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Season 30

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Season 30

6791 :30x01 - Episode 6791

Kate manages to save Georgia, but she still refuses to forgive Kate's betrayal. Lucy encourages Lauren to tell Brad about the baby she is expecting. Toadie is concerned that Jacob won't be returning.

Neighbours spoilers

6792 :30x02 - Episode 6792

Kate realises that she needs to stay away from Kyle. Toadie contacts Jacob's in-laws. Lauren decides to try and leave the past behind her.

6793 :30x03 - Episode 6793

Bailey ends up in danger. Sonya ends up putting Jacob in front of her family.

6794 :30x04 - Episode 6794

Georgia is confronted by Gem. Kate's forced to confess her feelings towards Kyle. Sonya realises that Jacob might have feelings for her. Terese discovers that Paul's plan will leave her unemployed.

6795 :30x05 - Episode 6795

Georgia tells Kyle that he has to choose between her and Kate. Paul's efforts to put Terese out of a job are stopped. Toadie remains wary of Jacob. Callum and Josie are reunited at last.

6796 :30x06 - Episode 6796

Kyle finds it hard to deal with his confusing towards Kate. Joshua's success sees Amber feeling left out.

6797 :30x07 - Episode 6797

Georgia closes the door on Kyle, but her life's could be about to change for good. Amber questions her part in Josh's life.

6798 :30x08 - Episode 6798

Georgia finds it hard to deal with the news that she is pregnant. Karl realises that he needs to step up his election campaign. Kate and Kyle rediscover the connection between them.

6799 :30x09 - Episode 6799

Josh acts oddly before the swimming trials. Kate and Kyle rekindle their friendship.

6800 :30x10 - Episode 6800

Josh is forced to deal with his real fears. Sonya is shocked after Jacob kisses her. Terese's ongoing suspicions about Paul end up being correct.

6801 :30x11 - Episode 6801

Sonya finds it hard to deal with the aftermath of Jacob's kiss. Karl is offered some ammunition to use against Paul.

6802 :30x12 - Episode 6802

Election day finally arrives and the result shocks everybody. Kate's heartache over Kyle increases. Paul pushes Terese a step too far.

6803 :30x13 - Episode 6803

Imogen makes a mysterious new friend. Terese decides stands up to the new lord mayor. Chris forces Kate and Kyle to deal with their feelings for each other.

6804 :30x14 - Episode 6804

Josh attempts to secure a spot at the Commonwealth Games. Kyle thinks about a romantic relationship with Kate. Sonya thinks about telling Toadie the truth about Jacob.

6805 :30x15 - Episode 6805

Amber is worried about losing Josh. Terese is concerned that Imogen is bingeing once again. Toadie finds out that Jacob kissed his wife.

6806 :30x16 - Episode 6806

Toadie and Sonya attempt to cut all ties with Jacob. Georgia and Jacob begin to grow closer. Kate and Kyle decide to go public with their relationship.

6807 :30x17 - Episode 6807

Kyle insists that his future is with Kate but his mind is still on Georgia. Imogen and Isaac begin to grow closer forcing Mason to admit his feelings for Imogen. Lucy and Lauren manage to avoid a crisis at Lassiters.

6808 :30x18 - Episode 6808

Paul celebrates his 50th birthday. Terese gets a surprising proposal. Imogen feels torn between Mason and Isaac.

6809 :30x19 - Episode 6809

Everybody hopes that Teresa woll take her old job back. Mason attempts to be intellectual for Imogen. Kate and Kyle's plans are ruined by some old memories.

6810 :30x20 - Episode 6810

Kyle becomes determined to finish things with Kate after realising he is still in love with Georgia. Callum is upset falling a fall out with Josie.

6811 :30x21 - Episode 6811

Kyle finds out some exciting news about Georgia. Sonya finds it hard to deal with her feelings for Jacob. Imogen finds out the truth about Isaac.

6812 :30x22 - Episode 6812

The camping trip ends in disaster. Sonya rejects Jacob. Callum and Josie sort out their differences.

6813 :30x23 - Episode 6813

Joshua's hurt and Brad is concerned that his swimming career could be in jeopardy. Kyle breaks up with Kate in an effort to make things right with Georgia. Kate sees somebody she was not expecting.

6814 :30x24 - Episode 6814

Brad confronts Mason and accuses him of putting Joshua's career in jeopardy. Kate is upset to find out about Georgia's pregnancy. Mason feels reassured after Imogen stands by him.

6815 :30x25 - Episode 6815

After seeing how uppset Kate is, Brennan decides not to leave. Georgia sets Kyle straight about where he stands with her. The Turner and Willis families clash about Joshua's accident.

6816 :30x26 - Episode 6816

Kate begins to spiral out of control. Toadie and Sonya's relationship becomes rocky. Callum attempts to keep the puppy.

