Looking Glass - Recap

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The scene opens in Belarus six years ago with Michael with a woman. They kiss and start to get “busy”. She tells that she has to get going and Michael comes clean to who he is and says that they need to take down the Belarusian President. The woman’s name is Cassandra. Michael watches a report where the new president of Belarus, Ovechkin, has declared Martial Law. Michael says that they have to get Cassandra out of there. He says that she is his asset that was sent in to infiltrate the government, but realizes that it is too dangerous. Nikita asks Birkhoff to pull up everything on Cassandra. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Percy about Ovechkin killing his assistant and is getting rid of everyone who knows the truth. Percy says that Ovechkin has always been distant thinking that he was a World Leader. Amanda tells Percy to talk to him for his country, but he doesn’t want to.

Nikita asks Michael more about Cassandra. He says that he doesn’t have any communication with her and says that he “acquired” her as an asset by sleeping with her. Nikita asks how many missions he had like that and he says that Cassandra is the only one. Alex gets in and says that she needs Sonya and Amanda agrees. However, she says that she needs her help to take down the Ovechkin. She denies the request and says that she will do without Sonya then. An agent stands up and tells Amanda that she speaks Russian. Sean goes up to Alex and asks what her issue is. She tells that Sergei is her target. Later in Minsk, Belarus, Cassandra goes into an auction and Nikita buys a piece for 500,000 pounds. Cassandra asks to meet her private buyer. She comes in and meets Michael. He says that he has a plan to get her out, but sees that she has a son with her. She introduces him to Michael as Max and Michael is confused.

The scene flashbacks to six years ago. Michael introduces Ovechkin to Cassandra and says that he is going to be Cassandra’s new husband. He says that he had surgery to look like her last husband. She says that sometimes they have to sleep with the enemy. Back at the present, Cassandra tells Michael that her son Max is not Michael’s son and that she has a plan to get out on her own and says that she doesn’t need him. Division has Agent Lisa go into to take out Ovechkin, but complications arise and Agent Lisa is captured. Sean says that they need to rescue her. However, Amanda tells Sean that every Division operative knows the risk, but Sean says that they never leave someone behind. Alex decides to go with him. Michael calls Birkhoff and asks why he didn’t tell him that she had a son. He says that he didn’t know about him. Nikita asks why Michael refused to go with her and Michael says that he was a different person back then. Birkhoff comes back on and says that the Nanny watches Max and that Ovechkin passed him off as her son. Michael remembers his own daughter and how she was killed at the same age of Max.

Cassandra comes in to meet Max and Ovechkin is there. He asks how the auction was and she says that she didn’t get what she wanted. He tells that he knows that she is going to France for another thing and says that Max and he will be waiting. She asks why he is killing people and putting everyone in danger. He says that he is in charge and not the Americans. She calls up the auction house and says that she wants to meet with Michael. Later, Michael talks to him and says that she can’t leave because Ovechkin found the travel plans. Michael says that they will help her. She hugs him goodbye and Nikita sees the exchange and sees that it is more then a hug. Birkhoff tells them that the jet will be there and that they will get their chance when she has a Spa appointment and Max has piano lessons. Michael goes up to Cassandra and says that they need to go. Nikita tries to get Max to go along with the plan, but he is nervous. Nikita tells them that the plan is aborted. At the Spa, an employee asks if Cassandra wants water and the guard goes inside to find Cassandra on the table. Birkhoff says that is why they never work with animals or children.

Amanda walks into Division and asks about the status. In a compound, Lisa is getting beaten up to reveal who she is. The tech agent tells Amanda that Sean and Alex are on scene. Amanda calls Ovechkin and gives up her plan. She tells him that he is going to get killed. Ovechkin kills Lisa as Sean and Alex watch. The tech agent asks if they send in an extraction for Alex and Sean and Amanda tells her not to. Sean tells Alex that they are going to do the mission themselves and kill Ovechkin. Birkhoff tells Michaela and Nikita that they are going to have to get Cassandra and Max out of there when they have an event in the evening. He says that their best thing to do is to get into a government vehicle where they won’t be stopped.

Meanwhile, Alex and Sean get supplies from Lisa’s room and Alex resumes the role as a translator. Sean says that they are going to deliver a bomb to Ovechkin’s car so that it explodes from the inside. Alex says that Sean is doing the same thing that she wants to do to Sergei. However, he says that it is for people who have been wronged. Amanda goes up to Percy and shows that he she has a suit for him. She says that she had to sacrifice Lisa to make Alex go through with the mission. Percy says that he will help her and says that she can send him a message for him. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael get ready to go into the party and Nikita tells Michael that she is not sure that he should be doing this because of his emotions. He says that he is fine and that there is nothing going on between him and Cassandra. Birkhoff has been listening and tells them to get inside the party.

Inside, Cassandra tells Ovenchkin that she needs to put Max to bed and he has a guard go with her. Alex gets Ovenchkin’s attention. Max is getting ready for bed and he tells the Nanny that he has to wait for the lady. She asks him, but he doesn’t tell. Cassandra stalls and Michael comes up and kills the guard. Sean plants the suitcase with the bomb. Nikita goes inside the room to get Max. The Nanny attacks and Nikita tells Michael that the Nanny has a gun. Michael tells Cassandra to get into the car and he will deal with the problem. Nikita fights with the Nanny and wins. She goes into where Max is hiding and tells him that it is going to be alright. Inside, Alex gets told that the bomb is planted and tells Ovechkin that she works for Percy, who has left Division. She tells him to get to his car right away and that there are men planning to kill him. Nikita gives Max to Cassandra and tells her to go to the car. Birkhoff picks up on the signal and tells Nikita and Michael that it is coming from the car. He confirms that there is a bomb in the car.

Michael runs toward the car, but it explodes before he can do anything. However, Nikita comes around the corner with Cassandra and Max. He thanks Nikita and she tells him that he is welcome. Alex asks if it is done and Sean says that they need to confirm. However, Ovechkin sneaks up and puts a gun to Alex. He asks who she is working for and she tells him that she doesn’t want to kill him. Sean comes up behind and she tells him that Sean does though. Sean puts a bullet in the guard and Ovechkin. The citizens come out and Cassandra says that she will handle it. She tells the people that they need to be strong when they find out that Ovechkin is dead. Sean tells Alex that it feels good to help people and Alex agrees that it did feel good. Inside Division, Percy puts on the suit and says that it is a start. The next day, Michael and Nikita walk with Cassandra and Max. She thanks Michael for everything and it was nice of him. He says that he is sorry for six years ago. She says that she is stronger for it. Nikita comes up and tells her that she knows that Max is Michael’s son. Cassandra says that he wouldn’t be able to stay away and says that it would ruin everything. She gives Nikita the choice to tell or not and the episode ends.