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New Amsterdam: Love Hurts

John and Eva investigate the links between a drowned woman, a dating service and a series of robberies aimed at wealthy men. The case takes John back to his life in the 1920s as a grifter and thief. Meanwhile, John's recent experience makes him doubt whether Sarah may truly be "the one" who will make him mortal.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x8
Airdate: Monday April 14th, 2008

Guest Stars
Susan MisnerSusan Misner
As Callie Burnett
Robert ClohessyRobert Clohessy
As Detective Santori
Jamie HarroldJamie Harrold
As Mank
Annika PetersonAnnika Peterson
As Olivia Behrendt
Jennifer Van DyckJennifer Van Dyck
As Inga Skoll
Darren PettieDarren Pettie
As Carl Browning
Curtiss CookCurtiss Cook
As Ray de la Cruz
Laura SteppLaura Stepp
As Kayla Moore
Jeremy BeilerJeremy Beiler
As Bachelor #1

Co-Guest Stars
Greg StuhrGreg Stuhr
As Bachelor #3
Ed JewettEd Jewett
As The Mark
Maury GinsbergMaury Ginsberg
As Bachelor #2


John is swimming late at night while thinking about Sara. Eva comes in to check up on him after his recovery from the gunshot several weeks ago, and tells him to take it easy since he's off-duty. John isn't concerned and wants to get back to work. They're interrupted when Eva gets a call and goes to Hell's Gate on the East River where Callie and Santori are covering the case. The victim is a Martine Shane and John decides to drop by, recognizing the area...

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Episode Quotes
Eva: New York State Penal Code, 245.01.
John: Is this a test?
Eva: Bans public nudity, unless you're breastfeeding.
John: Well, I use a pump.

Callie Burnett: Bad way to die. Ten minutes ago, you're taking your kid to school and now this.
Eva: I didn't know you had kids.
Callie Burnett: You don't think I'm the maternal type?
Eva: I didn't say that.
Callie Burnett: Well, you're right, I'm not. But I'm just saying every kid has a mother somewhere. (looks at John) Of course, I'm not too sure about him.

Callie Burnett: (after John flashes back) Amsterdam, Where do you go when you do that? It's like you're here but you're not here.
John: It's because I'm there.

Omar: (sees John, naked, swimming at the pool) Ain't you got no shame?
John: No.
Omar: What if some kid walked in, saw you in your particulars?
John: He'd get what he deserves, sneaking into a closed facility.
Omar: That's what you're doin'.
John: Well I have a key.
Omar: From 1935.

John: Just because you look older, Omar, doesn’t mean you are. I can do without the advice.

Eva: (discussing a case) Sounds like a ground ball.
John: Maybe. I hate baseball metaphor.
Detective Santori: FYI, I told Burnett you're at psychological counseling.
Eva: Wishful thinking.

John: To actors.
Olivia Behrendt: Whatever their profession.

Nash: If you come across him, watch your ass. He’s armed and dangerous.
John: What a coincidence. So are we.

Callie Burnett: Where do you think you're going?
John: Therapy. I'm working through my feelings of homicidal rage.

Kayla Moore: Actually, I have a client. Pilates.
John: Contrology. Union of mind and body. Created during World War One to help wounded vets. Worked for me.

Olivia Behrendt: Ah, your scars. Does each one come with a story?
John: What can I say? I'm easily hurt.
Olivia Behrendt: Ditto. Falling for a grifter is a recipe with for heartbreak.
John: Ditto with actresses.
Olivia Behrendt: You never know what's real.
John: Exactly.

John: I won't kiss your ass, which isn't that great by the way, the way you twitch it around here. You'd think it's one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Callie Burnett: Amsterdam, I only want to know one thing.
John: Um-hum?
Callie Burnett: Did you mean what you said about my ass?

Sara: (to John) That bullet, when it went through your heart, it killed something. It killed us.

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