Regret Me Not - Recap

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The episode begins with a Hawks game. Rex is giving his team members instructions just before the game is about to begin. The game begins and Rex throws the ball towards Kitteridge, but it’s intercepted by a member of the opposing team. Rex is angry with himself and gets into a fight with the team member who intercepted the ball. Dani in the meantime discusses with Albert the affair that her mother had. She is bothered by the fact that her mother called the man she was having the affair with “the love of her life”. Dani is confused whether her mom did the right thing or not by staying with her father, when she was in love with Eddie Marconi.

At the office, Nico is negotiating the Hawks sale with a couple men. They point out to him that the Hawks stadium, parking lot and other facilities have been sold to an undisclosed third party. Nico is surprised to hear this, because he didn’t have a clue about this. The men tell him they would be only interested in buying the Hawks, if they also get the Hawks facilities in the deal. Nico promises them, he will get to the bottom of this matter and then get in touch with them. TK on the other hand discovers during training that he has lost 2/10ths of a second. He tells Dani about it and mentions how on the field it makes the difference between “mediocrity and greatness”.

Dani suggests TK find a sponsor, because she feels it will help him emotionally. TK wants Dani to be the sponsor, but Dani doesn’t think it’s a good idea and suggests he find a sponsor in his support group. “Fine I’ll go sponsor shopping” he reluctantly says, in the end. Later at the office, Matt tells Dani about Rex and says that lately he has been reckless and really aggressive. He also shows her a video of the on field scuffle he had earlier. A little later, Noelle the reporter Matt had slept with a few weeks earlier, arrives. She is there to see Matt and Dani isn’t at all happy about it, but plays it cool.

Dani receives a call from Ronnie just then, informing her that their mother had a heart attack. Later at home, Dani informs Lindsay that a stent has been put in her (Dani) mother’s heart and she shall be fine. Later, Dani has a chat with Rex in her office. He mentions that he is seeing someone. He says he is giving everything he can into the relationship but the woman he is dating doesn’t think it’s enough. Dani asks Rex for the woman’s name, but Rex isn’t very forthcoming. He says just because his on field performance has been a bit off, it doesn’t mean he has to talk to a complete stranger about his personal life. “We done?” he asks her and gets ready to leave. “Nah, I think we are just beginning” Dani replies with a smile.

TK in the meantime is having dinner with his old coach Joe Liberty, who is himself a recovering alcoholic. TK suggests Liberty become his sponsor and help him remain clean and on the right track. Liberty reluctantly agrees but says he has a few conditions. He asks TK to meet him the next day and says “be prepared to sweat”. Nico is trying to find out who the three anonymous buyers are, to whom Pittman sold the team assets. Nico asks Pittman’s lawyer to find out who owns these assets and how much it is going to cost to get them back. Later, Dani asks Nico to find out about Eddie Marconi. Coach Liberty brings TK to a ballet class, for some lessons. TK realizes what Liberty meant when he said “be prepared to sweat” now.

Basically, Liberty feels these lessons might help make TK more limber and agile, besides adding a few more years to his career. TK on his part isn’t initially crazy about the whole idea, but eventually warms up to it. At her office, Dani again tries to talk to Rex again, but he doesn’t want to share anything personal with her. He says he can be forced to come to her by the team management but can’t be forced to talk. Eventually he opens up and says his girlfriend’s name is Suzan and they have been dating for a couple of years now. Dani figures out, Rex is lying and there isn’t really a Suzan. She confronts Rex about it. He confirms with Dani that whatever he says will remain confidential and says his partner’s name is Jim. In other words, he reveals that he is gay.

He tells Dani that he and Jim have been seeing each other for the past 3 years. Rex says Jim wants them to move in together. But, Rex says his family doesn’t know he is gay and “there are no active gay football players”. Dani feels Rex leading a double life on and off the field is taking its toll. Rex agrees. He says Jim has laid down the ultimatum; either Rex come out of the closet or “he is gone”. Rex is afraid to come out, because he is worried about the media circus that will follow. Dani asks Rex to bring Jim in for a session. Later, Nico informs Dani that Eddie Marconi has died last year of cancer. Noelle and Matt on the other hand begin dating. Rex brings Jim to meet Dani. They both put forth their point of views. Rex says he is in the prime of his career and his coming out of the closet would jeopardize it.

Rex asks Jim for just a few years and promises he shall come out once he retires. Jim feels there is nothing wrong in Rex coming out now and can’t see any sense in Rex’s reasoning. Jim wants Rex to come out of the closet now, and basically says that Rex will lose him if he doesn’t. TK is tired of attending the ballet class and tells Liberty that he doesn’t think its helping. Liberty tries to talk some sense into him, but to no avail. Nico tells Matt that a guy named Mark Cuban owns the Hawks’ assets. Cuban it turns out wants a meeting with them. Liberty pays TK a visit at home. He sees an unopened bottle of booze on the kitchen counter. TK says he wants a drink. Liberty suggests they both have a drink.

TK is baffled and feels Liberty is trying to apply some reverse psychology. “I am your sponsor right? You go down I go down” Liberty says. He pours some booze into two glasses and begins telling TK about his addiction and how he struggled with it. He reasons with TK that he can never be 20 again and hence can’t be as fast and strong as he used to be, but he can be smarter. He then pours the booze into the sink. TK asks him to do the same with the booze in his glass. Rex decides to come out of the closet, because he doesn’t want to lose Jim. Dani realizes she was trying to find out about her mother’s lover, because she hasn’t gotten over her own lover.

She tells Albert she wants to be with Matt and wants to start a family with him, even though she knows there is a risk things might not work out. TK’s ballet lessons on the other hand seem to be having the desired effect on his footwork and Kitteridge notices this and looks worried. Dani meets Matt and tells him how she feels. She basically tells him that’s she can’t live without him and doesn’t want to lose him. Dani even says that she is ready to “throw caution to the wind” and have his kids. “Why are you telling me this now?” Matt asks her angrily. “Where was this 2 months ago?” he adds.

Dani says she just realized “this” and therefore wanted to let him know. Matt sarcastically thanks her for telling him how she feels and adds that he isn’t some “yoyo” she can play with. He tells her that he is trying to move on with his life and can’t go through the pain once again. The episode ends at this point.