I've Been Down That Road Before - Recap

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The episode begins with Rayna and Juliette arriving for their next show. Rayna feels awkward with Deacon around. Bucky tells her that he had no idea about Deacon being on board. Rayna is worried that there is going to be huge Deacon Claybourne drama when she calls Teddy next because Teddy doesn’t appreciate her being around Deacon. Juliette doesn’t seem to be too happy with her pop star popularity. There is visible awkwardness between Deacon and Rayna. Next, Scarlett’s landowner, Mason arrives to collect the rent. He is pissed that Scarlett is falling back on her rent. She tells him that she will be getting her money after the gig tonight and so she would pay up the next day. He gives her a warning and leaves.

Gunnar knows that Avery owes Scarlett some money; but she doesn’t want to take it from Avery because taking it from Avery would mean seeing him and she doesn’t want that at the moment. Rayna tries to convince Teddy that she had no idea that Deacon was coming on the tour to Chicago with them. She tells him that Juliette hired him and she has no control over that one. Teddy is somehow not too convinced and she tells him to try not letting this Deacon thing derail the arrangement between them. Marilyn tells Avery about his upcoming events. She tells him that this is the best way to cement him as an upcoming star. She advises him to try and forget Scarlett. Deacon is finding trouble adjusting to all the glitter around him. During her performance, Juliette notices that Deacon is not too appreciative with what he is doing.

Later, she is pissed at her make-up artist because the glitter isn’t coming off her skin. Glenn arrives and tells her that the performance went well. But she is not happy. She tells him that there is nothing artistic about what she is doing. Glenn tells her that she is in a multi-million dollar industry and where the fans are fickle. She needs to really think it over before she decides to mess with it. Rayna likes her new guitar player. But she misses the thing she used to have with Deacon in the beginning of their show. She talks to Deacon and asks him to explain that thing to Adria. She then asks him what he is doing on the tour. He tells her that he is playing guitar for someone who pays him. She tells him that it is slightly awkward and he assures her that he will stay out of her way.

Scarlet and Gunnar perform the gig and Gunnar’s roommates end up making fun of the band in the end. But also, the crowd did not seem too interested in their gig and so they don’t get paid more. Scarlett has now definitely not made her rent money and she doesn’t want her mom or uncle to loan her any money. Rayna meets White and tells him that Marshall Evans is finally ready to let her have her own label. So she asks White about the duet couple he was talking about. White tells her that Scarlet is Deacon’s niece. But she feels that she cannot hire her as things between her and Deacon aren’t going too well. But White tells her that they are exceptional kids. Teddy meets Peggy on the street. She tells him that she is glad about whatever happened as her marriage was anyways not working.

Teddy drops Peggy home and they end up kissing. Juliette tells Deacon that she is tired of doing the same thing again and again. She wonders what would happen if she walks away from this. She fears that she will lose all her people. But Deacon tells her that it is better that losing oneself. He also remembers that he has had a similar conversation a number of times before with Rayna. Next, Avery walks around Nashville with a camera crew as he is doing a segment. He shows them the house he used to live in with Scarlett. But Scarlett is not too impressed and asks the crew to put away the camera. She then asks Avery to return the money she loaned him. But he refuses to pay and she tells him that he is pathetic. Rayna tries to have a conversation with Deacon but he gives her a silent treatment.

Scarlett tells Gunnar that she would like to move in with him as a roommate and so now he can get rid of his old roommates. Gunnar agrees; but there would be rules. Juliette takes Deacon’s advice seriously and she goes on stage plainly dressed and sing the song that she had written with Deacon. Glenn is shocked and upset that he was kept out of this and Rayna is surprised that Juliette took such a step. Teddy and Peggy have sex with each other and they both look relaxed and content; but unsure of what just happened. After the performance, Juliette comes in for a costume change and Glenn tells her that she should have kept him in the loop. One of the fans live tweeted the performance and the remarks seem negative. Juliette is shattered.

Rayna tells White that she wants to meet Gunnar and Scarlett. She tells him that Deacon can ruin her career. Glenn confronts Deacon and tells him that he has no right to tell Juliette what to do and what not to. Glenn accuses him of being responsible for Juliette’s actions. He tells Deacon that whatever thing he has going on between him and Rayna, Juliette is not a part of the solution. Rayna is in the elevator and Deacon enters. She asks him once again as to what he is doing on this tour. Deacon is done talking; he kisses Rayna. Gunnar moves in with Scarlet and Avery arrives. He apologizes for his earlier behavior. He sees Gunnar and assumes that he is sleeping with Scarlett. They end up in a fist fight and Gunnar tells Avery that he is her new roommate and he is not sleeping with her.

Scarlett is disgusted with Avery and asks him to leave. Juliette is upset about the tweets and her assistant arrives and tells her that she did a lovely job and that she loved her performance. She then shows Juliette that there has been a 100,000 views of that video and as many number of likes. Juliette is happy and so now she tells Glenn that she is going to do more of them. She says that her brand will have to change with her. Rayna messages Deacon and Deacon leaves to go to her room. But when Rayna opens the door, she finds Teddy instead of Deacon. Teddy tells her that he had a moment of clarity and he would like to talk.

Deacon sees Teddy walk into her room and he leaves. Avery storms into the room and tells Marilyn that they are over. He does not want to do it with her anymore. He feels that there are better ways of becoming a success. In the hotel room, Teddy tells Rayna that he did think a lot about what has been going on between them and now he has made a decision; he wants a divorce. The episode ends.