Double Fault - Recap

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The episode begins at a game of mixed doubles tennis, where one team doesn’t seem to be performing too well, thanks to an absolute lack of coordination. Later in her office, Dani meets the man and the woman, who were on the losing side. The two bicker in front of Dani, about what exactly is the problem with their game. The two apparently do not seem to look eye to eye on any subject. Dani is hence left with no option but to play the referee. She then asks them to go one at a time. The woman Allison then reveals how they met years ago during training and have been happily married now for 4 years. Ted then explains how they were going great guns till about 6 months ago, when suddenly their form dipped.

He also adds, off the court they were great but on the court their game wasn’t going anywhere, as they just couldn’t get in sync. TK on the other hand is late for the shoot of a commercial. His manager calls him up about it, all worried. TK on his way out looks for his pills but isn’t able to find them. He then figures out that, someone must have broken into his house. He is frantic at being unable to find his pills. He then sees the vials of the medication used to flush the drugs out of his system also missing. Nico in the meanwhile shows Matt the vials and informs him of how TK managed to pass the drug test recently. Matt is visibly disturbed with this revelation, as the first game of the season is around the corner.

Dani feels it’s better for TK to miss out on the first game than the whole season. Nico is later shocked to find out that every dark and dirty secret of the team might go public, thanks to someone recording and spying on every movement and conversation concerning the team that goes on behind closed doors. Nico resolves to put an end to this. Nico later finds a hidden recording device in his office and tells his guy to find out more about it. Dani in the meanwhile gives Ted and Allison a few communication techniques to practice, in order to improve their coordination. Then on her way out she is put in an awkward situation when she sees Ted kissing another woman tennis player.

Ted explains to an awkward looking Dani that, Allison and he are ‘swingers’. Matt and the GM in the meanwhile are threatened by TK’s manger, who tells the two he shall file a criminal complaint about a break in, if Matt or the team accuses TK of drug abuse. The GM later tells Matt, if Nico had a hand in the break in, he is history. TK on the other hand is shown acquiring some pain medication from a doctor. Matt informs Nico about what the GM has said, Nico then shows him the bug that was discovered by him. He then adds that the GM’s office, the locker room and every other place in the facility has been wire tapped. Dani on the other hand asks Ted and Allison how they began swinging.

She reveals to Dani how a few months ago she and Ted had a fight, she then went to the bar got drunk and kissed another guy. She later came back to her room and told Ted about it, and also that she is feeling stifled. Ted didn’t want to lose her, so he came up with the idea of swinging. Dani later attends a swinger’s party that she has been invited to, by the duo. Nico on the other hand talks to a reporter who tells him, how he is fed all his information by a guy who has tapes, on the entire goings on inside the Hawks facility. He also adds talking to this guy is like talking to “some lady head shrink”, which Nico is surprised to hear.

At the party, Ted is angry to see Allison dance with a guy named Raul, who they had mutually decided was off limits, as he has created problems between many a couple. He in his anger catches hold of Raul and punches him in the face. He then tells Dani “She broke the rule, I broke Raul”. Nico later arrives at Dani’s house and tells her that her office is bugged. He then discovers the bug in her office. Matt later hears about it and apologizes to Dani for the mess. She then asks Matt to get the team to do an intervention for TK. Later during their session Allison doesn’t give a straight answer, as to why she broke the Raul rule. Ted in turn concludes that she doesn’t want to stay married and decides to move out.

The reporter in the meanwhile tells Nico, after hearing Tony’s voice that, it’s Nico’s guy Tony who tried to sell him the tapes. The reporter confirms that he is absolutely certain about it. TK on the other hand is finding it really difficult to get his lines right for the shoot of his commercial. His manager is visibly worried about it and so is Matt. The director in the end is extremely exasperated and in anger berates TK. The two eventually get into a fistfight, and are pulled apart by Matt and the crew. The manager then tells TK, “You have lost us the endorsement”. TK on hearing this is even more livid, and walks out of the set after talking his manager down. Nico in the meanwhile confronts his guy Tony, about the bugs.

Nico then while choking Tony, asks him “who put your up to this?” Jeannette’s husband Gusteau on the other hand pays her a surprise visit. Later Dani during her session with Ted and Allison, asks Ted to hear Allison out, even if he wants to end the marriage as closure is important in every relationship. She then asks Allison to reveal the reason behind what she did, despite claiming that she loves Ted and wants to stay married. She then comes out and confesses she doesn’t enjoy playing with Ted anymore, like she used to. She elaborates that she was afraid to say this out aloud, but feels she could do better professionally with another partner. She didn’t say anything because, she was afraid of losing her “life partner”.

Dani concludes the relationship that Allison really wants out of is the one on the court, and not off it. Allison agrees with Dani. Ted on hearing this tells Allison how she was always a better player than him. Then holding her hand he encourages her to find another partner. Matt in the meanwhile tells the GM, he has decided to hold an intervention for TK. Matt also tells him TK has fired his manager, so they don’t need to worry about him. The GM though is worried about a criminal investigation and hence doesn’t feel the same way as Matt. Matt in turn tells him he would rather lose his job than his player. Nico on the other hand tells Dani that it was Marshall Pittman who had ordered the wiretaps.

Dani on hearing this breaks down, worried as to how Marshall will use the recordings from her office. Nico consoles Dani and assures her that he will get the recordings back. TK in the meanwhile is driving down a road, he takes his eyes off the road in order to pop a few pills, and then when he looks back he sees a young girl with a bicycle in the middle of the road. The episode ends at this point.