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Season 30

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Season 30

6791 :30x01 - Episode 6791

Kate manages to save Georgia, but she still refuses to forgive Kate's betrayal. Lucy encourages Lauren to tell Brad about the baby she is expecting. Toadie is concerned that Jacob won't be returning.

6792 :30x02 - Episode 6792

Kate realises that she needs to stay away from Kyle. Toadie contacts Jacob's in-laws. Lauren decides to try and leave the past behind her.

6793 :30x03 - Episode 6793

Bailey ends up in danger. Sonya ends up putting Jacob in front of her family.

6794 :30x04 - Episode 6794

Georgia is confronted by Gem. Kate's forced to confess her feelings towards Kyle. Sonya realises that Jacob might have feelings for her. Terese discovers that Paul's plan will leave her unemployed.

6795 :30x05 - Episode 6795

Georgia tells Kyle that he has to choose between her and Kate. Paul's efforts to put Terese out of a job are stopped. Toadie remains wary of Jacob. Callum and Josie are reunited at last.

6796 :30x06 - Episode 6796

Kyle finds it hard to deal with his confusing towards Kate. Joshua's success sees Amber feeling left out.

6797 :30x07 - Episode 6797

Georgia closes the door on Kyle, but her life's could be about to change for good. Amber questions her part in Josh's life.

6798 :30x08 - Episode 6798

Georgia finds it hard to deal with the news that she is pregnant. Karl realises that he needs to step up his election campaign. Kate and Kyle rediscover the connection between them.

6799 :30x09 - Episode 6799

Josh acts oddly before the swimming trials. Kate and Kyle rekindle their friendship.

6800 :30x10 - Episode 6800

Josh is forced to deal with his real fears. Sonya is shocked after Jacob kisses her. Terese's ongoing suspicions about Paul end up being correct.

6801 :30x11 - Episode 6801

Sonya finds it hard to deal with the aftermath of Jacob's kiss. Karl is offered some ammunition to use against Paul.

6802 :30x12 - Episode 6802

Election day finally arrives and the result shocks everybody. Kate's heartache over Kyle increases. Paul pushes Terese a step too far.

6803 :30x13 - Episode 6803

Imogen makes a mysterious new friend. Terese decides stands up to the new lord mayor. Chris forces Kate and Kyle to deal with their feelings for each other.

6804 :30x14 - Episode 6804

Josh attempts to secure a spot at the Commonwealth Games. Kyle thinks about a romantic relationship with Kate. Sonya thinks about telling Toadie the truth about Jacob.

6805 :30x15 - Episode 6805

Amber is worried about losing Josh. Terese is concerned that Imogen is bingeing once again. Toadie finds out that Jacob kissed his wife.

6806 :30x16 - Episode 6806

Toadie and Sonya attempt to cut all ties with Jacob. Georgia and Jacob begin to grow closer. Kate and Kyle decide to go public with their relationship.

6807 :30x17 - Episode 6807

Kyle insists that his future is with Kate but his mind is still on Georgia. Imogen and Isaac begin to grow closer forcing Mason to admit his feelings for Imogen. Lucy and Lauren manage to avoid a crisis at Lassiters.

6808 :30x18 - Episode 6808

Paul celebrates his 50th birthday. Terese gets a surprising proposal. Imogen feels torn between Mason and Isaac.

6809 :30x19 - Episode 6809

Everybody hopes that Teresa woll take her old job back. Mason attempts to be intellectual for Imogen. Kate and Kyle's plans are ruined by some old memories.

6810 :30x20 - Episode 6810

Kyle becomes determined to finish things with Kate after realising he is still in love with Georgia. Callum is upset falling a fall out with Josie.

6811 :30x21 - Episode 6811

Kyle finds out some exciting news about Georgia. Sonya finds it hard to deal with her feelings for Jacob. Imogen finds out the truth about Isaac.

6812 :30x22 - Episode 6812

The camping trip ends in disaster. Sonya rejects Jacob. Callum and Josie sort out their differences.

6813 :30x23 - Episode 6813

Joshua's hurt and Brad is concerned that his swimming career could be in jeopardy. Kyle breaks up with Kate in an effort to make things right with Georgia. Kate sees somebody she was not expecting.

6814 :30x24 - Episode 6814

Brad confronts Mason and accuses him of putting Joshua's career in jeopardy. Kate is upset to find out about Georgia's pregnancy. Mason feels reassured after Imogen stands by him.

6815 :30x25 - Episode 6815

After seeing how uppset Kate is, Brennan decides not to leave. Georgia sets Kyle straight about where he stands with her. The Turner and Willis families clash about Joshua's accident.

6816 :30x26 - Episode 6816

Kate begins to spiral out of control. Toadie and Sonya's relationship becomes rocky. Callum attempts to keep the puppy.

6817 :30x27 - Episode 6817

Josh's accident causes problems around the whole street. Kate is given a reality check.

6818 :30x28 - Episode 6818

As the families continue their war Josh finds it hard to remain positive. Mason and Imogen continue to keep their secret.

