When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts - Recap

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The episode begins with Deacon singing a song to his new dog, but the dog seems too restless and hence Deacon decides to take it to the vet. He makes an appointment. Scarlet and Gunnar are in bed and Gunnar tells her that ‘whatever’ happened between them needn’t mean anything. Rayna is having a busy morning, running around doing the household chores. Bucky arrives and tells her that Katie Couric wants her to attend her show “Katie”. Rayna tells him that she does not want to go on television and clarify her divorce. He says that the crisis manager feels that she should.

Maddie arrives and is pretty rude with Rayna and Bucky. Rayna understands that the “changes” are difficult for her. Maddie asks Rayna if she could go to the mall with her friend, and Rayna says no. Rayna tells her that she has to come back home and finish her homework. Moreover her father is taking over today. Maddie calls her mother a “bitch” and says that this is the reason her father left Rayna. Rayna is shocked. At a press conference, Teddy introduces Coleman as the Deputy Governor.

Next, Marshall and Lindsey tell Juliette that they have booked several private and intimate fan club shows to help the release of Juliette’s upcoming album. Juliette does not like the idea. Marshall tells her that they know what they are doing and so she should let them do their job. Juliette leaves the office and she is pissed with Marshall. She thinks that her music is not only for the fan club, it is for the whole world. She tweets the time and location of her upcoming show. In Atlanta, Dominic has already developed the soundtrack for Avery’s song and Avery doest like it.

Next, Deacon is at the clinic and he seems to like the vet, Stacey. He asks her out for lunch. Gunnar meets the investigating officer for Jason’s case and asks him about the developments. The officer tells him that Jason was murdered because of a drug deal gone wrong. Gunnar refuses to believe that Jason would do drugs. The officer doesn’t pay much heed to what Gunnar has to say and he leaves. Rayna calls Teddy and tells him that he needs to be home by 6pm. She says that she has grounded Maddie for being rude to her and Bucky. She also tells him that he should keep his relationship with Peggy outside the house. Teddy is pissed and he hangs up. Next, we see that Deacon and Stacey get out of bed and put on their clothes. Stacey tells him that she doesn’t “do this” much. It is slightly awkward between them and she leaves. On her way out, she tells him to name his dog.

Lamar walks into Teddy’s office and finds Coleman and Teddy discussing on a project. He is clearly pissed about the fact that Teddy appointed Coleman as the Deputy. He reminds Teddy that he is the one who got Teddy this position. Maddie calls and tells Teddy that she is going to her friend’s place for a project, she lies. Teddy lets Maddie go to her friend’s. We see that Maddie and her friends are actually going for Juliette’s show. Scarlet is waiting for Gunnar because they have to audition for Rayna and Marshall. Gunnar hasn’t arrived and Scarlet is getting worried. At the club, Deacon is not happy to see that the place has more than 50 people, but Juliette is super excited to see the response. She begins to sing and the crowd goes crazy. Deacon spots Maddie in the room and he looks worried.

As the music progresses, there is a lot of pushing and pulling due to the lack of space. This goes out of control and the cabinet ends up falling on Maddie and her friends. Deacon rushes to rescue Maddie and is glad to see that she is alright. Maddie begs him not to tell Rayna. Next, Gunnar has still not arrived and Marshall is getting impatient. Rayna tells Scarlet to sing a song alone. Scarlet does a good job. Rayna get a call and she leaves in the middle of the song. She arrives at the hospital and sees that Teddy is there as well. Teddy tells her that he did not know about Maddie’s whereabouts. They meet Maddie and they are glad to see that Maddie is all right.

Rayna thanks Deacon for helping Maddie. At home, there is chaos and Juliette is pissed that her assistant couldn’t handle the crowd and the show. The assistant tells her that all this is very difficult for her and that she cannot handle it all alone. Dante and Jolene arrive as there was an afternoon session scheduled. In Atlanta, Avery arrives at Dominic’s studio for the recording and sees that Dominic and his team haven’t arrived yet. He takes all the records, breaks them, puts them in a barrel and sets fire to it.

At the hospital, Teddy tells Rayna that Maddie told him that she was going to her friend’s place for a project. Rayna tells him that she is cancelling her trip to NY and she is going to be home this week with Maddie. Teddy tells her that she cannot break their agreement. Rayna is upset. Teddy leaves with Maddie. At home, Juliette and her people watch the news and Juliette is pissed that she is getting blamed for everything. Rayna calls Juliette and yells at her. She tells Juliette that she needs to learn to take responsibility for her actions and also she should stop hurting people around her.

In Atlanta, Avery returns the check and the car keys to Dominic and leaves. Dominic tells him that he will never make it in this industry. Avery walks away. Next, a frantic Scarlet arrives at Deacon’s place and tells Deacon that Gunnar is going to a club to avenge his brother’s death because the cops aren’t doing anything. Deacon and Scarlet rush to the club and stop Gunnar. Deacon tells him that he knows exactly what Gunnar is feeling because he too lost his best friend. Deacon tells Gunnar that he was responsible for his friend’s death and that guilt destroyed him and his life. He convinces Gunnar to go back home with Scarlet. Next, Rayna arrives to meet Maddie and Teddy tells her that this is his week and so she cannot stay. Rayna tells him that Maddie is hurting and she wants to be there for her. Teddy lets Rayna meet Maddie. Maddie is happy to see her mother and Rayna tells her that if she needs an outlet for the pain she is going through, she should use her music.

Next, Rayna is on Katie Couric’s show where she explains her divorce. Juliette apologizes to her mother for the way she behaved with her all these years. She wants Jolene to go with her on the tour. She also says that Dante could come along as her sober companion. They both agree. Deacon arrives at the clinic and asks Stacey out on a proper date. Stacey agrees. Bucky calls Scarlet and tells her that Rayna would like to sign her as a solo artist for her label. Scarlet is in a dilemma. The episode ends.