What's Eating You? - Recap

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The episode begins with the start of a new football season. It is then shown that one of the players in the Hawks called Rhino has gained a few pounds, and is now weighing in at 290 lbs. Meanwhile Dani’s friend comes over to stay with her. Later, Dani takes Lindsey to a psycho therapist Dr. Jane Cresetti. Jane tells Dani that she is familiar with her work, calling her a top sports psychologist. Jane then tells Dani to wait outside, while she has her first session with Lindsay. TK meanwhile congratulates Razor for making it to the team. Later on the field Brian Norton, also known as Rhino is shown struggling, thanks to his increasing weight. Matthew tells Dani about it, while they watch him struggling.

Matthew tells Dani how, Rhino’s blood pressure is through the roof and how his cholesterol is sky high. TK meanwhile hazes Razor, and he in turn taunts TK, the two then are about to get into a physical brawl, but are stopped by the other team members. Later the Coach reprimands TK for hazing Razor, and tells him to stop. He tells TK he needs calm and order, therefore he is banning hazing. He also tells TK that, if there is anymore hazing on the campus, TK would be held responsible. He then tells TK to apologize to Razor. Rhino meanwhile describes to Dani the diet he is having, and it’s all healthy. He tells Dani he is putting on weight despite that. Dani then asks Rhino if there is anything amiss in his personal life because of which he is under stress and is thus overeating unconsciously, without realizing it.

Rhino then tells her it might be his wife’s son Ethan who isn’t too happy about Rhino recently getting married to her, and thus Rhino was considering family counseling. Later all the three comes into Dani’s office for counseling. Ethan tells Dani that, he and Rhino are always fighting about stuff. Turns out, they fight about sneaking food, and Ethan just like Rhino has weight issues. Dani then asks whoever out of the three is sneaking the food, to own up to it honestly, as it’s not about the food but about trust, and this confession will help them start afresh. Ultimately no one comes forward though. Razor meanwhile gets his own back at TK by bedazzling TK’s helmet. TK then decides to haze Razor off campus, as the Coach did not say anything about not hazing off campus.

Rhino meanwhile finds out by placing a security camera in his house that, he has been sleep-eating. He shows the footage to Dani. Later at the psycho therapist, Lindsay tells Dani she wants to join the Peace Corp and go to Africa, as she wants to make a difference. Dani though is incredulous and doesn’t take Lindsay too seriously. Lindsay though is outraged at this attitude of Dani’s. Meanwhile TK makes Razor’s car disappear and he isn’t happy about it. Just then Nico comes in and asks the two to get into his car. Meanwhile Dani tells Rhino that sleep related eating disorders are caused by repressed anxiety; hence they need to get to the bottom of it, so that the sleep related eating can stop. She then asks Rhino to sleep so she can get to the bottom of it, and Matthew is called in for assistance just in case something goes wrong.

Dani then locks the entire freezer and all the cupboards with food in them. She basically wants to drag out the deeply buried anxiety that Rhino has. Nico meanwhile drops TK and Razor off at the place where TK abandoned Razor’s car and drives away, and it turns out most of the parts of Razor’s sports car has been stolen, much to Razor’s dismay. Nico before dropping TK off, asks him to make the whole thing right. TK asks Razor to chill out, as he will pay for the damages. Razor though is more worried about his playbook that he had left in the car, and which is now missing. The Coach had specifically warned the team members to not misplace their playbooks, and hence Razor’s worry. Rhino meanwhile sleep walks to the kitchen, and is frustrated on not being able to access any food.

Dani then accosts him just as he picks up his car keys. He then tells her in a dazed manner that he has to go to his other home. Rhino’s wife is shocked to hear this and asks him what he means by his other home. Razor meanwhile receives a text saying: “I have something you want but it’s going to cost you”. TK then tells Razor that he is being blackmailed. Meanwhile at her office Rhino tells Dani, he doesn’t remember what he did in the night, and also what he meant when he said “my other home”. Dani then tells Rhino that, maybe they need to discuss the reason he doesn’t feel at home. Rhino’s wife then asks him “what exactly are you hiding here?” Razor meanwhile tells TK that, the blackmailer is asking for $10,000. TK offers to loan Razor the money. Razor then asks TK to drive him to the drop point in the night, as the whole thing is his fault.

Rhino’s wife Lydia meanwhile pays Dani a visit. Lydia tells Dani in tears that, she thinks Rhino has another family. She also shows Dani a credit card statement which shows purchase of furniture worth thousands of dollars, but none of which are in their house. TK and Razor meanwhile arrive at the drop point, which apparently is an abandoned warehouse. Suddenly, the both of them are accosted by men from behind, who put bags on their heads and restrain them. Later the both of them find themselves tied to the goalpost on the football field, once their blindfolds are removed. Nico, who is standing nearby, shows them the playbook. The Coach then comes on to the field with the team and tells them “you wanted hazing, you got it”. Dani meanwhile figures out that Rhino has been buying all the stuff with his credit card, for his posse.

She also sees that Rhino filled in an address on his medical form for sessions with her and then struck it out, and instead filled in the address of the place where he now lives. She then drives to the address that Rhino has struck out, and once there, from a distance she sees Rhino walking out of the house with his posse. Later, Danny confronts Rhino and tells him that she knows about his other house. He then admits to Dani that, he was just trying to help his sister and his kids, but his other cousins also piled on. He tells Dani that Lydia doesn’t approve of them, and would freak out if she knew that, their money problems are because of them.

Dani then tells Rhino that, the extra weight he is carrying around is a direct result of the extra responsibility that he is carrying. Dani then tells Rhino to come clean with Lydia, and also slowly wean his relatives off. Later Dani reaches a compromise with Lindsay, where she convinces her to go to New Orleans to help people out instead of Africa. Dani also finds out that her friend Jeanette, who has come to live with her, is pregnant. Later, Matthew tells Dani that Rhino is doing great and has started to lose the pounds. Later when they are alone, Matthew tells Jeanette that he is thinking of proposing to Dani. The episode ends at this point.