6817 :30x27 - Episode 6817

Josh's accident causes problems around the whole street. Kate is given a reality check.

6818 :30x28 - Episode 6818

As the families continue their war Josh finds it hard to remain positive. Mason and Imogen continue to keep their secret.

6819 :30x29 - Episode 6819

Joshua is concerned that his career could be over. Georgia comes to a rash decision regarding her future.

6820 :30x30 - Episode 6820

Kyle is upset after he finds out about Georgia's plans for the future. Kate and Brennan are forced together.

6821 :30x31 - Episode 6821

Mason wants Brennan's help so that he can prove his innocence. Kyle is able to convince Georgia to remain in Erinsborough. Brennan finds out Danni's secret.

6822 :30x32 - Episode 6822

The rift between Sonya and Toadie becomes increases. Kate is stunned to discover that Brennan has moved into the street. Imogen and Mason's relationship remains a secret.

6823 :30x33 - Episode 6823

Toadie and Sonya attempt to deal their differences. Imogen and Mason make plans. Josh feels betrayed after Imogen reveals her secret.

6824 :30x34 - Episode 6824

Mason celebrates his birthday but Imogen has a bad surprise for him. Georgia pushes Kyle away.

6825 :30x35 - Episode 6825

Kate attempts to push Brennan away, until she starts to feel vunerable and jealous. Mason's birthday party improves his spirits. Danni moves in with Brennan.

6826 :30x36 - Episode 6826

Georgia manages to lose Kyle's earrings. Sonya is caught up in the problems of a new GA member. Kate feels torn about her relationship with Brennan.

6827 :30x37 - Episode 6827

Sonya feels worried about Patricia which leads to conflict with Chris. Georgia and Kyle's relationship takes a step backwards. Karl's feels suspicious about Paul's twin cities project.

6828 :30x38 - Episode 6828

Paul springs a trap. Amber and Joshua are feeling the pressure. Mason decides that he wants out.

6829 :30x39 - Episode 6829

Joshua feels tempted to take some drugs. Mason decides to leave Erinsborough.

6830 :30x40 - Episode 6830

Mason says goodby to Erinsborough. Sonya attempts to get Patricia to agree to return to the GA meetings. Joshua takes some painkillers.

6831 :30x41 - Episode 6831

Danni finds herself in trouble as Kyle and Brennan attempt to save her. Chris orders Sonya to stay out of his life. Kyle and Brennan both pine for Kate and Georgia despite vowing to move on with their lives.

6832 :30x42 - Episode 6832

Callum attempts to convince Bailey to make a play for Josie. Kate makes another attempt to be friends with Georgia. Georgia and Kyle move towards reconciliation. Rebecca finds out that it is her fault that Kate and Brennan broke up.

6833 :30x43 - Episode 6833

Lauren finds her long-buried grief coming back to haunt her.

6834 :30x44 - Episode 6834

Chris finds out a shocking secret. Callum and Bailey manage to make a mess up their double date. Josh needs more drugs. Kyle attempts to reach out to Georgia.

6835 :30x45 - Episode 6835

Amber finds out a shocking secret. Chris blames Sonya for his mother's crime. Rebecca ends up close and personal with Paul.

6836 :30x46 - Episode 6836

Kathy reveals a secret about Lauren. Amber tells Brad about Josh's secret. Georgia tells Kyle to move on with his life.

6837 :30x47 - Episode 6837

Lauren left reeling from her mother's revelation. Susan is concerned about Kyle and Georgia. Callum and Bailey discover their priority is girls.

6838 :30x48 - Episode 6838

Terese attempts to deal with Brad's devastating news. Brennan finds out the truth about Kate.

6839 :30x49 - Episode 6839

Brennan attempts to reassure Kate but ends up driving her further away. Georgia and Kyle are forced together.

6840 :30x50 - Episode 6840

Susan is confronted by Rebecca and Paul's relationship. Josh needs to deal with the repercussions of his injury. Sonya and Chris find it hard to support Patricia.

6841 :30x51 - Episode 6841

Lauren's secret could rip several families apart. Josh is unable to cope with his injury. Sonya and Chris clash over Patricia.

6842 :30x52 - Episode 6842

The Willis and Turner families find it hard to deal with the news of Brad and Lauren's secret. Kate faces up to Brennan with some surprising results. Josh is concerned that Amber might be losing interest in him.

6843 :30x53 - Episode 6843

Lauren finds herself with a difficult decision to make. Rebecca finally admits the real reason why she wants to be with Paul. Georgia's fundraising day does not go to plan.

6844 :30x54 - Episode 6844

Rebecca leaves town. The Erinsborough Farm Day starts. Brennan's house is broken into.

6845 :30x55 - Episode 6845

Brennan's ex girlfriend arrives determined to win back her man. Chris is concerned that his mother has relapsed. Kyle is upset after Georgia says she wants to move on. Toadie goes overseas, leaving things tense with Sonya.