6819 :30x29 - Episode 6819

Joshua is concerned that his career could be over. Georgia comes to a rash decision regarding her future.

6820 :30x30 - Episode 6820

Kyle is upset after he finds out about Georgia's plans for the future. Kate and Brennan are forced together.

6821 :30x31 - Episode 6821

Mason wants Brennan's help so that he can prove his innocence. Kyle is able to convince Georgia to remain in Erinsborough. Brennan finds out Danni's secret.

6822 :30x32 - Episode 6822

The rift between Sonya and Toadie becomes increases. Kate is stunned to discover that Brennan has moved into the street. Imogen and Mason's relationship remains a secret.

6823 :30x33 - Episode 6823

Toadie and Sonya attempt to deal their differences. Imogen and Mason make plans. Josh feels betrayed after Imogen reveals her secret.

6824 :30x34 - Episode 6824

Mason celebrates his birthday but Imogen has a bad surprise for him. Georgia pushes Kyle away.

6825 :30x35 - Episode 6825

Kate attempts to push Brennan away, until she starts to feel vunerable and jealous. Mason's birthday party improves his spirits. Danni moves in with Brennan.

6826 :30x36 - Episode 6826

Georgia manages to lose Kyle's earrings. Sonya is caught up in the problems of a new GA member. Kate feels torn about her relationship with Brennan.

6827 :30x37 - Episode 6827

Sonya feels worried about Patricia which leads to conflict with Chris. Georgia and Kyle's relationship takes a step backwards. Karl's feels suspicious about Paul's twin cities project.

6828 :30x38 - Episode 6828

Paul springs a trap. Amber and Joshua are feeling the pressure. Mason decides that he wants out.

6829 :30x39 - Episode 6829

Joshua feels tempted to take some drugs. Mason decides to leave Erinsborough.

6830 :30x40 - Episode 6830

Mason says goodby to Erinsborough. Sonya attempts to get Patricia to agree to return to the GA meetings. Joshua takes some painkillers.

6831 :30x41 - Episode 6831

Danni finds herself in trouble as Kyle and Brennan attempt to save her. Chris orders Sonya to stay out of his life. Kyle and Brennan both pine for Kate and Georgia despite vowing to move on with their lives.

6832 :30x42 - Episode 6832

Callum attempts to convince Bailey to make a play for Josie. Kate makes another attempt to be friends with Georgia. Georgia and Kyle move towards reconciliation. Rebecca finds out that it is her fault that Kate and Brennan broke up.

6833 :30x43 - Episode 6833

Lauren finds her long-buried grief coming back to haunt her.

6834 :30x44 - Episode 6834

Chris finds out a shocking secret. Callum and Bailey manage to make a mess up their double date. Josh needs more drugs. Kyle attempts to reach out to Georgia.

6835 :30x45 - Episode 6835

Amber finds out a shocking secret. Chris blames Sonya for his mother's crime. Rebecca ends up close and personal with Paul.

6836 :30x46 - Episode 6836

Kathy reveals a secret about Lauren. Amber tells Brad about Josh's secret. Georgia tells Kyle to move on with his life.

6837 :30x47 - Episode 6837

Lauren left reeling from her mother's revelation. Susan is concerned about Kyle and Georgia. Callum and Bailey discover their priority is girls.

6838 :30x48 - Episode 6838

Terese attempts to deal with Brad's devastating news. Brennan finds out the truth about Kate.

6839 :30x49 - Episode 6839

Brennan attempts to reassure Kate but ends up driving her further away. Georgia and Kyle are forced together.

6840 :30x50 - Episode 6840

Susan is confronted by Rebecca and Paul's relationship. Josh needs to deal with the repercussions of his injury. Sonya and Chris find it hard to support Patricia.

6841 :30x51 - Episode 6841

Lauren's secret could rip several families apart. Josh is unable to cope with his injury. Sonya and Chris clash over Patricia.

6842 :30x52 - Episode 6842

The Willis and Turner families find it hard to deal with the news of Brad and Lauren's secret. Kate faces up to Brennan with some surprising results. Josh is concerned that Amber might be losing interest in him.

6843 :30x53 - Episode 6843

Lauren finds herself with a difficult decision to make. Rebecca finally admits the real reason why she wants to be with Paul. Georgia's fundraising day does not go to plan.

6844 :30x54 - Episode 6844

Rebecca leaves town. The Erinsborough Farm Day starts. Brennan's house is broken into.

6845 :30x55 - Episode 6845

Brennan's ex girlfriend arrives determined to win back her man. Chris is concerned that his mother has relapsed. Kyle is upset after Georgia says she wants to move on. Toadie goes overseas, leaving things tense with Sonya.

6846 :30x56 - Episode 6846

Kate comes to a decision. Imogen feels suspicious. Josh is worried that he's losing Amber.

6847 :30x57 - Episode 6847

Paul refuses to accept the fact that Kate and Brennan are in a relationship again. Terese gives Brad her blessing to look for his child. Paul meets a new woman.

6848 :30x58 - Episode 6848

Lauren starts to look for her daughter. Paul is intrigued by Naomi. Georgia finds herself being drawn back to Kyle.

