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New Tricks: 1984

Young peace campaigner Josh Livesey was found dead in woods near a NATO base in 1984 but his killer was never captured. When one of the dead man's friends, Frank Fox, is locked up in Broadmoor for another murder, UCOS is given the job of re-examining the case.

Frank and the other campaigners Imogen Hoult, Colin Dobie and Eleanor Clement all claimed innocence, but refused to co-operate with police, blaming Josh's death on a secret service conspiracy.

Sandra wants to contact Special Branch, much to the dismay of the paranoid Jack, Gerry and Brian.

To his alarm, Brian has no memory of Ed Koumas, an officer on the case. Gerry and Sandra visit an ideological Eleanor on her houseboat, while Brian revisits Frank who reveals Josh had a secret.

Film shows that a section of wire at the NATO base was replaced the night Josh died, which Gerry puts down to 'secret squirrels'. Worried about Sandra, they follow her, only to find her with a woman - her therapist. But on the way home, she is indeed followed by Special Branch officer Greg Johnson. She meets Greg, who admits his people moved Livesey's body and disposed of the murder weapon to save face, but still insists there was no conspiracy. He also tells Sandra he fancies her.

As the team try to discover why Special Branch cared about the protesters so much, they realise that are still many secrets among the small band of protesters.

Source: ABC (Aus)