Dear Brother - Recap

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The episode begins with Juliette and Jolene shopping and Jolene thinks that Juliette is spending a lot. Emily tells Juliette that Deacon’s birthday is coming up and Jolene thinks that they should throw him a party and that she can help. Rayna arrives to meet Teddy and tells him that she knows that he is sleeping with Peggy. She also tells him that Maddie heard him talking to Peggy. She wants him to talk to Maddie and explains things to her. Rayna tells Tandy about the divorce and also about Teddy’s affair with Peggy. Juliette is thrilled to see that they already received 200 RSVPs for the party. Deacon has a lot of fans.

She thinks that if White comes to the party then they could have more people attend the party. They decide to track down Scarlet so that they could enlist her help to get Deacon to the party because Deacon hates parties. Jolene’s addiction counselor, Dante arrives. There was supposed to be a family session; but Juliette tells them that she cannot do it now. They schedule it for some other day. Tandy and Rayna are at the mall and they see that the magazine has already written about the divorce. Scarlet is busy cleaning the floor and she asks Gunnar to do Jason’s laundry. Gunnar picks up Jason’s clothes and the gun falls down. Scarlet is shocked and angry. Gunnar empties the gun and takes it with him. Deacon messages Rayna on learning about the divorce. She tells Tandy that she will have to meet Deacon and talk about it.

Gunnar calls Jason to a bridge and asks him about the gun. Jason tells him that no matter how hard he tries, his past would not forget him. Gunnar throws the gun in the water. He tells Jason that he is done with him. He leaves. Juliette meets Scarlet and asks her to get Deacon to the Bluebird for his surprise party. Scarlet tells her that he hates them. Juliette wants her to do something to get him to the party. Scarlet tells her that if she tells Deacon that Gunnar and she are singing, then he might show up. Juliette agrees to let them sing at the party. Next, Rayna is being asked if she had been sleeping with Liam or Deacon while she was married. Rayna doesn’t want to answer these questions. Her lawyer then tells her that she should not been seen anywhere close to Deacon or Liam.

So, she will not be attending Deacon’s birthday party. Rayna did not know that Deacon was having a birthday party. At home, Dante talks to Juliette and tells her that he got cleaned up only after his family was a part of the recovery process. Juliette reminds him that she is the one writing the checks. Emily arrives with the latest news about the divorce. Rayna tries her best to avoid the press outside her daughter’s ballet classes. The girls are scared. The press asks Rayna about her affair with Deacon. Rayna doesn’t answer any questions and quickly leaves. Tandy is very supportive of Rayna and she does every bit to help Rayna get through this. It is Deacon’s birthday and Scarlet arrives to meet him with a cup cake.

She then tells him that she is going to be singing at the Bluebird and Deacon tells her that he will be there to watch her perform. Scarlet is happy and she leaves. Rayna watches Teddy on the television where he tells the media that Rayna has never been unfaithful and her pictures with Deacon are out of context. He then gets on to business and announces that he is appointing Peggy Kenter as his Chief of Administration on Special Projects. Rayna is pissed. Lamar arrives to meet Rayna and tells her that she need not hide from the press. She should be proud of what she is and he knows that his daughter has not done anything wrong. At the Bluebird, Scarlet is nervous. Deacon arrives. He realizes that Scarlet tricked him into coming to the party. Scarlet and Gunnar sing and everyone see that they are really good.

Avery is stopped at the door; the guard tells him that it is a private event. Avery sees Scarlet and Gunnar singing. Lamar meets Teddy and brings up the divorce. Teddy doesn’t want to talk about it. Lamar then tells him to consider a candidate for the post of Assistant Mayor. Teddy tells him that he will consider it. Lamar tells him that he should do better than simply considering it. Rayna and White arrive at the Bluebird. Rayna tells the reporters that she is planning to move on with her life. Deacon is surprised to see Rayna at the party. Rayna tells Juliette that she wants to sing something for Deacon. But Juliette tells her that since she was not expecting her, she decided that she would sing something for him. Juliette calls Deacon on the stage for a short speech.

We see that Jolene is have a tough time resisting a drink; she finally gulps it down. We then see that two feds arrive to meet Gunnar. Jolene is drunk and Juliette takes her home. She asks Deacon to stay and enjoy the party. Rayna is on the stage with White and few other friends. We then see that Gunnar is taken to identify a dead body; it is Jason. Jason is dead. Scarlet sees that Gunnar is missing from the party. Next, Dante arrives home and asks Scarlet why this party was more important to her than her own mother. Juliette tells him that she never had a birthday party all her life. She says that her mother could not afford it because she used to spend all the money on her drugs. Juliette asks him if he can really help them and Dante assures her that he can.

Rayna talks to Deacon and tells him that she didn’t mean to pull him into all this. Deacon tells her that it is alright. Rayna leaves. Deacon arrives home and finds Emily sitting on his doorstep. Juliette has sent him a birthday present. It is a dog. Deacon doesn’t want to keep the dog; he doesn’t know what to do with it. Emily tells deacon to love the dog. Next, Coleman arrives to meet Teddy; Teddy was the one to invite Coleman to his office. Before they begin to talk, Coleman tells Teddy that he is “Team Rayna” on the divorce issue. But Teddy did not call him to discuss the divorce. He called him to discuss about a job offer; Teddy wants Coleman to be Deputy Mayor. He tells Coleman that he knows the way Lamar does business and he wants no part of it.

And that is why he wants Coleman to be his Deputy. Coleman agrees. Gunnar arrives home. Scarlet notices that something is not right. Gunnar tells her that Jason was found in alley beaten to death. Gunnar bursts into tears. He feels bad that he kicked Jason out of the house and also got rid of his gun; Jason had no way to defend himself. Scarlet tells him that it is not his fault. She kisses him; they make out. The episode ends.