Might as Well Face it - Recap

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The episode begins at a videogame competition, with two guys competing against each other in front of an audience. Ultimately one of the guys wins, and is loudly cheered by the audience. Matthew and Dani in the meanwhile are still having sex on the sly, without anyone at her house being any the wiser. Later, the mother of the guy who lost the competition meets Dani at her office and tells her, how her son won’t leave the building ever since he lost the competition. Dani then talks to him on Skype. The guy Orson then tells Dani, he was No.1 in the rankings and now he has dropped down to number 3, thanks to losing the competition. He then asks her to help him get back his game.

Dani in turn asks to meet him face to face if she is going to help him, and he agrees. Back in his room, Razor is worried if he shall get selected for playing, now that that the training season is over. TK meanwhile barges into his room and asks him to calm down. Razor in turn shows TK a tabloid article about, him being an imposter. Matt and Hank, the Hawks GM are also both worried about the article. Hank also reminds Matt “lest we forget, Razor is your cross to bear”. Dani on the other hand informs Nico that TK has a drug problem, and hence genuinely doesn’t remember sexually harassing the reporter, recently. Matt is later shown the video of TK harassing the reporter by dropping his towel and revealing all, in the men’s locker room. Nico assures him though, that only the two of them and Dani have seen the video till now.

Dani then explains to Matt that TK is showing signs which are typical of a drug addict. She then elaborates “I think Terrance is abusing pain killers”. Matt in turn tells her “as much as I trust you, I need more than a hunch”. Nico in turn tells the two “I’ll see what I can dig up”. Dani later has a counseling session with Orson while playing a video game with him. She in the end tells him that the next time they have to do their session face to face, if he does want her help. She also agrees to pay him a visit for a session, at his house. Hank in the meanwhile voices his apprehension about picking Razor, as his performance is erratic. Matt though defends Razor saying he is under a lot of pressure thanks to the newspaper article.

The Coach too isn’t happy with the way Razor is performing and asks him to take a time out from practice. Razor then tells TK how he isn’t able to focus thanks to the press, standing on the sidelines to hound him. Later, Nico shows Matt and Dani photographs as proof that TK has been hobnobbing with a doctor called Alexi Turner, who is known to give his patients pain killer in order to make them feel better. Matt then decides to test the whole team for drugs, rather than just TK, so it doesn’t raise any red flags. Danny in the meanwhile pays Orson a visit, at his home. She then realizes how much of a gaming addict he is, when he doesn’t keep down his game controller even for a second, in order to talk to her. On the other hand at a press conference, Razor comes clean with the media about his past.

Razor then to his utter shock and dismay, is bombarded with questions about his revelation, by the reporters. Razor then quickly leaves. Hank meanwhile tells Matt “we have just unleashed a crap storm”. On the other hand, when Dani tries to stop Orson from playing so they can talk, he loses focus and is defeated in the game. He then loses it and reprimands Dani for distracting him, and then suddenly he collapses to ground, and seems to be having a seizure. Later the doctor at the hospital tells Orson’s mother that, Orson had an exhaustion induced seizure, as Orson has had no sleep and very little nutrition, for the past few days. The doctor adds that Orson can go back home in 24 hrs. Dani then warns his mother that Orson is addicted to gaming and shall go back to it, the second he gets out.

She then reveals to Dani that, Orson always had low self esteem and gaming made him happy. She also adds that Orson never liked his picture taken. Dani then suggests that, Orson be check into a rehab for his addiction. Nico in the meanwhile hands Matt the drug test results. Dani on the other hand has a chat with Orson. She tells Orson that he has to realize he is a gaming addict. Orson though isn’t ready to accept this judgment of hers, and tells her “I am not an addict, I am a champion”. Dani also finds the fact weird that, Orson isn’t picking his girlfriend Elsa’s calls. He though justifies, he doesn’t want Elsa to see him “this way”. He then asks Dani to “go away”. The Coach and the whole team in the meanwhile, is overjoyed with Razor’s excellent performance in a recent practice game.

Later, Matt informs Dani that TK is clean, as per the reports. Dani though tells Nico “I know I am right”. Later Matt, Coach and Hank decide on, who all should be cut from the final team. Later Razor is given the good news by Matt, he has made the team. Razor though shocks Matt by telling him “I quit”. Later TK confronts Razor about his quitting. Razor in turn tells TK, he feels he is not cut out for it. TK then tells Razor “you could have had everything”. Razor in turn replies “if this is everything, then I don’t want it”. Dani at home gives a pregnant Jeanette a pep talk about how “foxy” she looks despite being pregnant.

Dani in the process suddenly has an epiphany about the issue that is plaguing Orson, due to which he doesn’t like his picture taken or doesn’t want his girlfriend seeing him in the hospital. She later pays Orson a visit at the hospital and tells him the real issue is that “you don’t like seeing yourself in the mirror”. He then tells her he isn’t addicted to gaming, he is instead addicted to what gaming allows him to do, which is change his appearance. She then adds “you didn’t want Elsa to see you. Period” She then tells him he is suffering from a condition called ‘body dismorphia’, where a person sees physical defects where none exist. Orson then admits to her “I can’t look at myself”.

She then assures him that, with the right medication and the right therapy he shall recover. She then adds that he can then start seeing himself like he really is. Later Dani confronts TK with the video where he disrobed in front of the reporter. She then questions him about why he lied to her that he did not do so, when she had asked him earlier. She then asks him point blank, if he is addicted to pain killers. He though protests and in the end doesn’t give her a straight answer. Dani later tells Nico that she is sure TK “is abusing” and asks him to find proof to that effect, using whatever means necessary. Later Nico breaks into TK’s apartment, and collects all the bottles of medication that he can find in there.

He in the process also finds vials of some liquid kept in a box. Later when Dani is shown all the medication she asks Nico “how did he not test positive?” he in turn shows her the vial, and explains to her that it’s a medication used to flush out all traces of drugs in the system. Dani then tells Nico TK “is in deep”. Nico in turn replies “I know”. The episode ends at this point.