The Fall Guy - Recap

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The episode begins with a Hawks game and with Matt watching from the sidelines. Hawks win the game and the Coach is overjoyed. The Coach speaks to a bunch of reporters next. The Coach is asked about the large number of penalties the team is seeing and he loses it. He asks the reporter to focus on the success the team is having rather than on the penalties. He then rants about how his boss is completely incompetent, despite which he is holding the team together, quite successfully. Matt is visibly surprised at how aggressively the Coach is reacting to such a simple question. The Coach’s rant later goes viral on the internet. Dani’s mother and her sister Ronnie in the meantime pay her a visit.

Her kids are overjoyed to see them, but apparently Dani is not. It’s Dani’s mother’s birthday, which they are planning to celebrate by throwing her a party. Ronnie and Dani seem to have different ideas about how it should be celebrated. TK on the other hand is having some problems with other members of his team. At work, Matt sees how frustrated Dani is, about the fact that her sister is paying her a visit. Matt brings up the Coach’s press conference and mentions how Juliette isn’t too happy about it. Just then, Felicia the Coach’s wife arrives. She says she wants to talk to Dani. Felicia says the Coach “just isn’t himself”.

She mentions that the Coach has lately been very secretive about things. “I know you can’t take him on as a client. But, do you think you can talk to him as a friend?” Felicia asks Dani. Juliette tells Matt and Nico that she isn’t at all happy with the Coach humiliating her publicly and wants to replace him. Matt and Nico feel that her decision is a bit extreme and try talking some sense into her, but to no avail. “Time for cleanup fellows…we are going to fire Coach” she says. TK tells Dani about the problems he is having with his teammate Rex. Dani suggests he and Rex “establish a rhythm off the field” before they find one on it. Dani next has a chat with the Coach. The Coach isn’t very forthcoming and basically tells Dani that he is busy and therefore she should leave.

Before leaving she tells the Coach that her “doors are always open” if he wants to talk. Later, Matt and Nico tell Dani that Juliette wants to fire the Coach. They ask her what she knows. Dani says the Coach is hiding something. “The question is …what” Nico says. TK in the meantime tries to form a bond between him and Rex. Basically, he suggests he and Rex spend some time together, off the field. Matt, while watching the video of Hawks game figures out what the Coach might be hiding. He and Nico pay Dani a visit and tell her that they know the Coach’s secret. Matt mentions that this secret could bring down the whole team. Basically, “a bounty system” is being run within the Hawks. “It’s when someone pays a player to intentionally take out a player of the opposing team” Nico says explaining what the system is all about.

Nico says that this system is not only unethical but also criminal. Matt says he has gone through a number of videos, and observed that many players have been brutally attacked even after the end whistle being blown. “It’s like we are actively trying to end people’s career here” he says. Nico also has photographic proof that the Coach met a player named Demoni Jackson, who is known do indulge in the bounty system. Nico and Matt later confront the Coach about it. He is enraged at what they are suggesting and asks them to get out of his office. “This inquisition is over” he tells them. Rex in the meantime makes it very clear to TK that Kitteridge is a better player than him at the moment. Rex suggests, TK getting shot and going to rehab, probably affected his game and hence he isn’t the player he used to be.

Dani’s mother suddenly says she doesn’t want the party, after seeing the guest list. Both, Dani and Ronnie are baffled by this. They conclude that there is someone on that list their mother has a problem with. Dani suggests there is someone on that list, with who their father had an affair. Just then, the Coach comes knocking at Dani’s door. He wants to talk. He says his wife packed her bags and went to her sister’s. “Why?” asks Dani. “Said she would rather be without me than guessing what’s going on” he replies. Dani suggests the Coach could tell her his secret. He says it’s something that could cost him his job and he doesn’t want to involve his wife in it. Later, Dani brings the Coach to Matt’s office. “Matt I want to tell you the truth” he says.

Nico on the other hand confirms his doubts about Demoni, by pretending he too is interested in the bounty system. He then asks Demoni to tell him, as to who all are involved in the system. At home, TK hits the bottle to cope with his depression of not being his former self anymore. Dani’s mother on the other hand corrects Dani’s assumption and admits to her that it was a man from the list named Eddie Marconi, who she had an affair with. Dani is not happy to hear this, as her father was always made the fall guy for cheating on her mother, but the fact is they both cheated on each other. Matt and Nico hand Juliette the Coach’s resignation letter. They say the Coach admitted to running a bounty program and a player corroborated this.

Ronnie and Dani have a chat and Ronnie calms Dani down and basically asks her to forgive their mother. The two then have a heart to heart and share a few laughs. TK calls Dani and asks her to come over. She makes it to his house and sees that he has been drinking. He tells her what is going through his mind. “I’m just not the TK I used to be” he tells her. “Says who?” Dani asks. TK tells her how Rex and everyone else including the press, has been saying this. He admits that he too feels the same way about himself, like others do. He breaks down and says he is drinking only because he knows what everybody is saying is true and he just isn’t ready to be “second string”. Dani talks some sense into TK. Nico in the meantime finds proof that it was actually Juliette who was running the bounty program, and the Coach was simply set up.

Nico tells her the Coach resigned only so it could be proven he was innocent. Next, Nico tells her “you are going to sell the team…for real this time”. “You can’t make me do that” Juliette says with a smirk. Nico admits he can’t, but the league can, after he tells them what she did. Nico reminds her that she will get a billion dollars after she sells the team. “I hope you decide to do something with it that will make your father proud” he says.

At home, Dani and her mother sort out their differences. Matt and Nico tell the Coach that Juliette has agreed to sell and the “bounty system is dead and buried. We will make sure of that”. Juliette tells Ray she is selling the Hawks. She says just because their professional relationship is over doesn’t mean they can’t have a personal one. She then kisses him. The episode ends at this point.