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Season 31

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Season 31

7031 :31x01 - Episode 7031

The person who has been tormenting Sonya reveals themselves as Nate reveals the truth behind his behaviour.
Guest Stars: Damien Richardson as Gary Canning | Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers
Director: Tony Osicka

7032 :31x02 - Episode 7032

Sonya's past continues to haunt her as Brad provides Terese with support as she provides a statement.
Guest Stars: Damien Richardson as Gary Canning | Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers | Ben Anderson (1) as Tim Collins | Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

7033 :31x03 - Episode 7033

Amber's decision horrifies Lauren as Rain's true colours are revealed.
Guest Stars: Damien Richardson as Gary Canning | Kym Ozalp as Female Cop
Writer: Sam Meikle

7034 :31x04 - Episode 7034

After realising how Rain has been using him, Danny isn't happy as vows are renewed.

7035 :31x05 - Episode 7035

Gary finds himself accused of stealing tools as Kyle is struggling with money.
Guest Stars: Diana Joselle as Margot Bisco
Writer: Sam Carroll

7036 :31x06 - Episode 7036

Whilst does his best to repair his friendship with Kyle, Sonya does her best to help Erin.
Guest Stars: Damien Richardson as Gary Canning | Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers | Eyawn Harry as Errol Gill (car buyer) | Michael Foster as Timmy Fogerly | Jamie Sheather as Darren Mayer | Philli Anderson as Sonya stunt double

7037 :31x07 - Episode 7037

As Chris and Nate receive some romantic advice, Brad is left feeling the heat.
Guest Stars: Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers
Writer: Lisa Maroun

7038 :31x08 - Episode 7038

Erin admits that she is not ready to meet her daughter right now. Kyle and Naomi get ready for Sheila's return from the hospital.

7039 :31x09 - Episode 7039

Sheila is feeling down following her latest health scare. Daniel arranges a drop-in event to try and win back Amber's affection.

7040 :31x10 - Episode 7040

Imogen is confronted by Daniel about her feelings for him. Lucy returns to Erinsborough and Chris needs to decide whether or not to have a baby with her.

7041 :31x11 - Episode 7041

Sonya and Toadie attempt to help Erin sort out her relationship with her estranged daughter Cat. Chris tells Lucy that he cannot be the father of her child.
Guest Stars: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson | Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers | Maleeka Gasbarri as Cat Rogers
Director: Gary Conway (2)

7042 :31x12 - Episode 7042

Erin accuses Sonya and Toadie of undermining her relationship with daughter. Paige does not agree with Bailey's decision.
Director: Gary Conway (2)

7043 :31x13 - Episode 7043

Naom is offered a bribe. Susan is traumatised after Karl is rushed to hospital after swallowing some poisonous resin.

7044 :31x14 - Episode 7044

Brennan attempts to convince Naomi to go to the police. Lucy is surprised after she finds out that Chris has not told his parents about their baby plans.

7045 :31x15 - Episode 7045

Brennan takes matters into his own hands. Josh gives Amber a roll of film that he found while cleaning up.

7046 :31x16 - Episode 7046

Daniel is hiding something as Josh and Amber question him about the mystery photograph. There are sparks between Daniel and Amber. Sonya is upset after Erin disappears with Brennan's laptop and wallet.

7047 :31x17 - Episode 7047

Cat is upset to learn that Erin will not be showing up for their planned visit. Sonya finds Erin but it is too late to get back Brennan's laptop, which has been sold.

7048 :31x18 - Episode 7048

Lucy is shocked after she discovers that Chris wants to be more than just a donor. Lou says sorry to Sheila.

7049 :31x19 - Episode 7049

Daniel sees Amber and Josh talking and he causes trouble at an impromptu pool part. After being warned off Brennan by Paige, Naomi finds out that he is not in the right place for a relationship.

7050 :31x20 - Episode 7050

Amber feels confused about her feelings for Josh following their kiss and she pays a visit to the campsite where she lived with Daniel, where her car is stolen. Chris and Lucy are shocked to find out that they are both carriers for spinal muscle atrophy and after talking through the risks, Chris comes to the decision that he can no longer be her donor.

