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Alexandra - Recap

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The scene opens at a nightclub. Alex approaches a bouncer and he asks if she is a model. A man comes up and says that she is with him. His name is Dustin Zimmer. He and his company have developed a phone secretly called the “Oculus”, the next must-have gadget. At the club, Zimmer says that he should order some champagne. Alex talks to Nikita and says that a nightclub is full of “temptations” and Nikita says for her to use her cover to stay clean. Alex gives Zimmer a hug and takes the “Oculus”. Zimmer asks if he can kiss Alex and Alex remembers back at Division when Birkhoff said that Nerds love the rejection because if there is no rejection, there is something up. She tells Zimmer that she needs to go to the bathroom. Once in, a stoned girl stumbles in and Alex helps put a wet towel to her neck. She tells that her name is Irina and recognizes Alex as Sasha. Alex tells that she has her confused as someone else. She gets bumped into by someone. It is Nikita.

Back at Nikita’s hide out, Nikita tells that she is going to upload a message to Zimmer’s phone before giving it back to him. She asks Alex where Alex’s head was and Alex tells that she say a girl she recognized as Vlad’s girls when she was under his control. Nikita asks if she recognized Alex and Alex lies and says that she didn’t. Nikita tells that if Vlad gets word that she is alive; he will come and kill her. Alex says thanks to Nikita because if it wasn’t for her, she would still be like her. Alex leaves. Later, Nikita sends out the message to Zimmer warning him about the company trying to make a clone, when the statement that Alex made earlier resounds in her head. She activates her tracker and she is at the Mercer Grand Nightclub, the same one that she was where she met Irina. Meanwhile, Alex is at the club and she tells Irina that she could get her out. Irina tells her to meet her in the back in 15 minutes. She gets out and sees Irina. However, Vlad is there and he has his men circle Alex.

Nikita arrives at the club looking for Alex, but she is gone. Back at Division, Michael tells Birkhoff to activate Alex’s tracker. Underground, Vlad takes Alex to his new location and says that she got one scar from Alex, but the other one is from Nikita. Birkhoff says that her tracker is not coming up. Michael tells him to get the footage of the back. Meanwhile, Nikita is watching the footage and sees that it is Vlad who took her. Nikita remembers back 6 years ago when she rescued Alex and took her to the residence of Nikolai Udinov. Nikita tells the driver that she is to be assumed that she died in the fire. Back to present day and Nikita tries to operate her tracker, but there is no signal. At Division, the only footage that Birkhoff can bring up is Alex leaving the club and the rest of the footage has been deleted. Birkhoff assumes that Alex went rouge. Michael tells him to keep it quiet because he doesn’t want to give Percy the chance to test out his kill chip on Alex. Meanwhile, Vlad has Alex locked in a cage and Alex tries to tell Irina that the people who are coming for her, are going to kill her.

Michael talks to Amanda and she tells that Alex said that she was worried that the operation was putting her close to drugs. She tells that she is trying to hide her past. Vlad brings in a camera and tells the story of Anastasia Romanov. Vlad tells that he knows that Alex is the daughter of the new czar of Russia, Alexandra Udinov. The scene flashbacks to 6 years ago in the Ukraine when Alex met Vlad. She was sold by the man who told that he would protect. He tells that the men are going to protect her. He tries to get Alex to admit that she is Alexandra Udinov. Alex remembers 8 months ago when Nikita is teaching her everything she needs to know. She tells that Alex needs to tell people who she is, but in a lie. Back to present day, Alex recites the story on how her family died in a car accident and that she was the only survivor. Vlad tells that he has the watch that Alex gave Irina the day she ran away and knows that she is lying about the story. At Division, Birkhoff shows that inside the club, Alex was talking to a girl. Amanda recognizes the gestures that the girl is making are what Russians do. Amanda tells that Alex was shipped and sold as a sex slave and by the looks of the girl, she was too, but still is. Michael says that he has a contact in the Russian Mafia who owes him.

Meanwhile, Nikita shows up at the Russian Mafia’s hangout and pretends to be a towel girl. She shows that she has a Claymore Mine. She asks where Vlad is or she kills them all. One of the men tells her. Michael arrives and the guard sees that the doors are there. He thinks that the men are having “fun” with Nikita. Suddenly Michael bursts in and Nikita recognizes him. Suddenly the two of them work together to take down the guards. Michael and Nikita go to the alley and run away from the police. Inside Vlad’s confines, he points a gun to Alex’s head and tells her to confess. She won’t. Vlad shows that he has drugs and says that he is going to make her tell him. In the alley, Michael and Nikita draw their guns on each other and Michael tells that he has a team close by. Nikita is tracking an agent so that she can get the Oculus prototype. She tells that she wants the Oculus and asks who took Alex. Back in Vlad’s cellar, Alex is high from the drugs that Vlad gave her. Alex remembers when her father Nikoli Udinov told her that the company is going to be called Zatrov and she tells that she read that her father kills people. She tells that she doesn’t want to be him. He tells her that it is who she is and it is in her blood. Irina comes up to Alex and gives her something to drink. She apologizes.

Michael and Nikita watch from afar and argue about the fact that the Kazim mission was blown because Michael left his post. Michael tells that he almost killed Kazim and that Nikita stopped him before he had the chance. She tells that she didn’t realize that he was that close, but she did it out of; she wanted to say love, but stops. She tells that she cares what happens to him. Inside, Vlad temps a very stoned Alex with more drugs for the information. Alex tells that she works for a secret government organization called “Division”. Vlad doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile, Michael secures the entrance and allows for Nikita to go through. Once inside, Nikita starts to make her way to Vlad. Inside, Vlad gets the call and leaves. Nikita is telling all the girls to leave. Alex hallucinates and Irina opens the cage. Vlad comes back and Alex shoots him in the back. Alex hears the voice of her father in her head. She admits that she is Alexandra Udinov and then she shoots Vlad. She kneels down and picks up her father’s watch. She tells Irina to go and if she tells anyone what happened inside the room, she will hunt her down and kill her.

Nikita runs in and sees that she is high on the drugs. She tells that Percy won’t ask so many questions if she has the “Oculus”. Michael comes in and Nikita tells Michael that Alex doesn’t have the prototype. Nikita leaves and Alex shows that she has the “Oculus”. Michael carries Alex in and tells that he was rescuing her when Percy asks. Michael gives Percy the “Oculus” and takes Alex to Amanda. At Nikita’s hideout, she watches the recording that Vlad made revealing that Alex is really Alexandra Udinov. Michael sets Alex down on Amanda’s couch and tells that she should be off her feet. Amanda tells that she runs a rehab clinic with all the former drug addicts in Division. Amanda says that she is going to give her some Methadone to ease the withdraws. She tells that she had a few questions to ask her first.