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Slumpbuster - Recap

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The episode begins at a baseball game where the hitter misses the ball and in frustration breaks his bat in two. Dani in the meanwhile wakes from a nightmare in which she is shown pregnant with Matthew’s baby, and her kids are reprimanding her for it. TK in the meanwhile is training really hard on the field to get back into shape. At the end of his training he still is still feeling the pain and isn’t clocking his best time. Matthew then tells him about a woman named Simone who can make his pain go away. Dani in the meanwhile meets Gonzo the baseball hitter who has hit bad form. He tells her about the slump he has hit. He then tells her that he needs help with his slumpbuster.

He tells her that a slumpbuster is basically the biggest girl you can find to go out and have sex with, after which you hit form. He is basically in a slump with his slumpbuster. He tells Dani that he and Denise his slumpbuster will come by her office the next day. Pittman meanwhile is told by his lawyer that he can’t do anything with the Hawks without Gabrielle’s approval. Pittman then tells his lawyer to call a hearing about the ownership status of the Hawks. TK meanwhile finds out that Simone is a middle aged Asian masseur and not some hot babe. Simone then begins massaging TK, and he seems to love it. Dani meanwhile meets with Gonzo and his slumpbuster Denise, in her office. Denise tells Dani that her relationship with Gonzo is primarily sexual. Gonzo then tells Dani that his form slumped the moment Denise stopped taking his booty calls. She tells Dani that she can’t anymore because she has a boyfriend now.

Gonzo tells Dani to convince Denise to dump her boyfriend. Denise in turn tells Dani that she came to her so Dani could talk to Gonzo and convince him to get over her. TK’s manager Robb is meanwhile enraged at the fact that TK’s bonus check has been frozen by Pittman’s wife, and threatens Matthew that he and TK shall look for other options if the money doesn’t reach TK in 48 hours. Pittman meanwhile calls Dani into his office for some expert advice. He then tells Dani to testify in front of the league that Gabrielle is legally insane. He then tells Dani how Gabrielle has behaved insanely in the past. He then tells Dani that, if Gabrielle gets her way there might be no team and she might end up not having a job. He then tells Danny that if she helps him, he will get the tax problem she is facing off her back. Nico meanwhile hears on his wire tap Dani telling Pittman that, she can’t be bought.

Dani meanwhile tells Gonzo that she will refer him to some other therapist, because it isn’t working out between the two of them. Matthew meanwhile tells Dani that they don’t have to figure out their whole live immediately and can instead take things one day at a time. Dani later tells TK in her office that, they haven’t talked at all about the shooting. She then tells TK that if he doesn’t talk about the incident he will be stuck in his present state of mind. Later Dani is shocked to see in the news that Gonzo has been arrested for soliciting plus sized women. Nico later makes her hear a recording of a wire tap, where Pittman is talking to himself like a lunatic. Nico tells Dani to persuade Pittman to see someone, even if she can’t treat him herself, as he is her boss. Just then Gonzo pays Dani a visit and asks to talk to her for 5 minutes. Gonzo then tells Dani that it was she who told him to find a substitute for a slumpbuster hence he was soliciting other large women.

Dani denies this charge and tells him that she had very clearly meant a different therapist. Gonzo tells Dani that he doesn’t want another therapist and likes her. Dani then tells Gonzo that he has a lack of empathy for other people’s feelings and that he has to learn to take a no. She then tells him that he might have a narcissistic personality disorder. She also tells him that NPD prevents people from having normal relationships. Gonzo though doesn’t agree with Dani’s diagnosis. She then hands him a list of referrals. Nico meanwhile requests Gabrielle to call off the league hearing, as Pittman isn’t in a sane state of mind, but she turns down his request. Denise meanwhile tells Dani to be Gonzo’s slumpbuster but not in a sexual way. She then tells Dani how Gonzo has been lonely since childhood.

She also tells Dani how nice Gonzo was to her when they were together. Marshall meanwhile figures out that Nico has been wire tapping him. Nico admits to him that he has been doing so out of concern. Nico tells Pittman that he needs to get help, but Pittman tells Nico to get out of his office, calling Nico a traitor while he is at it. He then makes it amply clear by firing Nico. Pittman later pays Dani a visit, at her residence. He then tells Dani how Nico was involved with Gabrielle before she met Pittman. He then tells her that he fired Nico. She then tells Pittman that sometimes a divorce can takes its toll on someone and that there is a thin line between love and hate. She then tells him that there is no shame in needing help for what he is going through.

He doesn’t seem to pay any heed to her advice, but instead leaves. TK meanwhile allows Simone to massage his wounds, which he wasn’t allowing her to touch all this while. Pittman meanwhile calls Dani to the league meeting. She tells him that he called her there to see how the game ends. Later in the meeting Pittman with tears in his eyes tells Gabrielle that he needs her and that he doesn’t want to get divorced. Gabrielle in turn tells him that she is sorry but that it’s over. Pittman then says that it’s the end of the game and walks out. Dani later tells Matthew that she has referred Pittman to an excellent psychiatrist, so hopefully he will be getting the help and the rest that he needs. Matthew then tells Dani that he does want family, but only with her and in any form it takes.

Dani later pays Gonzo a visit and tells him that she knows what’s causing his slump. She then tells him that he is in love with Denise. Gonzo is incredulous when he hears this. She then explains to him that most people with NPD usually only receive love but never learn to give it, and that is why she feels at the centre of all the chaos is a broken heart. Gonzo on hearing all this reluctantly agrees that he lost Denise. Dani tells him that he can always have it with someone else; he just has to wait for it. Pittman meanwhile apologizes to Nico in his own way and asks him to come back. He then tells him to take care of his team while he is on a mental health sabbatical. TK in the meanwhile comes in to talk to Dani, as he is ready now. The episode ends at this point.