7051 :31x21 - Episode 7051

Following an encounter at the caravan park, Amber thinks that she and Daniel belong together. Josh and Imogen are both devastated after they find out.

7052 :31x22 - Episode 7052

Having received some criticism from Susan about his performance, Brad thinks about quitting his career as a teacher, but then has second thoughts after reaching out to a difficult student. Sonya and Toadie reach out to Cat's foster parents.

7053 :31x23 - Episode 7053

After Sheila learns that Naomi retracted her statement to the police, she orders her to re-submit it and stand up to Dimitro. Kyle is concerned that Sheila's recovery is not going as well as it should be.

7054 :31x24 - Episode 7054

Chris decides that despite the risk of genetic illness, he still wants to father Lucy's child. Nate is left in in an awkward position after he finds out the news. Paige threatens a topless protest when she learns that Paul has covered up the naked female form on the festival logo.

7055 :31x25 - Episode 7055

The protest proves a success and Paul returns the logo to its original state. After finding out that Amber and Daniel are back together, Imogen gets drunk and ends up in bed with a handsome stranger.

7056 :31x26 - Episode 7056

Imogen is helped home by Tyler, which causes a stir. Brennan offers to teach Naomi some self-defence moves.

7057 :31x27 - Episode 7057

Matt gives up his security guard job after finding out that it meant working for Dimato Industries and ends up being forced to ask his children for financial support. Brennan bails his little brother Tyler out of jail and offers him somewhere to stay.

7058 :31x28 - Episode 7058

The Turner family are shocked after lerning that all of their money has been stolen using Paige's identity, leading them to believe that her online boyfriend Bryson could be responsible. Paul and Lauren believe that Daniel and Amber are rushing into getting married.

7059 :31x29 - Episode 7059

Kyle shocks Georgia after he tells her that he wants to try for a baby but she is not sure if she is ready. Lauren and Paul attempt to stop Daniel and Amber's wedding plans.

7060 :31x30 - Episode 7060

Paige decides to meet Bryson in an effort to get the families money back. Georgia hides her concerns about trying for another baby from Kyle, but confides in Susan.

7061 :31x31 - Episode 7061

Due to a lack of funds, Tyler attempts to sell his bike to Dimato, who makes a counter offer of some casual work. Brennan and Naomi are both reluctant to admit their true feelings. Paige finally meets Bryson, the suspected identity thief, but he insists that he is innocent.

7062 :31x32 - Episode 7062

Brennan reapplies to become a policeman again but when Naomi goes to share the news with Tyler, he shuts her down. Tyler agrees to do some work on the side for Dimato. Lou has a huge surprise in store for Toadie and Daniel.

7063 :31x33 - Episode 7063

Harold's return to town has some sadness with it as he admits that he and Carolyn have broken up. Sheila realises that Georgia is not being honest with Kyle.

7064 :31x34 - Episode 7064

Terese's brother shows up and leaves Brad feeling on edge. Georgia admits to Kyle that she is scared of losing another baby. Nate and Chris discover the identity of the underwear thief.

7065 :31x35 - Episode 7065

A bombshell is dropped on Terese by Brad concerning her brother. Matt feels guilt-ridden at not being able to work and ends up taking out his frustrations on Bailey.

7066 :31x36 - Episode 7066

Matt has no choice but to admit that the mortgage is putting too much pressure on the family. Tyler and Imogen get to know each other better at Paige's pool party.

7067 :31x37 - Episode 7067

Tyler is stunned to learn that Brennan has rejoined the police force. Nick takes the job at the hospital and tells Terese and Brad that he is remaining in town but not everybody is happy.

7068 :31x38 - Episode 7068

Concerned that his association with Dimato could be about to be found out, Tyler quizzes Brennan about joining the police force again. Georgia saves Nick's life and he is so impressed he decides to woo her.