6846 :30x56 - Episode 6846

Kate comes to a decision. Imogen feels suspicious. Josh is worried that he's losing Amber.

6847 :30x57 - Episode 6847

Paul refuses to accept the fact that Kate and Brennan are in a relationship again. Terese gives Brad her blessing to look for his child. Paul meets a new woman.

6848 :30x58 - Episode 6848

Lauren starts to look for her daughter. Paul is intrigued by Naomi. Georgia finds herself being drawn back to Kyle.

6849 :30x59 - Episode 6849

Brad wants Matt to compromise his career. Sheila discovers more about Naomi's past.

6850 :30x60 - Episode 6850

Chris manages to get his parents together. Kyle and Georgia continue to grow closer again.

6851 :30x61 - Episode 6851

Joshua decides to repeat a year at school. Sonya thinks that Toadie is having an affair. Things improve between Georgia and Kyle.

6852 :30x62 - Episode 6852

A terrible mistake is made by Sonya. Joshua is not looking forward to his first day back at school. Georgia's not happy with the social commentary about her relationship.

6853 :30x63 - Episode 6853

Sheila urges Naomi to get a job. Bailey continues to look for Lauren's child. Danni is in danger after Stephen returns.

6854 :30x64 - Episode 6854

Lauren might have finally found her missing daughter.

6855 :30x65 - Episode 6855

Brennan organises a massive surprise for Kate. Karl returns with a surprise from England.

6856 :30x66 - Episode 6856

Two special guests show up for Kate's birthday. Chris is attacked again. Naomi manages to manoeuvre Sonya and Toadie to get the result she wants.

6857 :30x67 - Episode 6857

Stephen Montague strikes once again. Kyle makes the decision to go to Thailand to try and help his cousin.

6858 :30x68 - Episode 6858

Doug Willis returns to Erinsborough. Brad wants to continue with the search for his daughter.

6859 :30x69 - Episode 6859

Chris ponders if waiting for Hudson is the correct thing to do. Josh becomes Doug's reluctant assistant.

6860 :30x70 - Episode 6860

Naomi believes that Sonya’s a liability to the Chilean meeting. An attractive offer tempts Chris.

6861 :30x71 - Episode 6861

Sheila's suspicions about Naomi increase. Chris is fed up with being alone.

6862 :30x72 - Episode 6862

Naomi manages to make a breakthrough with Paul. Susan looks for direction while Karl believes that Zeke is hiding something.

6863 :30x73 - Episode 6863

Zeke gets married. Susan discovers a new passion. Lauren attempts to reach out to Lisa. Brennan wants to use Danni as bait to try and lure Stephen out into the open.

6864 :30x74 - Episode 6864

Brennan continues to look for Montague. Lauren wants to take Lisa back to Erinsborough with her. Josh is worried about Doug's mix-up.

6865 :30x75 - Episode 6865

Josh is concerned about his grandfather. Lauren manages to push Brads patience. Brennan comes up with a new plan.

6866 :30x76 - Episode 6866

Chris is dermined to remain loyal to Hudson. Amber receives an amazing job opportunity. Brad does not take any notice of Joshuas concerns about Doug. Lauren comes to the decision to let Lisa go.

6867 :30x77 - Episode 6867

Georgia wants Chris to choose between Will and Hudson. Josh finds himself coming second to Amber's desire to be a success. Naomi feels the pressure to sell her painting. Sonya stands up Toadie.

6868 :30x78 - Episode 6868

Naomi opens up toToadie. Amber decides to take the job with Rick. Sonya finds out about Brennan's trap.

6869 :30x79 - Episode 6869

Ramsay Street finds itself in lockdown after Brennan clashes with Montague.

6870 :30x80 - Episode 6870

Ramsay Street remains in lockdown. Joshua gets a new perspective on Amber. The Willis family are concerned about Doug.

6871 :30x81 - Episode 6871

The Willis family are left feeling shocked after Doug receives an initial diagnosis of suffering with Alzheimers. Naomi’s money shows up.

6872 :30x82 - Episode 6872

Daniel Robinson shows up in town. Sheila is disappointed with Naomi.

6873 :30x83 - Episode 6873

Daniel comes to a decision about Paul's offer of a place to stay. Callum manages to inspire Lauren to become creative. Hudson finishes things with Chris.

6874 :30x84 - Episode 6874

Matt agrees to be a nude model nude for Lauren's art class.
Callum's new project causes Josie to question their future together. Chris is upset after breaking up with Hudson.

6875 :30x85 - Episode 6875

Paul gives Charlie a new name. Brad accepts his father's illness. Matt and Lauren grow closer.

6876 :30x86 - Episode 6876

Amber comes to an important career decision. Brad and Karl attempt to help help Pam deal with Doug's illness. Sheila warns Sonya concerning Naomi.

