A Load of Bull - Recap

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The episode begins at a rodeo competition; it is then shown that the hand of one of the riders gets stuck on the saddle of a bull. Meanwhile Dani is overjoyed to find out that Ray has scored really well on his SATs. Dani later admits to Jeanette that, she hasn’t told Ray about her breakup with Matthew. She also tells Jeanette that, she and Matthew will be “mature adult professionals”, when reminded by Jeannette as to how she will have to meet Matthew at work each day. Later the guy who was stuck to the bulls back in the rodeo, shows Dani a video of the incident, and also tells her how it happened 6 times in the last 2 months. He then tells her that for the first time he is afraid, and too after two world championships.

Nico meanwhile wants TK to gather up his act and behave like a team captain should. Dani meanwhile runs into Matthew at work, and there is apparent awkwardness between the two. Matthew though, promises her that they will work around it. Meanwhile a reporter named Noelle comes in and tells Matthew that she is here to do the piece on TK. Later, Noelle asks TK to take her back to the night of the shooting. TK though feels that his comeback has already been chronicled, and hence it should be more like a “cameback story”. Noelle though feels otherwise and asks TK about the shooter and if TK is still afraid of him. TK though doesn’t want to talk about the shooter or the shooting, telling her that “TK does not move sideways or slantways” and tells her to give him a call when she is ready to go up.

Matthew later tells Noelle that TK is all talked out about the shooting and that its old news to him. She in turn tells Matthew that she like him has been recently promoted and hence not getting what she wants is not an option. She also seems to be flirting with Matthew. Dani meanwhile meets her client Ty, the professional bull rider at his ranch. She tells him “I am here to see what you see”. Ty then walks her through the whole experience of how it feels to ride a bull. He then tells her that at the end when he has made his time he is suppose to let go, but lately he doesn’t. He doesn’t know as to why he isn’t letting go. Dani then asks Ty “what is it that you are holding on to?” He then tells Dani that his father was trampled and consequently killed by a bull.

Noelle meanwhile tells Razor “I was going through your media file and there are some inconsistencies”. Razor is visibly worried on hearing this and makes himself, scarce. Later a worried Razor tells Mathew and Nico that, Noelle is asking him questions about “where I came from”. Two reassure him that they will handle the whole situation. Dani meanwhile finds out that, Ty was probably never given a chance to grieve his father’s death. She then tells him “sometimes we need to go backwards, before we go forwards”. Later the Coach suggests Matthew go on a date with Noelle, in order to keep her away from Razor’s trail. Dani though isn’t very crazy about the idea. Matthew assures her that he isn’t going to act on the Coach’s suggestion.

Ray later tells Dani that Olivia wants to break up with him and go with a clean slate, to college. Dani wants Ray to talk about it, but he doesn’t want to, and instead tells her that he has a date this weekend. Later Ty pays homage to his father, at a family event, as recommended by Dani that he should. Dani then sees Ty’s wife take him to the side and discuss something with him, at the end of which Ty walks away from her after saying “there is nothing to tell”, in anger. Dani later talks to her and she tells Dani “every time my husband goes to work, I wonder if he is coming back”. She then tells Dani how Ty had promised to retire, when he hit 30, and as it turns out Ty is nearly 30. Meanwhile Nico asks Noelle to stop bothering Razor, as it’s affecting his performance.

Noelle though is more bothered about securing her story and hence doesn’t care, and instead threatens to file a sexual harassment complaint against TK. Later TK is questioned about it, and says he did not do anything that can be termed as sexual harassment. Meanwhile at Dani’s office, Lila, Ty’s wife tells him that she is “sick of being worried sick”. She then reminds him how he has promised to quit at 30. He in turn tells her, it was when he didn’t know he would win 2 world championships, and that he has it in him to win more. She tells him that she is not ready for him to end up like his father. Meanwhile it is decided that Razor would give his story to Noelle in order to stop her from filing a sexual harassment complaint against TK. Razor later tells TK about it, who is visibly shocked to hear this.

Meanwhile Matthew is angry with Dani, for the breakup. Ray meanwhile gets punched in the face by a guy who walks in with Olivia, into the same café where Ray is. He does so right after Ray calls her a “dumbass” in public. Ty meanwhile proceeds to ride a bull, although Dani feels it’s not a good idea, and that he should “sit this one out”. Ty then rides out with the bull, and eventually gets his leg tangled in the saddle, much to Dani’s horror. TK meanwhile tells Noelle that he is ready to give her an interview, no holds barred. In return he wants her to “forget the name Damon Razor”. Dani meanwhile consoles a humiliated Ray, who tells her how he made an imbecile of himself. She then reveals to Ray how Matthew and her broke up and that she had been hiding it from him. She then tells him “it hurts, but it makes you stronger”.

Olivia meanwhile pays Ray and visit and tells him how sorry she is, about all that has transpired. Later Dani tells Ty that she has figured out, he is afraid of living beyond his retirement as he doesn’t have any plans for the future, just like a young colt. She then tells him how he has an amazing wife who will accompany him in his journey, after his retirement and therefore he has nothing to worry about. TK meanwhile gives tell all interview to Noelle, where he answers any question that is asked to him by her. But apparently he isn’t himself, as he isn’t at all reacting to any of her questions and is blankly answering them.

The Coach feels it’s a good thing, but Dani looks visibly concerned. Later, Matthew apologizes to Dani for losing his cool earlier, and tells her that he misses her. She in turn tells him that she misses him too. Later, Nico finds out from a video footage that, TK did sexually harass Noelle, by dropping his towel in front of her in the men’s locker room. Meanwhile it is shown that, Dani and Matthew have ended up sleeping together. The episode ends at this point.