7069 :31x39 - Episode 7069

Fed up with her constant badgering, Paul wants to get rid of his cousin Hilary, but it will cost him. Matt hears Dimato talking about stolen cars but does not call it in. Dimato then makes him an offer.

7070 :31x40 - Episode 7070

Brad is able to get Bailey to agree to join his running group. Matt thinks about the state of his life, and after receiving some money from Dimato, he cannot bring himself to tell Lauren the truth.

7071 :31x41 - Episode 7071

Imogen attempts to put her feelings for Daniel aside and helps to prepare for his special day. Things become nasty after Amber takes photos of Dimato's associates whilst out on a job.

7072 :31x42 - Episode 7072

Joshua begins to accept his friendship status with Amber. Brennan and Naomi become an item, but Naomi reacts badly to his suggestion of a double date with Chris and Nate.

7073 :31x43 - Episode 7073

The Erinsborough Festival gets underway but events do not run smoothly. Chris is reminded that Nate is not happy about becoming a father.

7074 :31x44 - Episode 7074

Harold is left feeling confused following the accident, and Karl thinks that he has had a stroke or a heart attack. Bedlam happens at the Festival.

7075 :31x45 - Episode 7075

Harold and Madge have lunch with Daniel and Amber but after Imogen shows up Harold admits that he has reservations and wonders if Daniel is with the right girl. Naomi's insecurities manage to get the better of her.

7076 :31x46 - Episode 7076

Harold falls out with Daniel. Nate's discomfort about becoming a parent increases. Brennan and Naomi let everyone know that they are a couple.

7077 :31x47 - Episode 7077

Brennan feels suspicious of Matt. Nate manages to let Chris down.

7078 :31x48 - Episode 7078

Brennan ends up compromising himself to save Matt. Janelle Timmins returns to town. There ends up being a surprise winner at the festival bake-off.

7079 :31x49 - Episode 7079

Paige attempts to simplify things with Tyler. Matt's mistake has repercussions on the rest of the family. Paul is determined to stop Daniel and Amber's wedding.

7080 :31x50 - Episode 7080

Tyler is given a warning from Dimato. Nick is certain that he can seduce Georgia. Madge encourages Harold to try and move on.

7081 :31x51 - Episode 7081

Nick is confronted by Georgia about Beth. There are more troubles ahead for Matt. Nina Tucker returns to town.

7082 :31x52 - Episode 7082

Imogen's secret could shatter Amber. Matt and Lauren attempt to save their broken marriage. Paul hopes that a face from the past will help sway Daniel.

7083 :31x53 - Episode 7083

It is Amber and Daniel's big day. Harold fills Susan in on his big secret. Nina finds some new inspiration.

7084 :31x54 - Episode 7084

Daniel and Imogen are stuck inside the well. Amber cancels the wedding and finds comfort in Joshua.

7085 :31x55 - Episode 7085

Nick has some devastating news to tell Paul. Amber is comforted by Paul. Harold leaves Erinsborough with a new purpose in his life.

7086 :31x56 - Episode 7086

Imogen and Daniel's plight gets much worse. Matt sees the connection between Tyler and Dimato. Joshua files an official missing persons report.

7087 :31x57 - Episode 7087

Daniel and Imogen are finally rescued. Paige tries to convince Tyler not to steal. Matt's kiss with Sharon ends in disaster.

7088 :31x58 - Episode 7088

The Turner family find their world being changed forever. Chris and Nate continue to drift apart because of the baby. Tyler is accused by Paige of running Matt over.

7089 :31x59 - Episode 7089

The Turner family grieve. Brad finds it hard to deal with his guilt. Chris and Nate end up reaching a stalemate.

7090 :31x60 - Episode 7090

Chris and Nate come to a huge decision concerning their relationship. Georgia believes that Nick is up to no good.

7091 :31x61 - Episode 7091

Georgia ends up being suspended from work. Tyler receives a tempting offer from Dimato. Brennan is stood up by Naomi.

7092 :31x62 - Episode 7092

The community comes together to say goodbye to one of its own. Brennan reaches his breaking point. Georgia is determined to prove Nick's guilt.

