Frozen Fish Sticks - Recap

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The episode begins 28 days after all that has happened earlier. On the field the Hawks are busy playing another team. Joe Kittridge who has replaced Terrance King is on the field. It is shown that Kittridge scores a touchdown and the announcer mentions how his addition has made a huge impact on the Hawks overall performance. TK in the meantime is in the rehab and it’s been a month of recovery. He therefore returns home. Nico is at Marshall Pittman’s funeral. TK returns to the Hawks locker room and is welcomed back by Matt and the rest of the team. At the office Dani runs into Nico and behaves rather awkwardly.

Just then they hear a noise of glass shattering and run towards the noise. Turns out, Pittman’s daughter Juliette who is extremely drunk is lying unconscious on the floor. Dani, Nico and Matt are informed by Hank that Juliette is the new owner of the Hawks. Later, Juliette and Nico have a chat and Juliette voices her displeasure at being left the Hawks by Pittman in his will, instead of his other businesses. She yells out in complete rage how much she hates football. Later, Nico tells Matt and Hank that Juliette wants to sell the team. Hank reluctantly agrees to the sale but on the condition that the league pick the buyer and Juliette simply show up and sign the papers. Nico says he will communicate this to Juliette.

Dani in the meantime is paying an old professor of hers name Albert a visit. Dani tells him she is there to get a referral as she is a “bit stuck”. She tells him that because of an incident she stopped seeing clients and now although the incident has cleared up she is finding it difficult in restarting her practice. “It’s been over a month and I honestly don’t know why” she says. Albert wants to have a session with her although he doesn’t see private clients anymore, as her problem has intrigued him. TK and Kittridge on the other hand indulge in some on field rivalry. Kittridge is basically managing to get on TK’s nerves and he has a talk with Dani about it. The fact that he is off the meds, alcohol and sex isn’t helping his mood either.

Later Dani has her session with Albert and tells him the issues she is facing. She tells him how she suddenly feels incapable of doing her job and therefore feels she won’t really be able to help other people. Albert tells her she has to stop pitying herself and together they will try to get to the bottom of the issue. Also, Dani had told him about her “dalliance with” a “co-worker” and Albert brings that up. Dani gets very defensive when asked about it and tries to blow it off by saying she and the co-worker simply kissed and nothing else happened. Albert feels Dani is trying to avoid talking about the issue and gets up to leave. He tells her to give him a call when she is ready to openly talk about her issues. Hank and Nico are waiting for Juliette at the office so she can meet potential buyers.

Juliette arrives and tells them she has found her own buyer and she introduces them to a guy named Dees Ballz who is wearing a lot of bling and accompanying him are his homies. Later, Hank expresses his outrage at Juliette’s selection and the guy’s name and she clarifiers that Dees Ballz is just his rapper name; his actual name is Dwayne Brewer. She argues that Dwayne has a slew of entertainment financiers all of whom love football. Hank isn’t convinced, but Juliette is adamant and says she will sell the team to whoever she wants to. At therapy, Dani openly talks about the kiss and tells Albert that she liked the kissing, but she had the “good sense to stop it”. Albert points out how because of this “good sense” Dani’s life is in disarray.

Juliette in the meantime arrives at Dani’s house but is told by Ray she isn’t home, which doesn’t seem to discourage Juliette who enters the house anyway. She and Ray then have a chat over some ice cream. Juliette tells Ray she is there hoping that Dani “can fill in some details” for her. Dani returns and sees the two having ice cream. Matt takes TK to play some mini-golf to take his mind off things. Dani meets Nico and tells him how Juliette grilled her about her (Juliette) mother and father, but she told Juliette that she wasn’t Marshall or his wife’s therapist as they were her boss. Next day at the office, Hank tells Nico they have found a buyer for the team who is ready to pay good money, and he wants Nico to convince Juliette.

He also tells Nico that if Juliette doesn’t agree they will take legal recourse and “get her charter invalidated”. Nico arrives at Dani’s house and asks her to help him with Juliette’s issue. He tells Dani that Juliette needs someone to talk to and is not willing to talk to him, so Dani needs to talk to her. “She send me a text. It said goodbye” Nico says. Dani is worried on hearing this and gets ready to meet Juliette. Dani and Nico find Juliette sitting in a graveyard. Dani has a talk with her and she tells her that she can’t figure out why Marshall left her the one thing he knew she despised. Dani explains that the team was one of the things Marshall loved and he leaving the team to her was one of the ways of him telling her how he felt. Dani tells her she has her whole life ahead of her and it is up to her what she decides to do with it.

Juliette seems to see reason in what Dani is saying. The Hawks in the meantime are getting killed on the field. TK who is watching the game goes in to give Kittridge a few pointers about how the other team will move, but he doesn’t appreciate it and asks TK to not teach him how to play the game. The game begins once again and Kittridge sees that TK’s pointers were absolutely right, which helps Kittridge score a touchdown. Later when asked about how he scored the touchdown, Kittridge takes all the credit, much to TK’s chagrin. Juliette arrives at Hank’s office and tells him that she has decided not to sell the team to anyone. “I am keeping the team” she tells him and also tells him that he is fired. Juliette basically wants to respect her father’s wish.

Juliette later texts Ray informing him that, she is keeping the Hawks and has an offer for him that he can’t refuse. At work, Matt asks Dani if there is something going on between her and Nico. “I am not involved with Nico Matt” Dani says awkwardly. Later, Dani admits to Albert that it’s because the phone rang that she and Nico stopped kissing. She also adds that if the phone hadn’t rung they would have probably gone all the way.

Dani further admits that she is torn between her love for Matt who she can’t be with and her attraction for Nico who she shouldn’t be with. Albert in turn simply tells her to restart her practice and accept the fact that her being a therapist doesn’t mean she isn’t human and can’t be plagued by human emotions. He also suggests they continue their therapy sessions. Dani restarts her practice and informs her patients about it. The episode ends at this point.