that he is trying to fix their marriage and she is doing God knows what. She tells him that she is standing by him and not divorcing him or calling the cops on him. He tells her that whatever he did was to keep her with him.

After putting Deacon into rehab for the 5th time, she had told Teddy that she wanted someone solid in her life. Teddy tells her that he embezzled the money so that he doesn’t fall apart financially and could be the man she always wanted. He knows that this is not a good enough reason; but at that time it felt right. Next, Gunnar is with JT and the band and Scarlett is happy to see him. Juliette arrives to meet Deacon and she finds his place is in a mess. He has broken his guitar and tossed things around. She tries to convince him to go on a tour with her. She tells him that she is concerned about him. But he tells her that she has another addict to take care of. Juliette goes home and tells her mother that she should have spoken more for her. She should have told the Judge that she is proud of her mother as she went really far this time to stay away from her addiction.

Jolene tells her that she too is happy for her daughter’s success. She tells her that all her life, Juliette was a big fan of Rayna and now she is her equal. She is proud of her. Next, Rayna is about to leave for the tour and she tells Teddy that she chose him and it was not a wrong choice; she now needs to choose their future. On the flight, Rayna tells Bucky she doesn’t want to work for Calista. Juliette arrives and a while later we see Deacon running towards the plane. He tells Rayna that this time he is there for Juliette. Rayna is shocked. The flight takes off and Teddy who watched Deacon board the plane, is not too happy. The episode ends.