7093 :31x63 - Episode 7093

Brennan finds it hard to channel his frustrations regarding Dimato. Naomi and Tyler try to help repair Nate's broken heart.

7094 :31x64 - Episode 7094

Sheila is worried about Naomi and Paul's new closeness. Terese stops Sharon informing Lauren about Matt's betrayal.

7095 :31x65 - Episode 7095

After Brennan arrests Dimato, Tyler is worried that his involvement will be revealed. Georgia refuses to accept an offer from the hospital.

7096 :31x66 - Episode 7096

Karl finds out the identity of patient X. Imogen is accused by Paige of monopolising Daniel.

7097 :31x67 - Episode 7097

Following Matt's death, Bailey suffers a breakdown. Men in Lycra hit the streets.

7098 :31x68 - Episode 7098

Paul is given some devastating news. Imogen can not understand Paige's anger.

7099 :31x69 - Episode 7099

Brad's statement is questioned. Paul gives the new cancer research centre the go ahead. Tyler's actions could be about to catch up with him.

7100 :31x70 - Episode 7100

Tyler gets in deeper with Dimato. A shocking declaration is made by Amber.

7101 :31x71 - Episode 7101

Paige learns from Amber that there is a chance that Joshua could be her baby's father. Bailey acts out. Cracks start to form in the cycling group.

7102 :31x72 - Episode 7102

Naomi kisses Paul. Terese notices Lauren's dependence on her husband. Tyler and Imogen manage to form a surprising bond.

7103 :31x73 - Episode 7103

Georgia is determined to prove her innocence. Brennan and Naomi end up becoming emotionally splintered.

7104 :31x74 - Episode 7104

Georgia's actions end up having some life-changing consequences. A shock announcement is made by Paul. Lauren needs to make a difficult decision.

7105 :31x75 - Episode 7105

Amber can not decide what to do about the baby. Naomi enjoys her position as Paul's chief carer and protector.

7106 :31x76 - Episode 7106

Amber's pregnancy news has some difficult ramifications. Tyler and Imogen go out on their first date together. Toadie and Karl enjoy a spontaneous adventure.

7107 :31x77 - Episode 7107

Bailey rebels as he finds it hard to deal with Matt's death. Imogen decides its time to have some fun for a change. Amber finds it hard to deal with the guilt over her baby secret.

7108 :31x78 - Episode 7108

Bailey continues to be defiant. Naomi comes to a decision. Paul receives a message.

7109 :31x79 - Episode 7109

Naomi ends up realising that she's in love with Paul. Josh offers Danni a sympathetic ear.

7110 :31x80 - Episode 7110

Nick's actions are investigated by Karl. Susan helps Nate to deal with his demons. Naomi avoids Brennan's questions.

7111 :31x81 - Episode 7111

Georgia puts everything on the line to get Nick. Paul and Naomi continue to grow closer. Terese finds out Nick’s secret.

7112 :31x82 - Episode 7112

Nick's actions manage to hit home. Tyler feels superspicious of Imogen. Paul and Naomi start to move forward.

7113 :31x83 - Episode 7113

Imogen admits the truth about her feelings for Daniel. Bailey lashes out. Dimato’s associates put some pressure on Tyler.

7114 :31x84 - Episode 7114

Tyler and Paige get themselves into trouble. Bailey faces up to his actions. Brad attempts to help Terese move on.

7115 :31x85 - Episode 7115

Bailey is taken by Lou to live with Kathy. Paige ends up being blackmailed. Amber tells Daniel that there is a chance that the baby might not be his.

7116 :31x86 - Episode 7116

Daniel needs to decide whether he can forgive Amber. Paul receives a reality check. Georgia attempts to salvage an important job for Kyle.

7117 :31x87 - Episode 7117

Paige finds herself becoming involved in the crime ring. Paul manages to break Naomi's heart.

7118 :31x88 - Episode 7118

Paige and Tyler grow closer. Imogen and Nate become friends following his bike injury. Naomi decides to continue to work for Paul despite her feelings.

