To Swerve And Protect - Recap

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The episode begins with a group of girls on skates in an arena, all participating in a roller derby. The girls then begin skating and jostling each other. Suddenly one of the girls begins to hyperventilate. Meanwhile Marshall Pittman meanwhile shares a drink with Nico and reminisces about old times. Marshall tells Nico how they are afflicted with the taste for the best. Marshall then tells Nico that Gabrielle his ex-wife would do anything to wrest his team the New York Hawks, away from him. He wants to protect his team by any means necessary and wants Nico to help him. Dani meanwhile tells Ray that he is going to study alone, and Olivia won’t come in to teach him anymore. Matthew meanwhile meets, TK who is not ready to get out of his house.

Meanwhile Dani meets Grace the girl who was shown hyperventilating at the roller derby, in the beginning. Grace tells Dani how roller derby is her life. She is there to meet Dani, as something weird happened to her at the derby; she collapsed due to some odor. She tells Dani that tests were run, but no chemicals or toxic substances were found in her body. She also tells Dani that the nationals are next and she is the team captain, but her team owner won’t let her back in, till her head is straight. Grace asks Dani how she can smell something that isn’t there. Matthew and Dani later tell the Coach that TK is not ready to come out of his apartment. Marshall Pittman comes in, just as they are discussing the TK issue. Marshall tells them, he is the owner and now, also the new general manager of the Hawks.

Marshall then tells them that he has to either pay TK $7 million by next week, or cut him from the team roster. Later Matthew and Dani tell Nico that they can’t get TK out of his apartment, let alone getting him on the field. Nico tells them he will handle it. Later Nico pays TK a visit. Nico assures TK that he will get TK professional protection. Nico then introduces TK to his new bodyguards, Kirk and Conrad. Grace meanwhile introduces Dani to Nitro, her team owner. Nitro tells Dani that she doesn’t want what happened to Grace being repeated again. Dani then tells Grace to go over what happened that night, step by step. She then tells Dani how during the derby, she collapsed from the overwhelming odor of toxic fumes. Dani assures Grace she will figure out what happened to her.

Olivia meanwhile tells Ray to talk to his mother, as she doesn’t want to be banned from her boyfriend’s house. She then tells Ray that she isn’t interested in dating boy, she is interested in dating a man. Marshall meanwhile pays Dani a visit, with bottle of wine in his hands. He then asks her about TK. She tells him that she can’t discuss her patient with him. He then threatens to fire her, and she in turn tells him to fire her immediately, if he wants to do so. Later, Ray tries convincing Dani about Olivia, but to no avail. She then reminds him that he isn’t an adult yet. TK is meanwhile shown training on the field, and is slowly getting there. Dani meanwhile tells Grace that, Lucy her friend getting hurt during the derby must have triggered her reaction, as has been observed in other cases.

Grace then tells Dani that Lucy is like her sister. She then asks Grace if there is anyone else in her life who reminds her of Lucy. Dani then proposes hypnosis to Grace. Marshall meanwhile asks Matthew about how TK’s practice went. Matthew tells him that, TK is slowly getting there. Matthew then tells Marshall that TK is a rare talent and players like him don’t come around very often. Marshall then tells Matthew “either TK is good to go on Friday, or he is done”. Dani meanwhile finds out that Ray is at Olivia’s and drags him home from there. She then grounds him for a month. She tells Ray that she is just trying to protect him. Dani meanwhile comes in to have a talk with TK, in order to motivate him. TK tells Dani that football is everything for him, and if he is cut from football, his life has no meaning.

Dani tells TK that he will heal faster if he starts to talk about his feelings. TK tells her his career is ending tomorrow and hence he has no time to talk. Matthew meanwhile tells Nico to talk to Pittman, as TK isn’t ready yet. Later at her session, Dani has Grace under hypnosis. Dani tells Grace to recollect the events of that day. She then asks Grace how she felt when she couldn’t see Lucy behind her on the track. She then tells Dani “the smell it’s here”. Grace then describes the smell to Dani. Grace tells Dani “it smells like childhood”. TK meanwhile wakes up from his bed all hassled, calls someone up and says that he wants to out of there. Nico meanwhile tells Marshall that he is running his best player to the ground. Marshall tells Nico that he wants TK to show him that he is fit enough to survive.

Nico then tells Marshall how many times he slept with Gabrielle and where. Nico then tells Marshall to go easy on TK. Marshall tells Nico he will save his team, but he will do it his way. Grace meanwhile in tears tells Dani to help her get back on the tracks, as derby is her only outlet. She then tells Grace what she said about the smell under hypnosis. Dani tells Grace that her childhood is an answer to all of it. She tells Grace that she is probably blocking something out about her childhood. Grace tells Dani to figure it out. Nico meanwhile finds out that TK is missing, and informs Matthew about it. Marshall then decides to call a press conference, and tells Matthew that, he has made his decision.

Dani then makes Grace reveal that she was reminded of the smell of a marker that her sister Emily was using, the time she met with an accident, when they were kids. Grace was looking after her sister when this incident happened. She is then reminded of how her sister’s legs stopped moving after the accident. Grace also tells Dani how she was the one who was blamed for her sister’s accident. Dani consoles Grace by telling her that she was just a child, and her mother was drinking, when she should have been the one looking after Grace and her sister. Hence Grace has nothing to feel guilty about.

Later at the press conference, Marshall tells everyone that TK is being retained by the Hawks, much to everyone’s delight, but he also lets go of four players from the team. TK shall also be paid the $7 million in bonus, he declares to the press. TK meanwhile is picked up by a woman who is the sister of one of his friends. Ray meanwhile packs his things to leave home to go to his dad. Dani hands Ray condoms, and tells him to have safe sex. She then tells him that he was right about certain things. The episode ends at this point.