6877 :30x87 - Episode 6877

Naomi starts to develop feelings for Toadie. Brad and Terese come together for Pam and Doug.

6878 :30x88 - Episode 6878

Sienna's arrival leaves Paul and Brennan in conflict. Susan's business has a really difficult start.

6879 :30x89 - Episode 6879

Brennan attempts to defends Sienna, not realising that she's not being honest with him. Josh collapses at his birthday party.

6880 :30x90 - Episode 6880

Joshua finds out that he's alcohol intolerant. Callum proves his love for Josie.

6881 :30x91 - Episode 6881

Brad begins his own campaign to locate his missing daughter. Naomi's troubles get worse. Chris seizes the moment at last.

6882 :30x92 - Episode 6882

Sienna attempts to comfort Brennan. Naomi realises just how to gain Charles attention.

6883 :30x93 - Episode 6883

Sienna could end up paying the price for her and Brennan's mistake. Noami ignores Sheila's advice regarding Charles.

6884 :30x94 - Episode 6884

Naomi insists that Charles tells her the truth. Daniel is unable to bring himself to tell Paul that he doesn't want the job.

6885 :30x95 - Episode 6885

Brad attempts to save some money for his secret pursuit. Chris finally finds the courage to ask Will out on a date.

6886 :30x96 - Episode 6886

Bailey uses his head to avoid being beaten up. Imogen finds it hard with her idealism. Matt's plans to go ahead and renew his vows continue.

6887 :30x97 - Episode 6887

Brennan makes a shocking discovery. Bailey receives a nasty shock. Josh finds a new obsession. Daniel and Amber share a close moment.

6888 :30x98 - Episode 6888

Brennan is reigned in. Naomi attempts to seize an opportunity. Amber's confused by Daniel's strange behaviour.

6889 :30x99 - Episode 6889

Brennan is determined to discover if Sienna is guilty. Naomi attempts to reel Toadie in while dodging Sheila's suspicions. Amber starts to believe that Daniel likes Imogen.

6890 :30x100 - Episode 6890

Amber and Josh find it hard to deal with Daniels revelation. Callum's success makes him miss that Baileys drinking problem. Brad goes behind his family's back to try and locate his daughter.

6891 :30x101 - Episode 6891

Brad and Lauren continue to look for their daughter. Josh covers for Bailey.

6892 :30x102 - Episode 6892

Matt and Lauren renew their wedding vows. Chris and Will attempt to sort out their relationship. Brad is upset after his Adelaide lead goes dead.

6893 :30x103 - Episode 6893

Callum realises that Bailey's life is spiralling out of control. Brennan agrees to work with Paul.

6894 :30x104 - Episode 6894

Paul wants Brennan to break the law so that justice will be served for Kate. Bailey finds it hard to deal with the negative effects of his drinking. Brennan works out that Imogen has a crush on him.

6895 :30x105 - Episode 6895

Naomi takes advantage of the tension between Sonya and Toadie. Holly works hard to improve Karl's ego.

6896 :30x106 - Episode 6896

Brad and Lauren decide to stop looking for their daughter. Brennan decides that that he can't compromise himself.

6897 :30x107 - Episode 6897

Somebody returns to town to ruffle up some feathers;
Chris and Will hit a major hurdle. Georgia is concerned that Kyle has changed his mind about her.

6898 :30x108 - Episode 6898

Amber and Daniel's relationship begins to blossom but is there more than friendship growing. Georgia and Kyle are reunited.

6899 :30x109 - Episode 6899

Naomi discovers a way to turn singles night to her own advantage. Amber attempts to put Daniel out of her mind. Brennan lets Imogen know that he is not into her.

6900 :30x110 - Episode 6900

Kyle accidentally discovers a new suspect in Kate's murder. Naomi attempts to keep up her ruse.

6901 :30x111 - Episode 6901

Kate's killer could be connected to Paul. Paige feels torn about revealing the truth about her true identity.

6902 :30x112 - Episode 6902

The investigation to find Kate's killer makes some progress. Paige makes a decision to move in with Brennan.

6903 :30x113 - Episode 6903

A shocking discovery is made by Brennan. Somebody makes a surprise return to Ramsay Street. A surprising photograph is found by Chris.

6904 :30x114 - Episode 6904

Toadie and Sonya fall out. Georgia is concerned that Kyle has cheated on her again. Amber attempts to deal with an unwanted attraction to Daniel.

6905 :30x115 - Episode 6905

Naomi attempts to get closer to Toadie. Amber finds it hard to set Daniel up with Imogen.

6906 :30x116 - Episode 6906

After Paul decides to take matters into his own hands, he puts himself in danger. Paige moves into the street. Amber and Daniel attempt to work out how they feel about one another.

6907 :30x117 - Episode 6907

Libby gets the top job at school. Georgia is concerned about Kyle's apparant waning interest.

