One Way - Recap

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The scene opens in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Michael walks up to passport control and tells that his trip is for pleasure. He walks into his hotel room and then quickly turns around. Nikita is there. She tells that she is not there to stop him, she is there to help him. The scene flashbacks to 24 hours ago and Nikita gets into a car. There is a video feed and Henry, a friend of hers, tells that he has Kazim Tarik is the next target of Division. Meanwhile, Michael meets with Percy and tells that their new target is Kazim and Michael is happy about this one. He tells that he has 48 hours to get the job done because he has to hide it from Division.

Nikita tells that Michael is on the move and she needs his tracker ID. She tells that she needs it from Medical. Michael is packing and reminisces when he met Kazim and he gives Michael the information when Michael was before Division. His wife and daughter pick up Michael from his location. At Medical, Alex tells that she can’t have narcotics because she was an addict. He leaves to get non-narcotics for Alex and she looks at his computer and pulls the code that Michael has for his tracker. She leaves and the doctor realizes that there is a folder minimized on his computer. Alex gives the code to Nikita and she has a track on him now. The scene cuts to Nikita and Michael once more in the room and she tells that she is going to help him kill Kazim.

Michael tells that she needs to show that she is not trying to kill him by giving up her guns and knife. She tells that they are alone in the country and that no one will find out. Nikita tells that Michael doesn’t like how Percy has been and she tells that Michael is free and clear at the end. Back at Division, the doctor calls Alex back in and tells that he won’t tell. He tries to touch her and Alex slams him against the tables and stabs him in the neck with a needle. Back in Uzbekistan, Michael tells that they are going to have to get to Ahmedov so that they can get the location of Kazim. She tells that they can get the information without any harm to anyone.

Nikita meets with Ahmedov and he takes a liking to her. She takes his key card and phone and gives it to Michael and then goes to the bathroom to clone the phone. Michael goes up to the room and copies files from the laptop. Ahmedov sends his goon to get some blue pills for him and Nikita repeats to Michael that the guard is coming. Michael gets out in time. Back at Division, Percy and Amanda see that Michael and Nikita are working together and Percy sends a team to their location without Michael knowing about it. Alex is working on something and Jade tells that they should work on it together so they can get it done. However, Alex doesn’t want anything to do with her. Amanda calls her over and tells that they found the medical doctor unconscious in the lab and wants to know what happened. She tells that nothing happened. Amanda tells that the doctor will be awake soon.

Nikita and Michael are in the hotel discussing his plan now and he tells that they are going to his base and drag Kazim out. He shows Nikita a big gun and tells that she will not be shooting it. Back at Division, Alex tells Nikita that she has to do something risky. Jade follows Alex and sees her trying to get into a wall unit. At the compound, Nikita and Michael watch as everyone arrives and he tries to get a clear shot of Kazim, but can’t. Nikita tells that she is going in and dragging Kazim out. She takes out two guards. Suddenly Michael sees Division agents zoning in. However, Nikita lost her communicator after the 2nd guard. Michael runs down and a gun fight ensues. Kazim comes out and Michael tries to shoot him, but is shot instead. Kazim and his men notice that Michael is just knocked out, not shot. Kazim tells them to bring him alive. Nikita tries to catch them, but it is too late. Michael is gone. The scene flashbacks to Michael’s wife and daughter getting to the base with him. Kazim calls Michael and asks if he is at the base and he tells that he is. Suddenly the car explodes.

Michael wakes up to the present day and Kazim is there. He tells that he had to prove that he was what his brothers wanted and that his family was just collateral damage. They try to torture him to get who he is working for. Nikita tries to get his signal, but it is no use. She sees the files that Michael copied and finds a vehicle recovery and calls. They tell her the location of the car. Meanwhile, Jade goes to Alex’s room and finds out that she is not there. She goes to the wall unit that Alex was trying to get through and it is open. She walks through it and sees that it leads to the outside. She comes back into Division and Alex snaps a picture of Jade coming out. She tells that she doesn’t want to blackmail her, she just needs help. Back at the secret hideout, Nikita enters and knocks the guard on the ground. Michael is set free and he shoots the guard’s leg and asks where Kazim is. He tells that he went to the airport and Michael kills the guard.

They drive off and Michael tells that he is going to the airport to kill Kazim. Nikita tells that it is a suicide mission because the police will stop him. He tells that she is right and Nikita tells that she should drive. She gets out and Michael drives off. Back at Division, the doctor comes to and tells that Alex stabbed him with the needle. However, Alex comes in and tells that the doctor touched her and that Jade stopped him by stabbing his neck. They believe the girls and take the doctor away. On the road, Nikita stops a police car and pretends to be hurt. She hits the cop and steals the car. At the airport, Michael sees Kazim and buys a one way ticket to Yemen. Nikita tries to talk to Michael through the earpiece and he tells that he has to go at this alone. He places a piece of glass in his hand. Nikita calls the dispatch and gives Michael’s description. The guards see him before he has the chance to kill Kazim.

The scene flashbacks to when Percy first met Michael and tells him to join the team and he will be able to find Kazim again. Michael gets into Division from his mission and tells that Percy was right and that he should have not worked with Nikita. He tells that he has finally realized who the good guys are. Nikita talks to Alex again and she asks if she found Michael. She tells that she did, but then she lost him. She reaches for the knife that Michel gave her and the episode ends.