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Spell It Out - Recap

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The episode begins with kids competing in a spelling bee. One of the kids is asked to spell a word, and before he can spell out the complete word he faints on the stage. Meanwhile Nico runs into the woman who has been sent by the league commissioner’s office to look into the inconsistencies that Pittman has left behind, and to clean them up. Meanwhile the child named Mukesh, who fainted on the stage earlier, pays Dani and visit, with his mother. Turns out, Mukesh is a genius, and his mother tells Dani that Mukesh is a “perfect boy”. His mother then tells Dani that, Mukesh has never encountered an incident similar to the one he had recently on the stage.

But ever since the incident, Mukesh has been constantly stuttering and stammering, every time he thinks about the incident. He then tells Dani that, he has to win the national spelling bee which is in a week, as seconds no good. TK meanwhile is served a subpoena by a beautiful looking girl. Later TK is informed that, the guy who shot him, is suing him for assaulting him first. Nico and Matthew assure him that it’s just a ploy on the guy’s part to not get convicted, and it doesn’t mean anything. Matthew tells TK that he will have to testify in court, if he wants to put this guy away. Dani meanwhile gets Mukesh to sing the words while spelling them, in order to remedy his stuttering. The treatment seems to be working, as Mukesh is able to fluently spell the words while singing them. Nico is meanwhile informed that, once Pittman’s divorce is settled the league is going to suggest that Pittman sell the Hawks.

The woman from the commission tells Nico that, she has found some red flags in the files, and hence this decision. Jeannette and Matthew meanwhile shop for a ring, and he asks her to strictly keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Dani is rehearsing with Mukesh for the spelling bee, with him standing on the stage and spelling words, in an empty auditorium. Suddenly a group of people enter the auditorium, and suddenly Mukesh becomes really conscious, and is clearly distracted. He then begins stuttering, and Dani asks him to sing the words, but that too doesn’t seem to help. Later Mukesh’s mother tells Dani, how this competition is a ticket to his college scholarship. Meanwhile TK is outraged to see on TV, his attacker’s lawyer telling the media how TK is a “problem child” and how in his rage TK attacked his client and it was in self defense that, he attacked him back.

Dani later tells Matthew that, TK isn’t ready to go in front of a jury, with his present mental state. Nico tells Dani, TK has to go to court, as he could go to jail if he ignores the subpoena. Dani later tells TK how this trial could be an opportunity for him to get closure. Mukesh meanwhile confesses to Dani that it was a girl named Hope Chen, who was making him nervous. Turns out, last three years Hope has been in the finals with Mukesh, and she scares him. Mukesh then tells Dani, how Hope is called the “queen bee” and how nothing rattles her. He tells Dani that he is rattled, when he has to make a choice on the stage, about which word comes next, as his and his family’s dreams and aspirations completely rest on him getting it right. Later Jeanette lets it slip to Dani that, Matthew is planning to propose.

Dani is excited at this revelation. Later, at the spelling bee competition, Mukesh once again begins to stutter on the stage. He eventually spells the word in hurry and correctly, then runs backstage. The DA meanwhile preps TK for his testimony. The DA tells an agitated TK that, the defense is counting on him losing his temper in court. He urges TK to find a way to relax, before the trial. Later Nico figures out that the commission is investigating his and Pittman’s role in the wiretaps that, Pittman had earlier ordered. The woman from the commission tells Nico, “if you have something to tell me, now is the time”. Meanwhile Mukesh’s mother comes to Dani’s office and tells her that, Mukesh has quit the bee. Dani tells her that Mukesh is struggling with something internally, and she is still trying to figure out what that is.

TK meanwhile has a nightmare, and wakes up in cold sweat in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Nico pays the woman from the commission a visit at her hotel room. He tells her the wire taps were legal, and he has nothing else to declare. She then suddenly kisses him. The two then begin making out. Dani meanwhile seems to have figured out why Mukesh is stuttering. Later, she meets Mukesh and tells him she has figured out the fact that, he doesn’t want to beat her. She then asks Mukesh why that is the case. Mukesh then tells Dani that Hope had cancer, and then asks Dani “doesn’t she deserve winning?” Dani then tells Mukesh that, she thinks he is stuck between protecting himself and protecting Hope, and at the moment when he is faced with that choice, he stutters.

Mukesh also admits that, he likes Hope, and finds her beautiful. Dani tells Mukesh that, he can’t sacrifice his dreams for someone else; even if it’s someone he cares a lot about. Dani also tells him that, he could probably ask Hope out for ice cream after the bee. In the end the whole idea seems to appeal to Mukesh. Meanwhile, Nico and the woman from the commission both seem to have gotten what they wanted, besides having slept with each other. Later in court Dani tells TK who is waiting to give his testimony that, he can’t stop the whole world from judging him, but he can be clear in judging himself. She then assertively tells an unsure TK that, he didn’t deserve to be shot. Later, TK calmly answers all the questions hurled at him by the defense. He recounts the night of the shooting in a calm and composed fashion, despite the defense lawyer trying to provoke him.

In the end it shown that, he doesn’t fall prey to the provocations of the defense. Later, TK even talks to the media and answers the questions of the reporters, in a calm and witty fashion. Dani meanwhile, is visibly overjoyed at how TK has handled the whole situation. Meanwhile at the spelling bee competition, Mukesh does a good job of spelling the words, and does so with absolute conviction and confidence. In the middle of the competition they both encourage each other, by telling each other how great they are doing. Jeanette meanwhile tells her husband that, they are having a baby. Later, Dani asks Matthew to look her in the eyes and tell her that, he is absolutely fine with them never having a baby.

Matthew though isn’t able to give her a straight answer. Matthew then tells Dani that, he had hoped she would eventually change her mind. Dani tells Matthew that she doesn’t want him to sacrifice his dreams, just to be with her. She feels that Matthew would ultimately come to resent her for this. Matthew then asks her “this isn’t going to work is it?” Dani then in tears ends up hugging Matthew. The episode ends at this point.