6908 :30x118 - Episode 6908

Libby's position as principal is challenged by Ben. Sheila thinks that there's more to Naomi's stalker story. Georgia has a plan to help Kyle.

6909 :30x119 - Episode 6909

Lauren thinks that Paige could of stole something. Naomi manages to make things thing. Sonya encourages Brennan to move forward with his life.

6910 :30x120 - Episode 6910

Paige and Bailey think about what they should do next. Toadie finds it hard without Callum.

6911 :30x121 - Episode 6911

Paul finds it hard to cope. Kyle comes to a big decision. Daniel and Amber agree not to see one another any more.

6912 :30x122 - Episode 6912

Brennan starts to become obsessed with seeing somebody brought to justice. Sonya manages to make a breakthrough with Bailey. Ben causes some concern for Karl and Susan.

6913 :30x123 - Episode 6913

Matt finally attempts to reach out to his family. Paige lashes out against. Brennan hears a confession from Paul.

6914 :30x124 - Episode 6914

Libby is shocked after she works what's going on with Ben. Amber and Daniel find it hard to deal with their feelings for one another.

6915 :30x125 - Episode 6915

Amber feels torn between Daniel and Josh. Georgia's engagement ring is stolen.

6916 :30x126 - Episode 6916

Paige is shocked after Ethan shows up to check up on her. Naomi finds a clever way to get rid of her fake stalker. Kyle finds out that Georgia has tricked him and questions her trust.

6917 :30x127 - Episode 6917

Sonya's preoccupied with attempting to help Brennan move forward. Kyle finds it hard to deal with Georgia's deception. Naomi puts her plan in place to try and seduce Toadie.

6918 :30x128 - Episode 6918

Paige offers Josh and Amber a wake up call. Imogen's risk-taking behaviour backfires. Bailey attempts to try and gain his parents' forgiveness.

6919 :30x129 - Episode 6919

Terese ends up crossing the line to try and help Paul. Brad pays the price for his recent actions.

6920 :30x130 - Episode 6920

Toadie and Sonya continue to suffer difficulties. Amber finds herself unable to resist temptation. Paul's competence is questioned by Karl.

6921 :30x131 - Episode 6921

Naomi makes her next move. Amber and Daniel find it hard to deal with guilt and attraction. Georgia and Kyle manage to lose faith.

6922 :30x132 - Episode 6922

The kiss leads to some shocking accusations. Paige thinks about telling her mother the truth.

6923 :30x133 - Episode 6923

Kyle attempts to sort out the problems between Sheila and Naomi. Paige is upset after Lauren excludes her.

6924 :30x134 - Episode 6924

Amber's efforts to break up with Josh do not go to plan. Brennan helps Paige.

6925 :30x135 - Episode 6925

Amber and Daniel continue to find it hard to deal with their guilt. Daniel is able to convinces Sue Parker not to sue Josh. Karl's concerns about Paul increase.

6926 :30x136 - Episode 6926

Paul is pushed to his limits. Imogen attempts to launch a crusade against Susan.

6927 :30x137 - Episode 6927

Paul is fired from position as mayor following his public meltdown. Sonya finds out about the truth about Toadie and Naomi's kiss.

6928 :30x138 - Episode 6928

Sonya gives up a friendship in an effort make her marriage work. Sheila attempts to take over Georgia and Kyle's wedding plans.

6929 :30x139 - Episode 6929

Paige's obsession with Kathy increases. Brad begins teaching at Erinsborough High.

6930 :30x140 - Episode 6930

Lauren finds it hard to deal with Kathy's arrival. Joshua could be about to discover the truth about Amber and Daniel's affair. The Willis family tension makes it's way into the classroom.

6931 :30x141 - Episode 6931

Amber and Daniel could be about to be busted by Joshua. Kyle and Georgia fail to reunite the arguing Canning women. Daniel discovers something for Paul to focus on.

6932 :30x142 - Episode 6932

Joshua lets out his hurt and anger. Paige wins Kathy's trust. Amber faces the consequences of her actions.

6933 :30x143 - Episode 6933

Paige's plan for Kathy begins to get out of hand. Kyle stands up for Georgia and gives Sheila an ultimatum.

6934 :30x144 - Episode 6934

Naomi's friends are stunned to find out about her deception. An erotic story leaves everybody hot under the collar. Paul finally decides to get some professional help.

6935 :30x145 - Episode 6935

Amber feels the hate towards her. Susan goes hunting.

6936 :30x146 - Episode 6936

Paige is worried that her secrets could be about to be exposed. Sheila manages to jeopardise Naomi's job with Kathy.

6937 :30x147 - Episode 6937

Paige attempts to do some damage control. Things become too much for Josh. Sheila and Naomi attempt to sort things out.

