Mr Irrelevant - Recap

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The episode begins with a man locked in a glass coffin trying to get out, his helpers then rush to his aid and open the coffin. Dani meanwhile confesses to her kids that she is seeing Matt. TK meanwhile is worried that he might be replaced if he isn’t back in from soon. Meanwhile the magician, who was trapped in the glass coffin earlier, is at Dani’s for a session. He during the session shows her a card trick that leaves her amazed. He then tells her that he is going to be buried alive for nine day in Central Park, and eventually escape from the coffin, as his next trick. He confesses to her that earlier when he was rehearsing for it, he panicked in the coffin and couldn’t get out. Dani tells him that it sounds like claustrophobia.

She then asks him if everything is going fine in his life. He tells her things are going absolutely fine. He then begs Dani to help him get back into the coffin. The Coach meanwhile introduces Matt to a man named Hank, who is the new GM of the Hawks. Hank and the Coach it turns out are also old friends. Matt is then appointed as the assistant GM by Frank, on the Coach’s recommendation. TK meanwhile tells Dani that no one is Tweeting about him; hence he is hiring a ‘Tweetmaster’ who will post interesting Tweets on his behalf. Lindsay meanwhile is trying out for the cheerleading squad. Dani meanwhile tells Matt that she has told her kids about him. Matt then has an awkward moment with Dani’s kids. Meanwhile the ‘Tweetmaster’ arrives at TK’s home. He assures TK that he shall help him grab headlines.

He tells TK that he shall become his voice. The magician meanwhile introduces Dani to his design engineer Pete. She then sees the glass coffin in which the magician shall be buried. The magician then lies in his coffin with Dani sitting nearby, so Dani can figure out what is causing him to hyperventilate. Meanwhile Matt tells the GM that he disagrees with certain decisions of the Coach. Just then the GM sees a Tweet from TK mocking the team, and asks Nico inform TK to fall in line. He also tells Nico “we just released Mr. King’s bonus, don’t make us regret that”. He then tells Nico that he wants “this Twitter nonsense” stopped. Meanwhile, the magician once again begins to hyperventilate inside the coffin, and tells her he is seeing that he is dead. Nico meanwhile tells TK that the management isn’t amused by his Twitter antics.

He then tells TK that the new GM Hank Griffin is not his friend. The magician tells Dani that he saw himself in funeral, and was hence terrified. Dani then tells him that there is an underlying reason for this, and that they have to get to the bottom of it. TK meanwhile tells the Tweetmaster there are certain lines that can’t be crossed in the Tweets. He then tells TK that, he has a new trick up his sleeve. Lindsay meanwhile has made the cheerleading squad, but much to Dani’s surprise she isn’t happy about it. The Coach meanwhile tells Matt that he isn’t happy with Matt submitting his own recommendations for the team to the GM, without consulting him first. He also tells Matt that he doesn’t agree with Matt’s recommendations. Meanwhile the magician tells Dani that he has scrapped the idea of the coffin stunt.

He shall instead be doing another stunt in which he shall be hanging between two skyscrapers upside down in a straightjacket, while trying to escape. Later when the magician leaves the room for a bit Pete comes and tells Dani, to talk the magician out of doing this stunt. He reasons that a stunt usually takes months to prepare for, and the magician is planning to go through with his latest stunt in just 2 weeks, which is no less than a suicide mission. Pete tells Dani that he feels the magician is trying to kill himself. TK meanwhile isn’t too happy to read a few negative Tweets about himself, and leaves to take care of it. Dani meanwhile tells the magician that he doing the stunt at such short notice isn’t a good idea. The magician tells her that he has a contract. Dani in turn asks him if this contract is worth dying over.

The magician though pays no heed to her advice, and tells her that he has preparations to make. The GM meanwhile decides to go with the Coach’s recommendations instead of Matt’s. Later, Dani’s family dinner with Matt and the kids, doesn’t go too well. TK meanwhile confronts his rival who has been dishing him on Twitter, at a restaurant. The two throw food at each other and are then handcuffed. The two then talk about their careers with each other. The rival then confesses to TK that he has a Tweetmaster who wrote the Tweets on his behalf. TK then figures out that both their Tweetmasters are one and the same person. Later Nico comes in and tells the two that, the restaurant owner has decided to not press charges. Dani meanwhile leaves a voicemail asking the magician to call her.

Meanwhile during a team meet, the GM decides to side Matt on a decision, thereby going against the Coach’s recommendation. Meanwhile at her office Dani questions the magician about not mentioning the fact that, his daughter’s wedding was on the same day as his stunt. She then asks him as to why he doesn’t want to go to his daughter’s wedding. He then confesses to Dani that, he gave his whole to his profession and never had time for his family. He then tells her that, his daughter Lacey has asked his stepfather to walk her down the aisle. He then admits to Dani that he wasn’t a good father. She then tells him that, when he felt his subconscious was telling him not to go ahead with the stunt he was right. His subconscious was probably telling him to see his daughter get married instead.

The idea consequently seems to appeal to him. Meanwhile the GM congratulates Matt for his good work. The Coach later tells Matt that he doesn’t need for apologize as he just did his job. He also tells Matt, if his recommendations don’t have the desired results it’s on his head. Dani meanwhile finds out from Lindsay’s friend that, Lindsay quit the cheerleading squad a few days ago. Her friend also tells Dani that Lindsay has been acting weird lately. She then tells Dani that she has no idea where Lindsay is. Later Dani finds Lindsay sitting all alone in a café. She then begs Lindsay to tell her what’s wrong.

Lindsay then tells Dani that the cheerleading squad is stupid and she only tired out because her friends did. She then tells Dani “I need someone to talk to who isn’t you”. She then tells Dani that she wants to talk to a therapist, much to Dani’s surprise. Nico meanwhile pays TK’s Tweemaster a visit. He then tells TK that, the Tweetmaster issue has been taken care of. The magician meanwhile proceeds to attend his daughter’s wedding, in a chapel. Later TK is shown working out at home. The episode ends at this point.