Wide Deceiver - Recap

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The episode begins at the try outs for the selection of pro players, where prospective candidates are put through the grind, and where their physical abilities are tested to the maximum. TK in the meanwhile is hiding out at his friend’s sister’s house. He hits on her; although she makes it clear to him that it’s all business. He then tells her that he will pay her for protecting him, as there is something about her that makes him feel safe. She agrees but also tells him to stay out of her way. Lindsay meanwhile ribs Ray for becoming a vegan because of Olivia. Matthew in the meanwhile tells Dani that he is looking for a new diamond in the rough. Hence he stayed awake all night looking through player videos. Matthew then tells Dani that TK did not show up for rehab again, he did not call either.

Matthew then tells Dani that, if TK doesn’t come in soon, a replacement for him will have to be brought in. Later Matthew suggests to the Coach a guy called Damon Razor who might just be a good replacement for TK. The Coach doesn’t seem to agree, but Pittman is excited as Razor might come cheap. Later Pittman tells Nico that he did not like the Coach showing dissension, as he feels his ex-wife might be able to use people like him in their divorce battle. He then tells Nico to wire tap anybody who he feels might be a threat to his divorce battle. Later, Damon is interviewed by Dani. It turns out; Damon was not only a great football player in school, but also a brilliant student. She then asks him what made him go to a state college despite his grades, and sporting background. He tells her in a nutshell that he isn’t very competitive, and doesn’t feel he is as capable as people think he is.

Dani later tells Matthew about Damon, but tells him that she will work with Damon till the selections and see if she can get Damon to see in him, what Matthew sees. She basically wants to convince Damon that his talent is real. TK it the meanwhile is busy spending some time with his friend’s sister. Nico meanwhile is handed a device that he requires for the wire tap. Meanwhile Dani suggests a few techniques to Damon, in order to spruce up his performance. He puts her suggestions into practice, and much to his delight her suggestions work. Dani later tells Matthew that Damon feels he doesn’t deserves to be too successful, and hence he feels like an imposter. Thus he loses his confidence which affects his on field performance. Dani and Matthew then steal a few private moments together. Just then Dani receives a text from TK telling her that, he wants to meet her.

Later Dani is shocked to see TK working at a hot dog joint, where he has called her to meet him. TK then shocks Dani by telling her that he isn’t coming back to football, as he plans to work at the hot dog joint. He then tells her that he just bought the hot dog joint. He then tells her his business plan, which involves expanding his hot dog business, by branching out. Dani meanwhile tells TK that in his absence the Hawks are scouting receivers. He in turn tells her that he doesn’t need the nonsense of football, as it’s full of pain, agony and pressure. He also assures her that he isn’t leaving for the wrong reasons, and can always make a comeback when he wants to. He basically just wants to be a guy from down the block, instead of being TK. Olivia in the meanwhile befriends Lindsay.

Damon in the meanwhile is getting better with his performance. Dani later tells Matthew that TK is planning to retire. He tells her to talk to him, but she wants to give TK his space. Dani is then shocked to find out that like Ray, Lindsay too is slowly becoming like Olivia and has hence turned vegan. TK’s friend’s sister meanwhile tells him that it’s time for him to go home, but TK tells her “I am home”. Dani meanwhile questions Damon as to why he is purposely screwing up the combine, right after she is informed by Matthew about him having fared badly on the written test. Dani tells her that he is a seventh draft and people just have to accept that. Matthew meanwhile tells Pittman that, he would stand by Damon even if a gun were put to his head. Dani in the meanwhile asks Nico the difference between a first round and a seventh round pick.

He tells her that a seventh round pick gets less money, and less money also means less scrutiny. She then tells Nico to treat Damon as if he were a first round pick, as a favor to her, and find out all that he can about Damon. Slim, one of TK’s friends and TK, meanwhile get into a fight, and his friend’s sister points a gun at Slim and tells him to back off. She then sends Slim packing. Dani meanwhile tells Matthew that she is worried about how Olivia is transforming both her kids. Matthew feels it’s just a phase and will soon pass. TK and his friend’s sister meanwhile sleep together. She also admits to him how worried she was when he got shot. Nico meanwhile tells Dani that there is no chance Damon Razor would ever become a Hawk, because Damon Razor is dead. TK’s friend’s sister in the meanwhile tells TK to go back, telling TK he has a choice, unlike her and Slim.

Damon in the meanwhile admits to Dani who confronts him that, his real name is Bryce and he was really little as a child, but he wanted to badly play football, but never made a team. Hence when he got out of the foster system, her stole someone’s identity and reenrolled himself as a high school freshman, as he wanted badly play football. He never thought it would amount to anything, but suddenly he was a star and started getting offers from all around. He was hence worried about being found out, if anyone checked his background, thanks to all the attention he was getting. Dani asks Bryce to tell the truth, and play football like he knows he can. She tells Bryce he made a mistake, but he is not an imposter where football is concerned.

Matthew later tells the Coach that, Nico has informed him if Bryce gets drafted, Nico would help clear out the identity issues. The Coach tells Matthew that he doesn’t care what Bryce’s real name is, all he wants to see is performance. Dani explains to the Coach that Bryce was purposely tanking, as he didn’t want too much attention drawn to him. But now Bryce is ready to show who he really is. TK meanwhile comes back, much to everyone’s surprise. TK and Damon are later at the drafts, pitted against each other for a 40 yard dash. Damon wins, but TK too puts in a fine performance, despite his injury. TK is later in visible pain, but doesn’t let anyone know about it.

Nico in the meanwhile has wire tapped Pittman’s phone, as it turns out. He is then shown listening in on Pittman’s conversations. Matthew later informs Dani that Bryce has been selected. Dani meanwhile tells Matthew that him wanting to have kids and she not wanting to have any, might pose a problem with their relationship. The episode ends at this point.