6938 :30x148 - Episode 6938

Terese attempts to persuade Joshua to return to school. Toadie manages to get to the bottom of Sonya's desire for fun.

6939 :30x149 - Episode 6939

Somebody returns to town who might be able to help Paul Naomi believes that she's found a way to move on. Georgia fail to communicate properly.

6940 :30x150 - Episode 6940

Paul's pain eases with help from hos family and friends. Amber believes Matt doesn't like Daniel but ends up being shocked by what she finds out.

6941 :30x151 - Episode 6941

Kathy is determined to discover what Paige is hiding. Things between Amber and Daniel heat up. Paul takes a few steps forward.

6942 :30x152 - Episode 6942

Paige makes a heartbreaking decision following the accident. Matt's suspicions of Paige are confirmed.

6943 :30x153 - Episode 6943

Paige's family are left feeling stunned by the revelation of her true identity.

6944 :30x154 - Episode 6944

Paige's revelation causes problems. Chris finds himself torn between Kyle and Georgia. Daniel shocks Amber with a proposition.

6945 :30x155 - Episode 6945

Amber thinks about Daniels suggestion. Lucy has a proposition for Chris. Karl's secret is revealed.

6946 :30x156 - Episode 6946

Chris has a really difficult decision to make. Joshua and Naomi both require an ego boost.

6947 :30x157 - Episode 6947

Paige is worried about coming face-to-face with Kathy. Naomi has some second thoughts about her fling.

6948 :30x158 - Episode 6948

Terese refuses to have the charges against Paige dropped. Georgia's sore throat could be something more sinister.

6949 :30x159 - Episode 6949

Georgia is feeling really concerned. Sheila battles with her subconscious.

6950 :30x160 - Episode 6950

Josh and Brad both need some direction. Bailey's rivalry with Alice intensifies. Paul and Sheila share a bonding experience.

6951 :30x161 - Episode 6951

Josh has to make a difficult career choice. There are sparks between Chris and a mysterious handsome stranger. Sonya has to confront her fears.

6952 :30x162 - Episode 6952

Chris's night out takes an unexpected turn. Naomi finds it hard to be professional when she is around Toadie.

6953 :30x163 - Episode 6953

Susan finds it hard to get through to Hunter. The tension between Imogen and Amber increases.

6954 :30x164 - Episode 6954

Imogen and Amber's conflict causes problem for their families. Bailey attempts to conquer his nerves.

6955 :30x165 - Episode 6955

A heartbreaking discovery is made by Terese. Josh and Naomi's secret relationship could be about to be exposed. Sheila is encouraged to take the plunge by Paul.

6956 :30x166 - Episode 6956

Terese finds it hard to hold on to her family. Amber and Imogen clash over Hermione. Georgia's surgery does not go to plan.

6957 :30x167 - Episode 6957

Kyle is worried about Georgia. Amber and Daniel's relationship hits a problem. Nate is hiding something.

6958 :30x168 - Episode 6958

Sonya attempts to deal with her insecurity regarding Naomi. Nate's past threatens his future happiness. Sheila goes out on a date.

6959 :30x169 - Episode 6959

Sonya's solution for Toadie makes things difficult for Naomi. Bailey discovers his competitive spirit.

6960 :30x170 - Episode 6960

The tension between Brennan and Paige increases. Naomi and Imogen find themselves thrown together. Brad is not sure how to handle Joshua's gesture.

6961 :30x171 - Episode 6961

Paul puts himself in danger as the storm continues to rage. Daniel and Amber's fight ends badly. Brennan and Paige manage to connect.

6962 :30x172 - Episode 6962

The tornado continues to cause havoc. Love blossoms during the storm. Paul is involved in a serious accident. Lou's life is left in danger.

6963 :30x173 - Episode 6963

Everybody attempts to deal with the aftermath of the tornado. A devastated Matt finds out Lauren's secret.

6964 :30x174 - Episode 6964

Brad and Lauren's marriages both reach breaking point.

6965 :30x175 - Episode 6965

Lauren and Terese attempt to save to their marriages. Nate helps Susan deal with her trauma, but he is also traumatised himself.

6966 :30x176 - Episode 6966

Lauren's infidelity continues to shock everybody. Chris attempts to deal with his doubts about Nate.

6967 :30x177 - Episode 6967

Matt and Terese find it hard to deal with their respective spouses' betrayal. Paul suspects sabotage. Terese has a new business idea.

6968 :30x178 - Episode 6968

Joshua's actions upset Terese. Georgia thinks that there could have been a medical cover up. Brennan and Paige's first date does not go to plan.

6969 :30x179 - Episode 6969

Paige and Brennan find it hard to move forward. Nate finds the pressure too much. Bailey is given some bad romantic advice from Lou.

6970 :30x180 - Episode 6970

Paul uses some dirty tactics to regain the Mayoral position. Imogen has a strange epiphany.

