There's the Door - Recap

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The episode begins with the historic moments in different sports being shown. The Coach, Nico and Matt are informed by Dani that Rex is gay. Matt says Rex’s personal life is not their business. But, Dani mentions Rex wants to go public with this news. They aren’t too happy to hear that. “There’s no way this can be contained” Nico says. They mention to Dani that the team is looking for a new owner and have a meeting with Mark Cuban. They feel Rex should hold off on this news till “after the season”. Dani says this is going to happen whether they like it or not, so they should start preparing for it. Later, Matt apologizes to Dani for losing his temper the other night.

Matt then says “I just wanted to tell you, I am involved with someone”. Dani is visibly bothered to hear this and asks who it is. Matt doesn’t give her an answer. She asks him how involved he is and he says he doesn’t know yet. Juliette in the meantime is going to Paris for business after she sells the team; she wants Ray J to come along. Rex and Dani meet a public relations guy who has been brought in by Nico and Matt. The PR guy is there to advice Rex and the others on how they should exactly go public with Rex’s news. He also warns Rex about the repercussions this revelation might have. “We prepare for the worst and then hope to be pleasantly surprised” the PR guy says at the end of his briefing.

Dani later suggests to Rex that before this news breaks, he should talk to someone in the team who he trusts. “I’ve got it narrowed down” Rex says. Next, Rex is shown having dinner with TK. Rex, shocks TK by revealing during their meal that he’s gay. Rex tells TK how he is planning to reveal this news to the world in the next few days. TK doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Rex in turn says he wants TK to support him “in the locker room and the press”. Rex reasons that he is tired of pretending to be someone he is not and now he is done with it. Matt, Nico and Juliette meet with Mark Cuban. He says he isn’t interested in buying the Hawks and simply helped Marshall out because he needed the money. He says he bought the Hawks stadium and the other facilities for $250M and is willing to sell them back for $500M.

TMZ and other tabloids in the meantime leak the news that there is a gay player on the Hawks who is about to come out of the closet. The PR guy tells Matt, Dani and Nico that there is a leak, within the Hawks. Nico comments on how Matt’s girlfriend is a reporter and suggests the leak might have originated from there. Matt later questions Noelle about it and she denies leaking this news. The two get into a bit of an argument and Matt basically suggests they break up, because their professional and personal lives are beginning to clash. Noelle is pissed at the suggestion and says Matt is looking for their relationship to fail simply because he is still in love with someone else.

Rex in the meantime tells Dani he can’t take the pressure and wants out. He basically describes to Dani how his teammates in the locker room are already making fun of the anonymous gay player. He therefore feels he will find it difficult to survive in the team, if he comes out. Dani tries reasoning with him, but Rex is now adamant about not coming out. Later at home, Dani finds out about Ray J’s plan to go to Paris with Juliette. Dani isn’t at all happy about it and has a huge showdown with Ray J. Ray J is adamant about going and just as he is about to storm out of the house in anger, he sees a bunch of reporters blocking the front door. Next, Nico arrives to handle the situation. She tells him that Rex has changed his mind.

Nico reveals that Mark Cuban has agreed to sell back the Hawks’ assets at a reasonable price and in return Nico shall now work for him. The job is in Dallas, Nico tells Dani. Dani is visibly unhappy with the news and it seems as if she wants to stop Nico from going, but in the end she doesn’t say much. Nico on his part feels there is nothing left at the Hawks to hold him back. Next day, the Hawks have a really bad first half, during a game. In the dressing room Kitteridge tells everyone that it’s because of this gay player that the team’s performance is getting affected. He asks whoever the gay player is, to come forward and quit the team. TK intervenes and talks Kitteridge down, for the trash he is talking. TK even lies that he is the gay player.

TK then gives the whole team an inspiring pep talk about how they all have some or the other flaw, but when they are on the field they all play as a team and that is what they should be doing today. Rex intervenes and says everything that TK is saying is true and then reveals to everyone that he’s gay. Everybody is stunned by the revelation. The team goes back on the field. Rex sees Dani and tells her what he just did. “Can I ask you what changed your mind?” she asks him. “Terrance King” he says with a smile. Next, the Hawks perform really well on the field and end up winning the game. The winning touchdown is scored by TK and he does it in a rather impressive fashion.

The sports announcer mentions that “Terrance King is officially back”. Matt in the meantime asks Dani out to dinner and then kisses her. Nico sees this and calls up Mark Cuban to confirm that he’s “in”. Next, Rex comes out officially, in a press conference. “I’m a professional football player and I am gay” Rex ends by saying. Dani in the meantime receives a text from Lindsay informing her that “Ray J is leaving tonight”. Dani returns home and tries to talk some sense into Ray J. Ray J is adamant and tells Dani he has made up his mind.

Dani says he is making a huge mistake. “It’s my mistake to make” he says. “If you walk out that door you are on your own” she tells him. “I know” he says and leaves. Noelle wants to talk to Matt about something, but she sees he is really busy. It’s then shown that she has a pregnancy test strip in her purse and its showing positive. She in the end leaves without talking to him. Nico is about to leave for his new job, just then a couple of men walk up to him and say that they need to talk to him. Turns out, they are FBI agents. They want Nico to come along with them. The episode ends at this point.