All the King's Horses - Recap

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The episode begins with TK discovering that he has crashed his car into a wall. Dani on the other hand is taking some time off and referring her patients to another doctor. She individually informs all her patients about it, telling them that she is taking a “well deserved” vacation. Later, TK comes back with Nico and finds an intervention at his home; Dani, Matt and Coach are basically the whole group. Dani tells TK they are there because they care about him very much and are worried about him. Matt then says “we know about the pills and the flush”. “We know about the car crash” the Coach adds. Nico though assures TK that no one else knows about the crash, and they all keep it that way, but only on the condition that TK go to rehab.

TK is incredulous on hearing this. Matt then makes it amply clear to TK that, if he refuses to go to the rehab, he shall be “cut from the New York Hawks”. Dani later drives an unhappy TK to the rehab. The GM on the other hand asks Matt to get him a new receiver by Sunday. The GM threatens Matt with him losing his job if he doesn’t manage that. At the rehab, TK in brought in for a group therapy session. There he meets an old acquaintance of his named Jimmy, who is a famous musician. At her office, Nico tells Dani “Pittman is due tomorrow”. Nico tells Dani he will handle the issue and get the tapes out of him. At the rehab, during the group therapy session, Jimmy tells everyone how his ex-wife had said she wouldn’t let him see his son, if he did not go to the rehab.

He then begins crying and says he is incredibly sorry “that I hurt everybody”. TK is visibly disturbed to see Jimmy cry like that. Matt on the other hand is trying his best to catch himself a receiver, but to no avail. He in the end gets a lead and aggressively pursues it. Dani at the taxman’s office is informed that, her debt has been paid off by Marshal Pittman. She later confronts Nico about it. But Nico interrupts her by saying “Marshal’s plane has gone missing”. A news report later clarifies that, Pittman was the one flying his plane, and was the sole passenger on board. The report also confirms that Pittman is still missing and there has been no trace found of him or his jet. Nico then leaves to search for Pittman and Dani insists on coming along, as she is really worried about the tapes.

Matt on the other hand leaves to get the Hawks a receiver, and is reminded by the GM before leaving that, if he doesn’t manage it, he is out of a job. At the rehab, Jimmy regales TK with the stories of fun parties he has attended. Jimmy then admits to TK that he was only acting during the therapy session, so he can get out of there quickly. He suggests TK do the same and apologize like he did, if he wants out, quickly. He asks TK to apologize for “everything and anything” and also suggests that TK shed a tear or two while he is at it. Matt on the other hand is in a bit of soup, as the new receiver he wants to recruit has Rob as his manager, and Rob as it turns out is still angry with Matt, for TK having fired him.

Nico while searching for Pittman reveals to Dani that, Pittman is possibly pulling a stunt and is actually hiding somewhere, and is not really dead. At the rehab, during a therapy session, TK apologizes for everything; as was suggested by Jimmy. One of the inmates is outraged by TK’s act and reprimands him, and accuses him of faking the whole thing. TK then lashes out, asking how many there have been shot. The man in turn apologizes to him, and tells TK that he understands it must be stressful for him, with the owner of his team having died and all. TK is shocked to hear this, and later watches the news, on which “the mysterious disappearance of Marshal Pittman” is being reported. Nico and Dani on the other hand reach Pittman’s secret hideout, but don’t find him there.

He then suggests that they wait for Pittman there, as he is bound to show up sooner or later. Just then, Dani receives a call informing her, TK has escaped rehab, on a horse. TK and Jimmy are shown coming out of a departmental store, outside which are parked their horses. Dani is later informed that the two have left their horses “at a minimart in Bellport”. Nico has secured the box which is “Pittman’s entire backup plan” he is therefore sure that Pittman will show up at his doorstep, if he wants it back. That is when Dani and he can ask for the tapes, from him. Later, Nico sees TK entering the Hawks facility and asks him to leave. The security arrives and escorts TK and Jimmy back to the rehab. Later in the night TK pays Dani a visit at her home. Turns out, Jimmy too is with TK and the both are drunk.

Dani refuses to allow TK in and asks him to go back to rehab. TK is livid at being shunned and creates a scene, when that doesn’t work, he promises to go back to the rehab after he has played the first game. Dani though is unrelenting and goes back to bed without paying any heed to his pleading, from outside the house. Later, Dani calls Matt and informs him of all that just transpired. He though awkwardly ends their conversation as he is shown sleeping with the reporter, whose help he took to arm-twist Rob. Next day, Ray gets in a fight with a friend, who he was partnering with in fantasy football, as their pick TK is in rehab and Ray’s friend tells him, he should have known that. Matt on the other hand has managed to acquire the receiver for the Hawks.

The GM as a result is overjoyed and welcomes Matt into the management, by making his designation permanent. At his apartment, TK is shown partying with Jimmy and a bunch of girls. He is visibly disturbed on seeing his replacement, performing really well in the first game. Jimmy to raise his spirits, asks TK to accompany him to a recording, where he too can try his hand at singing. Ray is pulled over by a cop, for a busted taillight, the cop then asks him to step out of the car when he sees; the backseat of his car is filled with weed.

TK on the other hand sees Jimmy lying senseless on the floor, and then when trying to wake him up, TK realizes Jimmy is dead. He then frantically, calls up 911. Later in tears, he tells recounts the whole thing to Dani. She then drops him back at the rehab. Later, Nico brings Dani a package that was sent by Pittman, and in it are the tapes. He then tells her “they found his body, Marshal is dead”. Dani consoles Nico and the two end up kissing each other. The episode ends at this point.