Hits and Myths - Recap

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The episode begins at the concert of a rock band named VonDozer. Suddenly the lead singer collapses on the stage. The lead guitarist is not at all happy to see this, as the singer appears drunk or really high. At home Dani is dancing to a VonDozer song. Dani is oblivious to the fact that Ray is watching her. Suddenly she realizes that he is and is visibly embarrassed. Ray too is visibly surprised to see his mother dance the way she is. Ray tells Dani that as a part of his community service he shall be working for Hawks Charity that Juliette Pittman has hooked him up with. Dani is shocked to hear this.

At the office, Matt isn’t happy with the way Julia is running things and lets Nico know his feelings. Nico assures him; Juliette will get bored of the Hawks very soon and will find something more interesting to do. Basically, he says things will play themselves out on their own. “I am trying to run a team” says Matt. “She just lost her father. Have some compassion” Nick retorts. At Dani’s office, two band members of VonDozer, David and Paul are sitting on her couch. Paul who is the guitarist tells his brother David who is the lead singer that, he isn’t happy with his ways, as he gets drunk and arrives late all the time. “Sounds like Rock n Roll don’t you think, Dr. Santino?” David retorts.

Dani mentions how she knows that David and Paul broke up 10 years ago and how they had formed VonDozer together, when they were in high school. Dani knows so much, as she is a fan. Turns out, VonDozer now is planning a reunion tour, mainly for “cash”. But, thanks to David’s ways they might end up losing money, as two venues have already cancelled and there are lawsuits filed against them because of David’s shenanigans onstage. “Dr. Santino, please help us get through this tour without killing each other” Paul begs Dani. Later, Dani enters her car and sees Nico sitting inside. They don’t say much but instead passionately begin making out. But, it turns out all of it is happening in Dani’s dream. Later, Dani brings Paul and David to the club from where they started their career.

She feels to sort things out, it’s always better to go back to where it all started. The manager who knows them from the old days is really happy to see them there. David and Paul then decide to jam onstage, which gets Dani all excited. During the session, David decides to sing a song which Paul doesn’t seem too happy about. Dani sees Paul asking David not to sing the particular song but David pays no heed and begins singing. Paul in anger steps off the stage and walks out of the club. David though, continues singing. Later Dani has another sex dream with Nico and discusses her dreams with Albert. Dani on Albert’s prompting, concludes the dreams are about what she can’t have. “So Danielle what is it that you can’t have?” Albert asks her.

TK on the other hand has struck a deal with Juliette, as per which he shall make sure the team respects her and in return she gives him the importance he deserves. As a part of the deal to begin with, TK is given more preference than Kitteridge. At her office, she asks David and Paul about the song Paul had an issue with. Dani knows that this particular song is the only one David “wrote solo”. Paul reveals that the song is about Willa, Paul’s wife. David disputes Paul’s claim and the two get into an argument. In the end, Paul storms out. Matt, Nico and the Coach try to talk to Juliette about not mingling too much with TK, but she doesn’t take too kindly to their advice and instead threatens to fire them all. Matt isn’t at all happy with Juliette’s attitude.

Dani has a chat only with David and he reveals that the songs, isn’t about Willa but Dylan, Paul’s son. David feels Dylan is actually his son. He didn’t want to destroy Paul’s happiness and hence he kept mum about this issue. TK and Juliette on the other hand bond and have a heart to heart. At Dani’s office, David tells Paul the truth. “I think Dylan is mine” David says. “No he is not” Paul calmly replies. Paul says Dylan is neither his son nor David’s. Paul confirmed this through a DNA test. Dylan is actually the son of “some roadie” who “split”. “I raised him. I am his dad” Paul tells David. Later, Paul comes knocking on Dani’s door. Turns out, David is nowhere to be found and the “concert’s tomorrow”.

Paul plays Dani a voice message David sent him, in which he is heard telling Paul how sorry he is. “He’s never done that before….apologized” says a worried Paul. Kitteridge on the other hand insults TK and calls his mother a crack head. TK can take it no more and punches Kitteridge in the face. Paul and Dani find David. He is completely drunk and sitting on the roof of the club they started their career in. They try to talk David into coming down, but to no avail. In the end, David jumps down from the roof. He hurts himself after falling, but seems fine otherwise. Dani asks him to not move as he might have broken something. She asks Paul to call 911.

David tells Dani how all these years he had convinced himself that Dylan was his son and Paul stole his life. Knowing he had a son, made him feel like he had “something”. But, now he feels like after all these years he has nothing. Dani tells David he is “still wildly talented” and its time he explored that possibility. Paul and David then make up and reminisce about old times. Dani later has another dream and realizes all her dreams are actually “movie reenactments”. She discusses with Albert what the meaning of those reenactments could be. Albert helps Dani figure out that the movies she is having the dreams from all “tragic love stories”. “So Danielle do you believe in happily ever after?” Albert asks. “For me? I am not so sure” Dani replies. Matt in the meantime reprimands TK for what he did. “Toes call my mother crack whore; I am suppose to take that?” TK asks.

Matt basically feels that nothing condones TK punching Kitteridge in the face. TK says Matt is going to keep seeing him as the person he was, rather the guy he is really trying hard to be. Nico tries talking some sense into Juliette, but she doesn’t seem to be in a very receptive mood. She asks him to not try to be her father and reminds him that he works for her now. VonDozer on the other hand performs to loud cheers, while Dani all excited watches from backstage. Nico meets Dani and tells her that Ray has a crush Juliette. Dani is worried to hear this. “Does she have a crush on him, back?” she asks. “Only in his dreams” he replies. Dani is relieved to hear that. Nico later tells Matt Juliette’s “gotta go”. The episode ends at this point.