There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight - Recap

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The episode begins with the team preparing for the performance in Atlanta. Rayna is still upset about Teddy asking for the divorce. Bucky arrives and tells her that she needs to give a few interviews. Rayna says that she is ready. Juliette is changing the style of her next performance and Glenn isn’t happy about it. White calls Scarlet and tells her that Rayna wants to sign them for her album. Gunnar and Scarlet are excited. Rayna is surprised to see Liam at her venue. He tells her that he has come there for a show and walks away to meet his band. Tandy and Teddy arrive at the office and Tandy notices Peggy’s call on Teddy’s phone.

She hopes that he hasn’t maintained any contact with Peggy. Teddy tells her that it is none of her business. Next, Jason arrives at the Bluebird to meet Gunnar. He has brought an old friend along. Gunnar is not too pleased to see him. Teddy calls Rayna because he wants to know if she could come home tomorrow and they could tell the girls about their divorce. Rayna says that they cannot do this without planning it properly. Teddy tells her that the longer they wait, greater are the chances of this issue getting leaked. Next, Rayna walks up on to the stage for her performance and she looks completely lost. Bucky is worried; but his worry doesn’t last long. Rayna begins her performance and she is brilliant as always.

Juliette tells her team that she is revamping and Glenn looks upset. Deacon is surprised. Gunnar tells Jason that he did not like the fact that he showed up unannounced. Jason tells him that he wants a second chance. Deacon notices that Rayna seems upset and he asks her the reason. He feels that it is because he kissed her in the elevator. She tells him that there is a lot going on in her life and the kiss has nothing to do with it. She tells him that she wants to talk to him. Just then Tandy calls and she tells Rayna that she is worried about her. Rayna tells her that she is fine. Juliette’s assistant tells her that her mother is going to get out of rehab next week. Juliette admits that she totally forgot about it.

She tells her assistant to put her in a place with a nice view and a doorman and definitely 10 miles away from her! Liam and Rayna leave to have some fun and Bucky doesn’t look too happy about it. Daphne and Maddie have made cake for Rayna. Teddy looks tense. Next, Avery is having a tough time with doing a piece that Dominic wants him to. He tries to explain that it is not him. But Dominic tells him that he will be able to do it. Hailey arrives to meet Avery; she has an offer for him which could get him a six figure advance. Avery tells her that he needs to discuss it with Marilyn. Peggy calls Teddy and he tells her that he told Rayna about the divorce.

He tells her that Rayna is coming home the next day and they are going to tell the girls. He tells her that he feels right when he is with her and he feels that there is no point in pretending anymore. Teddy’s elder daughter, who comes looking for her father, overhears this conversation and she is shocked. Scarlet learns that Gunnar’s brother is at the café and she is shocked as he is on parole and that he is not supposed to cross the Texas borders. Gunnar tells her that Jason needs a place to stay. Scarlet tells him that she does not want to harbor a fugitive and she will not allow Jason to stay at their place. Liam and Rayna are at a pub and Rayna is drinking. They then decide to dance.

Glenn gathers the team and tells them that he needs suggestions for the other half of the tour. They are surprised to see that Glenn is asking them to discard Juliette’s instructions. Glenn tells them that he will handle Juliette. Avery arrives to meet Marilyn and tells her that South Circle wants to buy his publishing. Avery thinks that they should consider it. Marilyn tells him that it is a bad idea. Just then another young boy, Dylan arrives to meet Marilyn. Avery knows what is going on. At the pub, Liam still wants to know what is going on with Rayna. She tells her that him that her husband asked her for a divorce, Deacon kissed her in the elevator and she is supposed to go home and tell her daughters about the divorce.

And of course, there is Juliette Barnes. Rayna sees that people are noticing them and they leave. Later, Rayna goes to Liam’s room with him and they kiss. But Rayna breaks away and goes to the washroom. She cries. Next, Gunnar tells Scarlet about the armed robbery his brother was arrested for. He tells her that he too was a part of it. He was driving the car. He admits that he froze when Jason pulled out the gun and then he fled. But despite that Jason never mentioned his name to the cops. He tells Scarlet that it is very difficult to live with the fact that he ditched his brother. He wants her to let him stay at their place. Scarlet agrees to let Jason stay with them; but just for a day.

Jason thanks Scarlet for letting him stay. She tells him that she is doing this for Gunnar. Hailey and Avery meet to discuss the offer and she tells him that it will be good for both their careers. Rayna is still in the bathroom and she is a mess. Liam enters and they have a heart to heart. She tells him that she is tired of all the drama in her life. Deacon tells Juliette about the meeting Glenn had with the team. Juliette is furious and knocks at the doors of her team members in the middle of the night. She loses her cool and reminds everyone that she is the boss and not Glenn. Glenn is pissed and he quits. The next morning, Deacon and Juliette are in the elevator and he tells her that he too will quit if she talks to him the way she talked to Glen and the rest of the team.

Deacon walks out and sees Rayna and Liam together. Deacon is pissed about it and Rayna is confused. She asks him what it is that he wants from her. He says nothing. Juliette arrives home. Jason is preparing breakfast for Gunnar. Scarlet asks him why he stopped playing the guitar. He tells her that it is because he gave his guitar to Gunnar. Scarlet realizes that Jason spent all his life raising Gunnar and she feels bad about the way she behaved with him. Scarlet and Gunnar are practicing a song and Jason joins them. Meanwhile, Juliette calls her mother and tells her that she could stay with her for some time.

Teddy and Rayna tell their daughters about their divorce. The girls are devastated. Jason goes to change his clothes; he is about to leave. Scarlet tells Gunnar that Jason can stay with them for a few more days if he wants to. Rayna is packing and her elder daughter arrives and tells her that Teddy slept with Peggy. She felt that Rayna should know about this. The episode ends.