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343 Walnut Lane - Recap

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The scene opens with Alex walking into a church. She goes into the confessional and talks to a priest. However, it is Nikita via camera. She tells Alex that she is sorry that they have to meet like they are, but she can’t trust her. Alex says that she needs a file from the black box on Sergei Semak and then she doesn’t need Amanda. She says that she met with Percy and he offered to give her the information for a pack of cigars and a lighter. Nikita tells her that she will think about it. Alex hears a sound and finds that it is just an old woman wanting to confess. She exits the church and Roan follows behind. Meanwhile, Nikita goes up to Birkhoff and asks what he found out. He says that Percy lied to Alex about the information on Semak and says that there is nothing. However, he says that there is a lot on Nikita, including the identity of her real mother and possible father.

At Division, Amanda says that Percy sent Alex to a church to meet Nikita. He denies it and says that he knows where Nikita is going to be for the next 24 hours. Amanda asks what he wants and he says that he would like a room with a view. Back at Birkhoff’s, Nikita finds out that her mother was Pham Anh from Vietnam. Under her father’s name, it is “Rybat”. Michael says that is code for classified. Nikita says that she has to go to the CIA despite the fact that she was kicked out. Michael remembers when back in 2004, Nikita was in Division. He remembers Nikita taking down a Division Trainer for calling her Orphan Scum and how he told Percy that Nikita is going to be an asset rather then a nuisance. Later that night at Birkhoff’s, Michael tells Nikita that he understands her want to find her real parents, but Nikita remembers when she found out that Max is Michael’s son. Michael thinks that Nikita is pregnant, but she says that she isn’t. Nikita says that Michael is doing so much for her and he says that he can at least get back Nikita’s family.

Alex is in her apartment when Birkhoff buzzes in. He tells Alex that Percy played her about the file. Alex asks why Nikita isn’t telling her this and he says that Nikita will just tell her the same thing. Birkhoff suggests Alex to not play the game that Percy is winning at. Meanwhile at the CIA Archives, Nikita and Michael get to the files that they need. They get interrupted by a security guard and have to fight with them to get out. Amanda goes up to Percy and tells him about Nikita and Michael’s break-in. Percy says that he knew that she was going to do that and knows exactly what she was looking for. However, Amanda does too and says that Richard Ellison was a name she didn’t ever want to hear again. Nikita and Michael arrive at the house of her possible father. Nikita gets inside and is attacked by Richard. They fight and Richard gets the upper hand. Michael comes in and Nikita is able to tell him that she is his daughter. He believes her and says that she shouldn’t be there because he is a fugitive. She asks what he did and he says that there were wrong things happening in Vietnam and that he tried to fix them. Suddenly, Division arrives and Nikita, Michael and Richard manage to escape on a Jet Ski. Roan misses his chance to get Nikita again.

Michael, Nikita and Richard get to Birkhoff’s and Nikita tells Richard that he has a place to stay as long as he wants. He says that he doesn’t have the answers that she is going to want. Alex goes up to Percy and tells him that she knows that he was using her. He says that he was working a mission that was activated 7 years ago. At Birkhoff’s, Nikita hears a sound. She goes out to find that it is Richard. He says that he is looking for something to drink. They talk about Nikita’s mother and how she was a nurse and that she was very nice to stitch him up when he was shot. Nikita says that Richard should have never given her up. Percy tells Alex that the plan was all his and Alex realizes that it is not true. Richard says that Michael and Nikita need to stop the crusade and Nikita tells that Michael’s family was killed. Percy says that there is no Richard Ellison and that the tool that was motivated to support Nikita is going to destroy Rouge Nikita. Richard says that she can tell him anything and Nikita says that Michael has a child that he doesn’t know about and says that it is going to make things worse for them. He says that she doesn’t want to lose him and Richard tells her that she shouldn’t keep things from Michael.

Roan is in the forest and asks when they need to strike. Amanda says that they need to give him a little time. Birkhoff answers the phone and Alex tells him that Richard is a Division plant. He turns around to find that Richard is there. They fight and Nikita gets on him and starts to hit him. Michael says that they need to get him talking. Amanda tells Roan to go in and kill everyone. Michael tells Nikita that Alex warned them of him. Richard tells them that he is Secret Ops and that they are going to be there any minute. They are interrupted by gun fire and the battle begins. Nikita tells Birkhoff that they are going to need air support. He grabs his pad and sends the drone toward them. Michael is shot and Nikita goes to his side. Birkhoff tells them that they are leaving the beach and right before Roan has the chance to shoot Nikita, the Drone missile hits and Birkhoff, Nikita and Michael take cover. Amanda watches as everyone’s tracker goes red. In the rubble, Birkhoff, Nikita and Michael are safe. Richard moves and Nikita puts a bullet in him. Roan is next to him and he gets up and puts on his glasses.

Alex goes up to Percy and he asks if they got Nikita. She says that Nikita got away. Percy says that he knew that she would betray him and says that he knows that she warned Nikita and says that she is going to do what he says or else he is going to tell Amanda about her scheme. She says that it is her word against his and that it won’t work. Percy asks if Alex can pass Amanda’s lie detector test. Later, Birkhoff gets into his car and says that they will regroup at the new location of the base. Nikita says that she should have known better and says that she almost costs them their lives. Michael says that he should have seen it clear and says that they could go look for her real father if she wants. Nikita tells Michael that Max is his son. The episode ends.