7119 :31x89 - Episode 7119

Terese refuses to allow Ezra to get to her. Daniel finally lets loose his temper, Karl is stunned after he finds out the identity of one of Nick's patients.

7120 :31x90 - Episode 7120

Terese quits after being pushed to her limits. Daniel is determined not to dwell on Amber and Joshua's affair.

7121 :31x91 - Episode 7121

Brad and Ezra Hanley's son clash. Brennan nearly discovers the truth about Tyler and Paige.

7122 :31x92 - Episode 7122

Paige wants to see the garage business being legit. Imogen learns about the baby's questionable paternity. Nate quits the nursery.

7123 :31x93 - Episode 7123

Joshua discovers that he could be the father of Amber's unborn child. Daniel finds it hard to deal with Joshua's involvement in Amber's pregnancy. Paul comes up with a plan to get Brennan and Naomi together.

7124 :31x94 - Episode 7124

Brad attempts to get through to Clem. Paul manages to bring Naomi and Brennan together. Ezra names Nate as Sheila's boss.

7125 :31x95 - Episode 7125

Brad and Lauren end up spending the night together. Nate ends up in a power struggle with Sheila.

7126 :31x96 - Episode 7126

Susan feels concerned that Brad and Lauren are becoming too close. Both the Brennan brothers manage to hurt Paige.

7127 :31x97 - Episode 7127

With the paternity test just around the corner, the pressure increases for Amber. Paige and Tyler clash. Paul gets a lead on Amy's whereabouts.

7128 :31x98 - Episode 7128

Amber disappears to get some needed time out. Terese returns home. Sheila and Nate work against Ezra.

7129 :31x99 - Episode 7129

Terese manages to get through to Clem and he turns to Susan for help. Paul offers Brennan some bad dating advice.

7130 :31x100 - Episode 7130

Terese makes certain that Ezra is finally taken down. Paige and Tyler's efforts to go legitimate do not go to plan. Naomi's shocked to find out that Paul is offering Brennan dating advice.

7131 :31x101 - Episode 7131

Things heat up between Tyler and Paige. Naomi ends things with Brennan for good. Georgia manages to secure a promising treatment for her mother but it is in Germany.

7132 :31x102 - Episode 7132

Tyler feels gutted after Paige admits that she still has feelings for his brother. They later make a shocking discovery. Nate's efforts to move on from Chris do not go to plan.

7133 :31x103 - Episode 7133

Paige and Tyler move closer to discovering the identity of the person who stole the money. Amber finds out the identity of her baby's father.

7134 :31x104 - Episode 7134

Amber, Josh and Daniel attempt to deal with the paternity results. Naomi comes to a decision behind Paul's back. Terese receives a shock from Lauren.

7135 :31x105 - Episode 7135

Terese informs her husband that he's run out of second chances. Paige is shocked after Tyler is attacked. Daniel decides to get rid of the bar.

7136 :31x106 - Episode 7136

Paige tries to help Tyler. Josh gets a new job. Christmas ends up coming early for Karl.

7137 :31x107 - Episode 7137

Paul receives a surprise visitor as his daughter Amy shows up. Tyler and Paige face even more trouble. Paul decides to follow his heart.

7138 :31x108 - Episode 7138

Paul is not happy with Naomi for interfering. Kyle and Toadie help Nate pick up a new man.

7139 :31x109 - Episode 7139

Paul blows a chance to reconnect with his daughter. Daniel attempts to convince Amy not to leave. Brad surprises himself with his territorial behaviour over Lauren.

7140 :31x110 - Episode 7140

Susan belies that Terese has some ulterior motives. Joshua's efforts to provide for Amber takes him down a dangerous path.

7141 :31x111 - Episode 7141

When Paige and Tyler fail to come up with the money for Dimato, Nate is left in danger. Joshua is determined to try and win Amber's love.

7142 :31x112 - Episode 7142

Terese and Brad's marriage is under even more pressure. Paige admits her feelings for Brennan. Daniel looks for Amy.