6849 :30x59 - Episode 6849

Brad wants Matt to compromise his career. Sheila discovers more about Naomi's past.

6850 :30x60 - Episode 6850

Chris manages to get his parents together. Kyle and Georgia continue to grow closer again.

6851 :30x61 - Episode 6851

Joshua decides to repeat a year at school. Sonya thinks that Toadie is having an affair. Things improve between Georgia and Kyle.

6852 :30x62 - Episode 6852

A terrible mistake is made by Sonya. Joshua is not looking forward to his first day back at school. Georgia's not happy with the social commentary about her relationship.

6853 :30x63 - Episode 6853

Sheila urges Naomi to get a job. Bailey continues to look for Lauren's child. Danni is in danger after Stephen returns.

6854 :30x64 - Episode 6854

Lauren might have finally found her missing daughter.

6855 :30x65 - Episode 6855

Brennan organises a massive surprise for Kate. Karl returns with a surprise from England.

6856 :30x66 - Episode 6856

Two special guests show up for Kate's birthday. Chris is attacked again. Naomi manages to manoeuvre Sonya and Toadie to get the result she wants.

6857 :30x67 - Episode 6857

Stephen Montague strikes once again. Kyle makes the decision to go to Thailand to try and help his cousin.

6858 :30x68 - Episode 6858

Doug Willis returns to Erinsborough. Brad wants to continue with the search for his daughter.

6859 :30x69 - Episode 6859

Chris ponders if waiting for Hudson is the correct thing to do. Josh becomes Doug's reluctant assistant.

6860 :30x70 - Episode 6860

Naomi believes that Sonya’s a liability to the Chilean meeting. An attractive offer tempts Chris.

6861 :30x71 - Episode 6861

Sheila's suspicions about Naomi increase. Chris is fed up with being alone.

6862 :30x72 - Episode 6862

Naomi manages to make a breakthrough with Paul. Susan looks for direction while Karl believes that Zeke is hiding something.

6863 :30x73 - Episode 6863

Zeke gets married. Susan discovers a new passion. Lauren attempts to reach out to Lisa. Brennan wants to use Danni as bait to try and lure Stephen out into the open.

6864 :30x74 - Episode 6864

Brennan continues to look for Montague. Lauren wants to take Lisa back to Erinsborough with her. Josh is worried about Doug's mix-up.

6865 :30x75 - Episode 6865

Josh is concerned about his grandfather. Lauren manages to push Brads patience. Brennan comes up with a new plan.

6866 :30x76 - Episode 6866

Chris is dermined to remain loyal to Hudson. Amber receives an amazing job opportunity. Brad does not take any notice of Joshuas concerns about Doug. Lauren comes to the decision to let Lisa go.

6867 :30x77 - Episode 6867

Georgia wants Chris to choose between Will and Hudson. Josh finds himself coming second to Amber's desire to be a success. Naomi feels the pressure to sell her painting. Sonya stands up Toadie.

6868 :30x78 - Episode 6868

Naomi opens up toToadie. Amber decides to take the job with Rick. Sonya finds out about Brennan's trap.

6869 :30x79 - Episode 6869

Ramsay Street finds itself in lockdown after Brennan clashes with Montague.

6870 :30x80 - Episode 6870

Ramsay Street remains in lockdown. Joshua gets a new perspective on Amber. The Willis family are concerned about Doug.

6871 :30x81 - Episode 6871

The Willis family are left feeling shocked after Doug receives an initial diagnosis of suffering with Alzheimers. Naomi’s money shows up.

6872 :30x82 - Episode 6872

Daniel Robinson shows up in town. Sheila is disappointed with Naomi.

6873 :30x83 - Episode 6873

Daniel comes to a decision about Paul's offer of a place to stay. Callum manages to inspire Lauren to become creative. Hudson finishes things with Chris.

6874 :30x84 - Episode 6874

Matt agrees to be a nude model nude for Lauren's art class.
Callum's new project causes Josie to question their future together. Chris is upset after breaking up with Hudson.

6875 :30x85 - Episode 6875

Paul gives Charlie a new name. Brad accepts his father's illness. Matt and Lauren grow closer.

6876 :30x86 - Episode 6876

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6877 :30x87 - Episode 6877

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6878 :30x88 - Episode 6878

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6879 :30x89 - Episode 6879

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6880 :30x90 - Episode 6880

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6881 :30x91 - Episode 6881

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6882 :30x92 - Episode 6882

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6883 :30x93 - Episode 6883

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6884 :30x94 - Episode 6884

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6885 :30x95 - Episode 6885

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6886 :30x96 - Episode 6886

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6887 :30x97 - Episode 6887

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6888 :30x98 - Episode 6888

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6889 :30x99 - Episode 6889

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6890 :30x100 - Episode 6890

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6891 :30x101 - Episode 6891

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6892 :30x102 - Episode 6892

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6893 :30x103 - Episode 6893

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6894 :30x104 - Episode 6894

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6895 :30x105 - Episode 6895

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: Eleven ( Australia)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 06:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 18, 1985
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