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I Saw The Light - Recap

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The episode begins with Rayna arriving in NY with her daughters and Tandy. Tandy is shocked to see Rayna’s picture on a 50 feet tall billboard in Times Square. That is huge. Juliette arrives in NY with Emily, Jolene and Dante. She is shocked to see Rayna’s picture on the billboard. Deacon asks Stacey to go with him on the tour. They are getting closer and Deacon thinks that it will be a good idea to take the trip. Gunnar and Scarlett meet their new neighbor, Will. He is a new musician and tells the couple that they could give him some pointers. Scarlet invites him for dinner. Will hands them their mail which got delivered to him by mistake.

Gunnar sees that Scarlet has received mail from Evan’s recording company. Avery meets Hailey and hands her his new songs. Hailey tells him that she almost got fired after her bosses learned what Avery did because it was a breach of contract and Avery will have to pay back the advance that was given to him. Avery tells her that he has no money. She tells him that he needs to work something out. Gunnar is angry about the fact that Scarlet did not tell him about the contract that was offered to her a month ago. Scarlet tells him that she was trying to convince them to hire them as a duo. Gunnar does not believe that. Juliette is pissed to see Rayna’s big poster and Dante tells her that she could change that. Deacon arrives in NY with Stacey and his pet, Sue. They meet Rayna and Stacey introduces herself as Deacon’s girlfriend.

Rayna feels awkward and Stacey notices that. Peggy arrives at Teddy’s house to meet him and Teddy tells her that no one can know about this visit. She undresses and takes a tour of the house. Teddy follows. Next, Maddie tells her mother that she wants to be a professional singer. Rayna tells her that she is too young to decide and she should wait till she grows up before making a final decision. Rayna is on stage and Maddie admires her. Dante tells Scarlet to be calm and composed and talk to Evan about arranging for some meeting with the sponsors. Dante’s trick works and Evan decides to send Scarlet to a big phone company. Avery is running out of money and he goes to a club to see if he can get a gig. The owner tells him that Marilyn has put a word against him in the market and no one will let him sing.

Next, after the show, the girls meet Juliette. Juliette tells them that she started singing when she was 12. She tells them that they should stay up and party all night. Rayna arrives and tells her girls that it is time for them to have dinner and go to bed. Maddie wants to stay up all night and party with Juliette. Rayna does not agree. Next, Stacey is upset about the fact that Deacon did not tell her about his relationship with Rayna. Deacon admits that it was wrong of him to do that and assures her that it is history. Tandy explains to Rayna that Maddie wants to be like her mother and now all she is hearing from her mother is “no”. Tandy points out to Rayna that she is exactly being the same way Lamar was when he did not support Rayna’s career choice. This sets Rayna thinking.

Juliette wants to go for the meeting along with Dante. Dante refuses at first, but Juliette convinces him. Juliette attends the meeting and presents herself very well. Later, Juliette tells her mother that she sealed a multi-million dollar deal with the phone company and her face is going to be on 45 billboards. Jolene doesn’t look too excited. Juliette apologizes that she took Dante with her. Jolene tells her that the only thing she cares about is money. She says that money is not the reason why she came with her. Juliette gets irritated and tells her that she is there because she has nowhere else to go. Jolene tells Juliette that she would rather be with her daughter than anywhere else in the world. She leaves to attend an AA meeting.

Avery is really going through a tough time and he has started singing on the streets. JT arrives to meet him. JT tells him that he is going back to his father because there is nothing else left for him in Nashville. JT advises that Avery too should go back. Avery tells him that music is the only thing that makes sense to him and he doesn’t know to do anything else. JT gives him the contact number of a guy who would help him with some road trip. Avery thanks JT.

Next, Rayna tells her daughters that she understands that they want to follow their passion. She says that she wouldn’t stop them. The girls are happy. Rayna takes them to the sound-check and tells them to sing the song they have been working on. The band plays in the background and it looks like a real performance. The girls sing beautifully and everyone loves their performance. Rayna is proud of her daughters.

At home, Peggy is waiting for Teddy. Lamar arrives to talk to Peggy. He tells her that he wants her to change Teddy’s mind about the stadium deal. He tells her that he knows the fact that she was the one who secretly told the tabloids about Teddy’s divorce when it was supposed to be a secret. He says that if she doesn’t listen to him, he would tell Teddy about it. Peggy is left with no option. Scarlet tells Gunnar that she is not going to sign the contract. She says that he is the one who encouraged her to write songs and become a singer and she doesn’t want to do this without him. Gunnar tells her that he was not mad at her because she got the contract. He was pissed because she hid it from him, thinking that he would be jealous and hurt. Gunnar tells her that Avery was that sort of a person, but he is not. He says that he is proud of her success and is happy for her.

Juliette is on stage for her next performance and she dedicates this one to her mother. Jolene is happy. At home, Peggy tells Teddy that he should think about Lamar’s stadium site. She thinks that there is a lot of scope for expansion. She says that she wants to see him in the Governor’s mansion and she will do anything to make that happen. Teddy is surprised and confused. Juliette is still looking at Rayna’s poster when Dante arrives. She thanks him for his support and helping her with the meeting. They kiss.

Deacon comes back to the room after his performance and tells Stacey that he wants to stop going on tours. He tells her that he wants to stay off road in Nashville and do something. Stacey tells him that he shouldn’t give up on his likes for her. Deacon tells her that he is just tired of the whole circus and wants to go back home. At home, Lamar is talking to Albert and he says that Peggy would not be a problem. He makes a toast to their new baseball stadium but before he could have his drink, he has a stroke. The episode ends.