7143 :31x113 - Episode 7143

Paul's family life takes a surprising twist. Paige tries to get her parents together. Tyler's dependency continues.

7144 :31x114 - Episode 7144

Amy decides not to leave town. Imogen's meddling has some serious consequences for Joshua. Toadie has a new respect for Kyle.

7145 :31x115 - Episode 7145

Nate's date with Brett has a surprising twist after Alistair show. Imogen saves Joshua's new job.

7146 :31x116 - Episode 7146

Toadie and Sonya discover some eye-opening information about Amy. Kyle also works out that there's more to his new employee than he first thought. Nate makes a surprising discovery about Alistair.

7147 :31x117 - Episode 7147

Sheila hosts a charity bingo night at The Waterhole with a male revue dancer as the entertainment. Mark attempts to keep the Dennis Dimato case open.

7148 :31x118 - Episode 7148

Amber's 14-week ultrasound scan is approaching and Josh and Daniel argue after learning the sex of the baby. Karl makes an unsettling discovery during the procedure. Naomi ends up losing patience with Paul.

7149 :31x119 - Episode 7149

The parents-to-be discover that their baby is ill and Joshua thinks about a risky plan to raise money. Tyler attempts to play matchmaker for Nate and Aaron.

7150 :31x120 - Episode 7150

Imogen's concerned about what Joshua is up to at work. Paul connects with Jimmy but finds himself on the outer with his daughter. Sheila declares war on Karl.

7151 :31x121 - Episode 7151

Amy thinks again about her hard stance against her father. Paige receives an indecent proposal. A shocking discovery is made by Nate and Susan.

7152 :31x122 - Episode 7152

Amber admits taking sides with Joshua. Brennan tells Paige that it is still too soon for them to get back together.

7153 :31x123 - Episode 7153

Daniel feels like he is a third-wheel. Amy asks Kyle for more work in an effort to ease her money troubles. Joshua sells Kyle some illegal peptides.

7154 :31x124 - Episode 7154

Tyler's web of lies could be about to be exposed. Joshua attempts to cover his tracks.

7155 :31x125 - Episode 7155

Jimmy attempts to reach out to Paul. Paul lets Naomi down.

7156 :31x126 - Episode 7156

Tyler is punished by his brother for his crimes. Paige's plan to try and get her parents back together is exposed. Paul and Naomi manage to resolve their issues.

7157 :31x127 - Episode 7157

Paige gets an unexpected birthday surprise. Paul and Naomi decide to go public. Nate attempts to get the Kennedy's behind Tyler.

7158 :31x128 - Episode 7158

Paige rejects her mother. Tyler lets rip at Karl. Nate and Aaron continue to be at odds.

7159 :31x129 - Episode 7159

Paige finds out the truth about her family. Amber and Daniel end up coming to a shocking conclusion about their relationship. Brennan attempts to help Karl gain more insight into Tyler.

7160 :31x130 - Episode 7160

Daniel is supported by Imogen. Nate and Aaron end up having to work together. Joshua and Amber grow closer.

7161 :31x131 - Episode 7161

Tyler is offered a dangerous deal that would see his sentence being reduced. Karl and Sheila battle it out to get topless men in their bars.

7162 :31x132 - Episode 7162

Tyler works undercover. Terese makes an opening for Mary to be able to prolong her stay. Naomi is surprised by a business opportunity.

7163 :31x133 - Episode 7163

Josh accidentally causes Imogen to be left in grave danger. The children cause tension in the Rebecchi house. Naomi thinks that Paul is embarrassed by her.

7164 :31x134 - Episode 7164

Imogen´s good intentions end up having some disastrous implications for Joshua. Joshua is unable to tell Amber about his money troubles. Toadie and Sonya find it hard to deal with Nell´s behaviour.

7165 :31x135 - Episode 7165

Mary wants Paige to leave with her. Daniel makes Joshua an offer he is unable to turn down. Amy and Kyle compete.