6971 :30x181 - Episode 6971

Terese's suspicions increase. Imogen becomes obsessed with Daniel. Naomi doesn't trust the new man in Sheila's life.

6972 :30x182 - Episode 6972

Terese's jealousy gets the better of her. Toadie attempts to prove he's fit for action. Karl and Georgia clash.

6973 :30x183 - Episode 6973

Imogen battles with her feelings for Daniel. Terese wishes that she had not punished Paige. Bailey has to choose between his career and Alice.

6974 :30x184 - Episode 6974

Karl and Susan's infamous blue box could be about to be exposed. An uncomfortable confession is made by Chris to Nate.

6975 :30x185 - Episode 6975

Sheila's romance runs into problems. Lou uses Susan and Karl's near miss to his own advantage. Paul is assaulted.

6976 :30x186 - Episode 6976

A tragedy happens at Georgia and Kyle's party. A face from Paul's past reappears. Daniel's shock announcement causes friction.

6977 :30x187 - Episode 6977

Chris fights for his life. Dakota attempts to draw Paul into her web.

6978 :30x188 - Episode 6978

Joshua has to deal the consequences of what he did to Chris. Terese is forced to take some desperate measures. Amber and Daniel's happy beginning might not result in a happy ending.

6979 :30x189 - Episode 6979

Lauren refuses to lie to help Joshua. Nate doubts that he has a place in Chris life. Joshua's nightmare continues.

6980 :30x190 - Episode 6980

Joshua takes some positive steps to deal with his guilt. Naomi could still have feelings for Toadie.

6981 :30x191 - Episode 6981

Dakota realises that she she needs Daniel if her plan is going to succeed. Naomi needs to try and get over Toadie. Imogen's feelings for Daniel increase.

6982 :30x192 - Episode 6982

Brennan's suspicions about Dakota result in an unexpected offer. Amber and Daniel find a new home.

6983 :30x193 - Episode 6983

Nate's anger at Joshua could cause problems. Kyle and Georgia think again about the wedding. Brennan attempts to find out more about Dakota. Toadie and Sonya try and deal with a parenting dilemma.

6984 :30x194 - Episode 6984

Nate considers punishing Joshua. The Kennedy's think about a life-changing move. A Turner family event turns nasty.

6985 :30x195 - Episode 6985

Karl and Susan could be about to leave Ramsay Street for good. Kyle and Georgia attempt to avoid any wedding disasters.

6986 :30x196 - Episode 6986

Georgia and Kyle's wedding day arrives. Matt faces temptation.

6987 :30x197 - Episode 6987

Matt receives an ultimatum from Lauren. Paul ends up being manipulated by Dakota.

6988 :30x198 - Episode 6988

Joshua is determined to repent for what he did to Chris. Paul takes action after witnessing Dakota and Brennan flirting.

6989 :30x199 - Episode 6989

Paige lashes out in anger. Nate finds it hard to deal with Chris's recovery. Toadie and Sonya teach Malcolm a valuable lesson.

6990 :30x200 - Episode 6990

Things close in on Dakota. Paige has to deal with the consequences of her jealousy.

6991 :30x201 - Episode 6991

Brennan's sting operation foes not go to plan. Matt attempts to protect Daniel from Dakotas scheme. Chris starts to doubt Nate.

6992 :30x202 - Episode 6992

Susan is determined to help Nate deal with his demons. Dakota has one last surprise for Paul. Joshua is shocked to find out that he's a hero.

6993 :30x203 - Episode 6993

Joshua attempts to make up for his mistakes. Paige and Brennan could have come to the end of the line. Kyle has an encounter with a mysterious woman.

6994 :30x204 - Episode 6994

Paige's new living arrangement causes more issues. Lou needs Karl to help him satisfy Layl'as fantasies. Kyle and Georgia's subterfuge is found out.

6995 :30x205 - Episode 6995

Paige find it hard to adjust to her new living arrangements. Imogen's efforts to help Josh do not go to plan. Kyle and Georgia make a massive mistake.

6996 :30x206 - Episode 6996

Chris goes back to to work but things don't go as expected. Imogen attempts to help Joshua.

6997 :30x207 - Episode 6997

Feeling bad about Chris, Joshua comes to a drastic conclusion. Amber's living arrangements aren't going well.Terese finds it hard to deal with Paige's continuing resentment.

6998 :30x208 - Episode 6998

Amber feels tempted to move back home. Terese takes a quick look at Lauren's journal.

6999 :30x209 - Episode 6999

Lauren's journal ends up being a revelation to everyone. Susan helps Nate with his PTSD. Brennan's attention leaves Paige feeling confused.

7000 :30x210 - Episode 7000

Susan finds it hard to decide whether to continue to counsel Nate. Sonya and Toadie host a naturist launch.

