Shrink Or Swim - Recap

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The episode begins with Terrance being rushed to the hospital after being shot. On the way to the ER Terrance recollects how he was shot by a bearded man in a club. Dani is visibly worried and meets up with the Coach. Terrance is then operated on, while everybody waits intently. The doctor then comes out and tells everyone waiting out that it was touch and go for a while, but Terrance is now fine. He also adds that Terrance has had a severe physical trauma; hence his recovery would be slow. Later, Dani is surprised to know her kids are back, home early, as she doesn’t want them to know she is sleeping with Matthew. She then somehow manages to get the kids out of the house, before they find out anything.

Dani basically doesn’t want to get Matthew into her kid’s lives, unless he is a permanent fixture. Meanwhile the media questions the Coach about his team, and the various rumors surrounding his players. Later Dani is given the bad news by her accountant that, she is being audited for $87000 in back taxes. Dani and Matthew meanwhile tell the Coach that there is no news from Terrance, although he is recovering. Nico meanwhile gets a 911 from Juliette and leaves. Outside Nico meets Devon, and tells him that Juliette Pittman is sending her SOS messages. Devon tells Nico that he is not to help Juliette, as she is Marshall’s daughter not Nico’s. Devon before leaving tells Nico, a big change is on the anvil, he then says “hope for the best; prepare for the worst”. Meanwhile Matthew and Dani pay Terrance a visit.

At Terrance’s house they find Terrance sitting in a bathtub with three hot girls. He tells them that he wants to be called KT instead of TK, from here on end. Later he tells Dani that he is fine, although at the moment he is still walking with the help of a cane. He then Dani about the life changing experience he had when he died for 8 seconds on the operating table, and how he saw an angle on the other side. He also tells her that he has let go of all the baggage of his past, and is a new person now. She then asks him if he is suffering from symptoms related to a person who has suffered such a trauma as him. He denies having any of the symptoms she names. Terrance is apparently taking being shot rather well. He also tells her that he is ready to receive his public in style. Later Matthew is informed by Terrance’s agent Rob that, KT will zip line over a crowd of fans, to announce his return.

Dani and Matthew feel the whole thing is a bad idea. Rob then tries convincing the Coach, of the idea. Dani feels nothing of the sort should be done till Terrance’s state of mind is properly assessed. Dani also tells them that, Terrance avoiding talking about the shooting incident is a tell tale sign of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Rob counters this by saying the whole thing is crucial to Terrance’s future. Matthew in the end says Dani is the mental health expert, and if she feels a certain way, he is with her. The Coach too sides with Dani. Later at the IRS office, Dani tries telling an official that the business was mostly run by her ex-husband; hence it is wrong for her to suffer for his mistakes. The official somehow doesn’t agree. Rob meanwhile tells Terrance about Dani being a roadblock to his comeback plans. Nico in the meanwhile is told that Juliette has completely disappeared.

Nico also finds out that Pittman’s debt is twice his asset base, which means the Hawks are on life support. Terrance meanwhile confronts Dani about her trying to sabotage his comeback. She in reply tells him that, the team pays her to look out for the best interests of its players. She also tells him that, she feels he needs more time to process what happened. He tells her he is fine, and also tells her she can’t tell him what to do. He also tells her that, he will be going to the Hawks convention. Later Dani worries about everything that’s happening in her life, from her tax issues to Terrance’s issues. Terrance meanwhile is being interviewed on radio; he tells the RJ that he will surely be at the convention. Just then he hears a dumbbell fall to the ground and is reminded of the shooting incident, and looks visibly startled.

Later Matthew and the Coach tell Dani that, the GM has given Terrance the go ahead to be at the convention. They then tell Dani about the layoffs that are happening, and how nearly 1/3rd of the staff is being let go. Turns out, Pittman’s money is all tied up in his divorce, and hence he has no money to run the Hawks. Nico meanwhile calls up Marshall Pittman and leaves a voicemail telling him that, his daughter Juliette is in real trouble, and that he should call Nico up as soon as possible. Dani meanwhile entices her IRS officer with some biscotti. But much to her shock Dani finds out the officer is allergic to hazelnuts, which Dani has incidentally put in the biscotti. She then somehow manages to dig out his medication in time, for him to administer it. Back at home, Dani finds her son having sex with his tutor. She then fires his tutor, and he leaves home in anger.

Later at the Hawks convention, Dani tells Matthew about all that just transpired. She also tells him that, she may owe over $80000 in back taxes. Matthew in turn tells her that, he is there for her. Rob meanwhile pumps Terrance up, readying him for the thousands of fans waiting for him outside. But from the look of things, Terrance doesn’t seem as comfortable as he is pretending to be. Dani tells Nico to keep an extra eye on Terrance. Later, all the players from the Hawks come onstage one by one. It is then Terrance’s turn to come onstage, which he does and begins dancing onstage much to everyone’s delight. The party decorations then blow out, and hearing the noise Terrance is visibly startled. He then sees the man who shot him earlier, raising his gun to shoot him again. He then readies to take out a gun of his own, but is stopped just in time by Nico, with the audience being none the wiser.

Rob is later told about it by Nico. Rob apologizes, saying “I never saw that coming”. Dani meanwhile counsels a repentant Terrance. She tells him that, she understands what he is going through. She also tells him to stop pretending everything is fine, as that that won’t help. Nico is meanwhile informed based on Juliette’s credit card activity that, Juliette is in the hotel where the convention is happening. He is also informed about the room she is in. In the room, he is surprised to see Marshall welcoming him. He tells Nico that, Juliette is in his villa in Bora Bora. Marshall set Nico up, because he had found out Nico was screwing his wife. He tells Nico “now we are even almost”. The episode ends at this point.