7166 :31x136 - Episode 7166

Tyler goes missing and Paige makes a shocking revelation. Lauren and Brad are not impressed by Paige's decision. Naomi gets a new job.

7167 :31x137 - Episode 7167

Brennan attempts to find his brother and bring Dimato down. Terese attempts to keep her plan on track. Naomi takes some drastic action to keep her box concept going.

7168 :31x138 - Episode 7168

Sheila attempts to amends for interfering in Naomi´s relationship. Nate and Aaron try and put on a show at Lassiters. Jimmy finds out the Ramsay Street secrets.

7169 :31x139 - Episode 7169

Amber pushes Joshua away, but he manages to find a way back in. Jimmy´s extortion racket sees Sheila left on the brink. Naomi´s pleased after Paul saves the family dinner from disaster.

7170 :31x140 - Episode 7170

Sheila stays silent about her secret. Paige is worried about retribution from Dimato. Aaron and Joshua find themselves bonding over their mutual unemployment.

7171 :31x141 - Episode 7171

There could be romance in the air for Daniel and Imogen. Paige is under threat. Toadie and Sonya find it hard to deal with Nell´s behaviour.

7172 :31x142 - Episode 7172

Brad feels torn between Paige and Terese which sees him heading in Lauren's direction. Daniel and Imogen deal with their feelings. Amber manages to get to the bottom of Nell´s misbehaviour.

7173 :31x143 - Episode 7173

Lauren admits her feelings to Brad/ Amy is forced to question her parenting skills. Paul is surprised after he finds out Sheila´s secret.

7174 :31x144 - Episode 7174

Paul finds out that Sheila has feelings for him. Karl and Susan receive an unexpected visitor. Joshua begins a new career as a dancer.

7175 :31x145 - Episode 7175

Daniel is determined to fight for Imogen. Joshua enjoys his new career. Ben tells Tyler what is upsetting him.

7176 :31x146 - Episode 7176

Amber comes to a decision about her pregnancy treatment. Paige confronts Brennan and there are some surprising results.

7177 :31x147 - Episode 7177

Tyler atetmpts to conceal feelings for his brother´s sake. Ben is much more troubled than Karl and Susan realise. Toadie and Sonya think about putting Nell into childcare.

7178 :31x148 - Episode 7178

Tyler decides to move out. the Brennan boys are surprised by a visitor. Kyle asks Amy not to leave.

7179 :31x149 - Episode 7179

Tyler is hiding from his father. Sonya and Toadie are desperate to try and help Nell cope with the loss of a friend.

7180 :31x150 - Episode 7180

Guilt causes Amy to leave. Sheila catches a thief. Joshua manages to win over Amber.

7181 :31x151 - Episode 7181

Sheila finds out Terese´s secret. Nate tries to get Aaron to repair the rift with his father. Joshua receives an indecent proposal.

7182 :31x152 - Episode 7182

Naomi ends up gaining from Joshua´s proposition. Tyler tells Karl the truth about Russell.

7183 :31x153 - Episode 7183

Paige is in serious danger. Daniel puts his heart on the line. Tyler remains distant from his father.

7184 :31x154 - Episode 7184

Imogen and Daniel talk about their new relationship. Amy makes a huge mistake. Paul warns Kyle not to bond with Jimmy but Amy lets him. Brad stands up to Terese over his father´s gift.

7185 :31x155 - Episode 7185

Paul is determined to keep his daughter and grandson in his life. Sheila and Russell waste no time getting to know each other better. Ben receives the message he´s not been looking forward to getting.

7186 :31x156 - Episode 7186

Tyler needs to decide whether to give Russell a second chance. Joshua maintains his online persona for Amber. A disaster strikes Naomi´s open day.

7187 :31x157 - Episode 7187

Toadie has to deal with a shocking injury. Imogen and Daniel´s relationship becomes public knowledge. Naomi and Paul reconcile through tragedy.

7188 :31x158 - Episode 7188

Naomi realises that she is to blame for the accident and that she is responsible for Toadie´s injuries. Paul pressures Kyle to rehire Amy so she wont leave town.