7001 :30x211 - Episode 7001

Toadie tries to discover the mystery of the letter. Joshua is determined to make amends for Chris's injury. Paul attempts to help Daniel look for a real job.

7002 :30x212 - Episode 7002

Joshua ends up agreeing to have nothing more to do with Chris.Terese realises that she cannot blame Lauren for her problems.

7003 :30x213 - Episode 7003

Daniel's former girlfriend shows up in Erinsborough. Amber and Paige clash.

7004 :30x214 - Episode 7004

Amber continues to feel threatened by Rain. The hate mail campaign against Sonya goes on. Karl likes having some money in his pocket to spend.

7005 :30x215 - Episode 7005

Sonya is stunned to fond out about the anonymous letters. Nate's war stories leave Susan feeling unnerved.

7006 :30x216 - Episode 7006

Chris's medical scare could bring him closer to Nate. Brad takes the law into his own hands to try and save his son.
Sheila's childish antics backfire on her.

7007 :30x217 - Episode 7007

Amber's unease about Rain increases. Paige finds herself falling for Brennan again. Brad come close to costing Imogen her job.

7008 :30x218 - Episode 7008

Joshua is given some grim news regarding the sentencing hearing. Rain's charisma manages to draw both Amber and Daniel in.

7009 :30x219 - Episode 7009

Joshua is in court and hopes to avoid a prison sentence. Brennan has a hunch concerning Sonya's mystery letters.
Paige grows closer to her new Grandfather.

7010 :30x220 - Episode 7010

Sonya's letters cause havoc on Ramsay Street. Kyle and Georgia attempt to find out more about Sheila's secretive behaviour. Karl suggests a visit to the farm to improve Susan's spirits.

7011 :30x221 - Episode 7011

Kyle finds it hard to deal with the pain of his father's reappearance. Amber receives some help with her exams from an unlikely person.

7012 :30x222 - Episode 7012

Brad and Terese need space from one another. Kyle's father lets him down. Amber feels drawn to Rain.

7013 :30x223 - Episode 7013

Paige blames herself for Brad and Terese's problems. Terese finds a surprise shoulder to lean on. Nate and Chris pull a prank on Karl.

7014 :30x224 - Episode 7014

Terese is encouraged by Paul to stay away from Brad. Doug's disappearance causes problems. Sonya realises that she's being watched.

7015 :30x225 - Episode 7015

Sonya feels moved by her neighbour's support. Sheila feels suspicious about Gary's reappearance. Susan makes a deal with Karl.

7016 :30x226 - Episode 7016

Rain's influence on Amber increases.Gary's story checks out. Imogen and Daniel grow closer.

7017 :30x227 - Episode 7017

Terese tells Paul the name of a former flame. Lauren is concerned about Rain's growing influence over Amber. Doug finds a way to feel like he is useful again.

7018 :30x228 - Episode 7018

Terese meets up with a flame. Paige puts her heart on the line with Brennan.

7019 :30x229 - Episode 7019

The tension between Brad and Terese erupts. Nate spirals out of control. Gary begins to win over the Canning family.

7020 :30x230 - Episode 7020

Terese and Brad think about a permanent separation. Naomi could be the author of the Sonya Letters. Susan thinks that Nate is going backwards.

7021 :30x231 - Episode 7021

Brad and Terese's marriage might be over for good. Sonya's tormentor is finally revealed. Nate admits the truth behind his recent behaviour.

7022 :30x232 - Episode 7022

Sonya find the past coming back to haunt her. Terese blames Paul for what happened with Ezra. Lauren is not happy after Amber falls under Rain's spell.

7023 :30x233 - Episode 7023

Rain gets even with Amber and Daniel. Paige begins an online friendship. Gary is confronted about his past.

7024 :30x234 - Episode 7024

Rain tells Daniel and Amber a few home truths regarding their relationship. Kyle and Georgia renew their vows. Gary's secret worries him.

7025 :30x235 - Episode 7025

Gary attempts to sort things out with Kyle. Erin is confronted by Sonya. Karl brings home a new pet.

7026 :30x236 - Episode 7026

Sonya finds it hard to help Erin. Terese and Paul end up being blindsided. Gary attempts to sort things out with Kyle.

7027 :30x237 - Episode 7027

Brad is under pressure following Ezra's attack. Karl's finds himself in a compromising position. Naomi gives Chris and Nate some bad romantic advice.

7028 :30x238 - Episode 7028

Imogen kisses Daniel. Amber has some doubts her relationship with Daniel. Georgia and Bailey become Christmas elves.

7029 :30x239 - Episode 7029

Naomi is determined to make the carols night a success. Amber and Daniel could be over for good. Paige begin to like the idea of a family Christmas.

7030 :30x240 - Episode 7030

The discovery of Gary's deception could end up proving dangerous for Sheila. Sonya is determined not to give up on Erin. Joshua tells Amber that he's still loves her.
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Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 18, 1985
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