Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

A murder shockingly like his wife's leads Kolchak to Los Angeles, where he has signed on as a reporter with the L.A. Beacon newspaper. The crime: A pregnant woman is attacked and murdered. Her husband is accused in her death, but Kolchak senses there's more to the story. Kolchak's colleague, senior crime reporter Perri Reed is just as eager to get to the bottom of things, but she's skeptical of his wild theories.

Young and ambitious photographer Jain McManus is a little more ready to go along with Kolchak. Together, they'll aid him as he tracks down the bizarre and the inexplicable, the stories you won't find printed in any newspaper.
Guest Stars: Sarah Lafleur as Trish Medlock | Ele Keats as Emily Gale | Susan Misner as Irene Kolchak | Clay Wilcox as Ed Medlock | John Pyper-Ferguson as Agent Bernard Fain |
Co-Guest Stars: J. Marvin Campbell as Deputy | Madeline Carroll as Julie Medlock | Regi Davis as Detective | Sabin Rich as Motorcycle Rider |
Uncredited: Darren McGavin as Reporter Standing at Desk
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Songs: M. Craft -- Dragonfly

2 :01x02 - The Five People You Meet in Hell

When the legal team that helped put a murderous cult leader behind bars seemingly goes haywire, committing inexplicable murders, Kolchak is convinced the man is somehow wreaking vengeance from the depths of his prison cell. Meanwhile, Perri - whose reporting on the cult leader's story helped convict him - fears that she may be next.
Guest Stars: Tony Curran as Damon Caylor | Alex Carter as Detective Granof | Robert Curtis Brown as Doug Linman | Art LaFleur as Detective Mitchell | Susan Misner as Irene Kolchak | John Wesley as Warden Blume | Heather Kafka as Katrina Ortega | David Dunard as Doug's Dad |
Co-Guest Stars: Colby Paul as Jeffrey Linman | Jessica Whitney Gould (1) as Jane Linman | Tara Ciabattoni as Mary Granof | Darin Rossi as Umpire | Stephen Alvarez as Reporter (as Stephen W. Alvarez) | Lily Jackson as Daniels' Girl | Ricardo J. Chacon as Gang Member
Director: Rob Bowman
Songs: The Veils -- More Heat Than Light, Baby Woodrose -- No Way Out

3 :01x03 - Three

When a coed ends up dead after a bizarre accident, Kolchak investigates a strange college society that appears to be performing rituals in a mysterious old house.
Special Guest Stars: Yancey Arias as Professor Richard Carr |
Guest Stars: Gil McKinney as Jack Mercer | Eugene Byrd as Alex Nyby | Lane Garrison as Craig Boyer | Travis Wester as Devan Harvey |
Co-Guest Stars: Austin Highsmith as Liza | Eamon Hunt as Charles Dunmore | Colton Parsons as John Dunmore
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Writer: Adam Sussman

4 :01x04 - Burning Man

A series of murders mirrors a crime spree by a seemingly dead bio-terrorist who claimed he could kill with “hellfire.” The FBI and the pompous reporter who covered the original story think it’s the work of a copycat, but Kolchak is convinced the murders have more supernatural points of origin.
Guest Stars: Michael O'Keefe as Doug Panero | William Lucking as Howard Gorn | Madison Mason as Agent Houck | Clare Carey as Lisa Panero | Alex Fernandez as Gary Reynolds |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Brief as Fred Fogel | Price Carson as Glenn Overton | Brandon Fobbs as Delivery Boy | Shane Johnson as Susan Reynolds | Eugene Collier as Customer
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writer: Noah Baylin

6 :01x06 - The Source (1)

Agent Fain reappears on the scene after Kolchak refuses to disclose his source in a seemingly routine story about a drug lord’s death at the hands of a renegade band of bikers, and the subsequent disappearance of a DEA agent – a man who may be able to shed light on who murdered Kolchak’s wife.
Guest Stars: Esther K. Chae as Dae | Charles Chun as Seung | Manny Perez as Victor Caleca | Pat Skipper as Agent Richard Walton | John Pyper-Ferguson as Agent Fain |
Co-Guest Stars: Loreni Delgado as Edhead | Steve Saucedo as Biker #4 | Tony Swift as Biker #3 | Kevin Thomas as Biker #1 | Peter Mark Vasquez as Grim Faced Man | Brett Wagner as Biker #2
Director: Steve Shill
Songs: Friend & Lover -- Reach Out In the Darkness

7 :01x07 - The Sea (2)

Kolchak and Perri go on the run to protect the one woman who can answer their questions about Agent Caleca -- and perhaps Irene Kolchak’s death -- before the phantom band of bikers strikes again. Along the way, Perri learns one of Kolchak’s darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Agent Fain puts pressure on Jain to give up his photos and on Vincenzo to reveal what his reporters know about the case.
Guest Stars: Stacy Edwards as Linda Caleca | Esther K. Chae as Dae | Charles Chun as Seung | Loreni Delgado as Edhead | Alexis Rhee as Soo | John Pyper-Ferguson as Agent Fain |
Co-Guest Stars: Bryan Anthony as Cop #1 | Van Epperson as Cabin Manager | Jim Gleason as Reporter #1 | Kathy McGraw as Reporter #2 | Chris G. Moore as Biker #2 | Steve Saucedo as Biker #4 | Rick Scarry as Reporter #3 | Tony Swift as Biker #3 | Kevin Thomas as Biker #1 | Keely Watson as Cop #2
Director: Elodie Keene

8 :01x08 - Into Night

Kolchak investigates when two office workers are mysteriously found mummified.
Guest Stars: Eugene Byrd as Alex Nyby | Michael Shamus Wiles as Bernard Faroux / Walter Prees | Steve Witting as Mr. Corey |
Co-Guest Stars: Tegan Ashton Cohan as Brenda Cook | Regi Davis as Richard Walton | Ted Garcia as Newscaster #2 | Sima Kostov as Woman in Red | Joey Sorge as Jeremy Steckler
Director: Paul Shapiro

10 :01x10 - What's The Frequency, Kolchak?

Kolchak is kidnapped by a disturbed man who claims to have a monster confined in a room at the end of a hallway, and Carl starts seeing things that aren't there.
Guest Stars: Pat Healy (1) as Paul Krieger | Mike Batayeh as Stanley Kim | Reggie Lee as Todd Hoffman
Director: Colin Buckley
Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 2005
Ended: November 10, 2005
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