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The Source (1) - Recap

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A car pools up to a manor on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and a tattooed man gets out. He goes up to the door and after being frisked, is allowed inside. He turns over a bag of money to a man and asks to be left alone. They're interrupted when they hear the sound of motorcycles outsides. The security men go outside but are gunned down by the four cyclists. The leader and the others think the tattooed man set them up, but before they can kill him the motorcyclists gun down everyone except the tattooed man, who is wounded but makes his escape out the back. The tattooed man hides in the bushes as the motorcyclists depart, leaving the money behind. A minute later, Carl Kolchak pulls up and enters the house, checks the men, but finds no sign of the red mark on their wrists. Kolchak hears the tattooed man as he climbs over a fence and makes his escape.

The next morning, Perri congratulates Carl on his story about the drug cartel executions and wonders why he was so interested in a case without any apparent supernatural aspects. A distracted Carl leaves and FBI Agent Fain arrives to see Vincenzo, who they clearly know each other on friendly terms. Fain congratulates Vincenzo and then discusses Carkl's story. A joint FBI-DEA group was created and Fain wants Kolchak's help in return for an exclusive. Vincenzo warns Kolchak won't accept the deal and insists Carl didn't kill Irene. Fain agrees to disagree and wants Kolchak to identify the man who ran away so they can identify the shooters.

In Koreatown, Dae arrives at her grocery store and hears a noise in the back. Investigating, she finds an open door and a trail of blood. Following it, she finds the wounded man.

At the Beacon, Carl storms out of a meeting with Vincenzo and Fain and looks for his keys. When Perri asks, Carl insists he's been stabbed in the back by Fain and storms out, telling Perri he doesn't want her help. Perri goes to Jain, who took photos of the crime scene, and asks him what happened. Jain says that Kolchak wasn't expecting to find the bodies, and was on the trail of the witness. Jain figures the story is about who killed Kolchak's wife, and the witness is a key part of it. Perri goes over the files of the Emily Gale killings and Irene Kolchak's death, and then Jain gives her a story about a trucker dropping off the mysterious witness near Koreatown. Jain insists it's all connected but Perri notes that Carl spent six months in a psych ward after his wife died and suspects he might be cracking up.

Dae's friend Seung arrives and tells her they should take the wounded man in, and that her husband wouldn't have approved. Dae refuses to give up the man and notices a rope bracelet on his wrist, as the man mutters "Linda."

Kolchak drives past a pyramid symbol/sign and arrives at an empty building. He finds a cell phone that rings and a man says he arrived too late. The man at the other end says they don't have much time and Carl starts asking questions. The man refuses to identify himself and says the tattooed man won't escape again. The same "what" that killed the drug cartel members also came after Kolchak the night his wife died, and Kolchak needs to find the tattooed man.

Fain goes to see Perri and ask for help, but Carl comes in and accuses him of going behind his back. When Fain responds by accusing Carl of killing Irene, Carl slugs him and Vincenzo breaks up the fight. Later, Vincenzo calls Perri in to reveal that Kolchak has identified the tattooed man as an undercover agent, Victor Caleca, and may be corrupt. Vincenzo wants Perri to work with Carl. Kolchak storms off and Vincenzo warns Perri that the FBI plans to go to court to get Kolchak's source and she's there to protect the paper.

Dae returns to the grocery store to find Caleca up and about. He thanks her for her help and asks if he can stay, and she eagerly agrees.

Perri goes to see Fain, who apologizes for his behavior and informs her the Justice Department is filing suit. He explains that he was Carl's source on the Freemer graft case in Las Vegas and they used to be friends... until he came to believe Carl killed Irene after they had marital problems. Carl inherited Irene's money when she died, and Fain believes Kolchak has cooked up the entire story so he doesn't have to admit he killed Irene. He asks for her help to find Caleca before the bad guys do. Perri returns to the paper and confronts Carl, who knows she saw Fain and doesn't trust her.

Dae tends to Caleca's wounds and he notices a photo of her and her husband. She refuses to say anything about him but asks about the bracelet and he says it's something important to him.

That night Perri and Jain go to a bar and meet with Richard Walton, Caleca's supervisor at the DEA. Walton insists that Caleca is clean and off the record says Caleca was driving home three weeks ago with his wife Linda and was caught in a storm, and something dragged her body away. Walton refuses to say anything further but after they leave, the four motorcyclists pull up outside. They come inside and gun down Walton and the other bar occupants.

The next day, Perri meets with Fain and says she spoke to Walton. Fain says they know who killed Caleca's wife: the cartel. Caleca then tried to bargain with the cartel to save his own life, but it fell through. Now the FBI is looking for Caleca to protect him from the motorcyclists who killed Walton and the cartel.

Carl goes to the empty building to talk to his contact by cell phone, and is told Caleca has the answers. The man refuses to meet with Carl and says they won't be speaking again.

Caleca calls Walton, who asks if he's okay. Walton wants to know where Caleca is so he can bring him in, and doesn't know who the bikers are. Caleca says the bikers came after him and his wife and then hangs up.

Carl confronts Perri over the story and says he knows who her source is: Fain. Vincenzo meets with both of them and demands to know the source: Fain is also present and informs them he has a court order. Vincenzo informs them the parent company, Crossbinder, has refused to appeal and Carl will go to jail if he refuses.

Seung comes to see Dae and show her the article on Caleca. He insists they give Caleca up but she refuses and says she'll talk to him. With Seung acting as translator, Dae explains that she's losing money running the store and refuses to marry Seung, a successful doctor. She believes she was doomed to live without love until she had a dream to help a man to come to her for help, and she should open her heart to him. She believes Caleca is that man and that he should go if he needs to, but he'll be in her heart. Caleca apologizes, saying he can't stay.

Jain takes Kolchak to see Edhead, a techie who is examining the phone. Edhead has discovered the phone hasn't been activated even though Carl received two calls, and isn't traceable. Carl asks her to locate Caleca electronically and she says he'll need time. Perri asks to see them, saying she has a petition supporting Carl's decision. He tells her not to bother, since he doesn't know the contact's name even though his information is good. Perri concedes that Fain was right and she doesn't know who Kolchak really is.

Caleca reads about Walton's death in the papers, but calls and gets him. Walton insists on knowing where Caleca is and Victor tells him.

Edhead and Jain go to see Kolchak and reveal that there's been two calls to Walton from a market in Koreatown. Kolchak tells Jain to go check it out and they leave... just as Vincenzo gives Carl one more case to reveal his source. When he refuses, Fain takes him into custody. Edhead goes to Perri with information about the calls to Walton's phone, playing back a message from Caleca's dead wife Linda.

Caleca thanks Seung for looking after Dae, while Jain arrives at the market and confirms that Walton's corpse has been discovered. They hear the motorcyclists pull up outside and Caleca realizes it's a trap. Jain goes to the back while the motorcyclists come in and gun down Caleca. The door out the back is locked so Jain hides as the motorcyclists come back and look for him. They hear a rattle at a door and shoot through it. Meanwhile, in jail Fain looks on as Carl is put in a cell.