7189 :31x159 - Episode 7189

Sonya finds out that Naomi could be liable for Toadie´s accident. Ben´s past catches up with him with some shocking results.

7190 :31x160 - Episode 7190

Ben owns up to his mistake. Joshua finds out about his father´s indiscretion. Amber is confronted about Imogen and Daniel´s relationship.

7191 :31x161 - Episode 7191

The Rebecchi family receive a surprise visitor. Imogen and Daniel manage to hit their first speed bump. Terese manages to humilate herself.

7192 :31x162 - Episode 7192

Joshua and Terese attempt to avoid confrontation. Kyle and Amy are surprised by some news they receive from Georgia.Russell and Sheila think about their future.

7193 :31x163 - Episode 7193

Sheila offers to out the money up for Russ´s garage purchase. Tyler attempts to come to terms with Russell staying in town. Amber finds out that her friend Phoebe is really Joshua.

7194 :31x164 - Episode 7194

Paul finds the past catches up with him. Brad and Terese re-open some old wounds. Sonya finds out a shocking secret.

7195 :31x165 - Episode 7195

Terese manages to slip up and pushes Brad closer to Lauren. a race day in Ramsay Street sees everybody getting excited. Sheila tells Brad a concerning secret about Terese.

7196 :31x166 - Episode 7196

Terese admits that she has an alcohol problem. Toadie becomes desperate about his paralysis. Sheila feels jealous of Angie´s attention to Russell.

7197 :31x167 - Episode 7197

Paul wonders how Naomi really feels about Toadie. Ben´s shocked by Karl´s proposal.

7198 :31x168 - Episode 7198

Naomi and Paul fall out over Toadie. Aaron´s matchmaking plans don't go as expected. Ben feels pressured.

7199 :31x169 - Episode 7199

Kyle gets ready for Georgia´s return to Erinsborough. Aaron has to deal with his feelings for Nate.

7200 :31x170 - Episode 7200

Georgia gives some upsetting home truths to Kyle. Aaron ends up making a painful connection with Nate. A camping trip ends up being a bad idea for Paige, Amber and Imogen.

7201 :31x171 - Episode 7201

Brad and Lauren are unable to resist one another any longer. Joshua and Courtney put a dampener on the girl´s camp trip. Amy attempts to help a heartbroken Kyle.

7202 :31x172 - Episode 7202

Brad, Lauren and Terese end up having it out.

7203 :31x173 - Episode 7203

Brad, Lauren and Terese have to deal with the fall-out of what has happened. Toadie returns home. Tyler is shocked as his father´s mask slips.

7204 :31x174 - Episode 7204

Ben´s trauma causes Tyler to deal with the truth. Nate´s wildest fantasy ends up being Aaron´s worst nightmare. Toadie´s helplessness leaves Nell in serious danger.

7205 :31x175 - Episode 7205

Toadie gets Sonya to agree to always be 100% honest with him. Paul thinks about taking the plunge with Naomi. Mark wants to help his father stick around but Tyler is not so keen.

7206 :31x176 - Episode 7206

Brad´s decision to move out shocks the rest of the family. Naomi is able to convince Paul to keep their engagement a secret for now. Sheila thinks that Russell is going to ask her to marry him.

7207 :31x177 - Episode 7207

Russell´s past treatment of Tyler is revealed. Joshua is pushed to backtrack regarding his tough stance. Brad and Lauren think about their future.

7208 :31x178 - Episode 7208

The fallout from Tyler and Russell´s secret pushes the family to breaking point. Daniel supports Imogen in her time of need.

7209 :31x179 - Episode 7209

Toadie has an unexpected reaction to his benefit. Naomi is honest about her engagement doubts. Kyle leaves Amy in a compromising position.

7210 :31x180 - Episode 7210

A favour for Susan ends in disaster for Amber. Amy clashes with Kyle after he disappoints Jimmy.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: Eleven ( Australia)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 06:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 18, 1985
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