Clawback - Recap

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The scene opens with a man running on a treadmill. Roan comes in and tells the man to put two wires on his chest or else his family gets killed. He does it and Roan shocks him. The man falls dead. Roan leaves the house. Another man gets a call and is told by Amanda that his “package has been delivered”. He then calls another number and tells him to sell all the stocks that he has. Meanwhile in a Federal Prison, Ryan Fletcher is playing chess with another inmate when he sees a news report of a man who died. Ryan recognizes him and goes back to his cell. He sees a pattern of sorts and says that he needs to make a phone call to his mother. At another location, Nikita tells Michael that Birkhoff sent over images of their new location. Michael says that Cassandra and Max left Belarus and went to London. He says that he has to do this and Nikita says that Division is after them and says that he can’t go out of anger. They hear a noise. Nikita says that it is Ryan. She listens as Ryan talks to his mother, but uses the code words to talk to Nikita. She tells Michael that Ryan and her decided to talk in codes when he needed to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Amanda listens in on the conversation and tells Sean that Nikita is going to want to talk to Ryan. He asks who he is and Amanda says that he is an analyst who was corrupted with sex by Nikita to kill 3 CIA agents. Alex is loading up on guns when Sean comes up and asks her what she is doing. She tells him that Gogle has a target on her back and she has to take care of it. Sean asks about Division and knows that Alex will give him a strait answer. Later, Ryan meets with a man and he shows that he has an ear piece in. Nikita talks to Ryan and he tells her that he has found out how Oversight gets their money. He tells her to follow the trail. Roan comes in and asks where Nikita is and he tells him that he was only paid. Roan looks at Ryan and leaves. Later that night, Alex and Sean talk about how Sean doesn’t believe that Division is telling the truth. Alex says that Ryan is a good guy that Division framed. Sean says that they have a tail on them. She realizes that it is Gogle. Alex and Sean avoid from being shot and capture one of them alive. Meanwhile, Nikita says that the mission that Ryan was talking about was a drug funding operation. They find that a place houses the operations. Midas is the controller of the money.

Amanda meets with Oversight and the man from earlier, tells the Senator that he wants to have a face to face with Ryan before they take him down. Michael and Nikita arrive in Delaware and go to the place where the Oversight kept records. They are greeted by a woman who says that she runs a P.O. Box office. Michael asks if it is legal. Nikita gets into the box that Gaines is hiding away and the woman tells her that she has to find the cat, but comes back with a shotgun. She is Division. Back in Division, Alex says that the man who is captured is Uri Ladrov. She says that they grew up together and says that she should talk to him. In the prison, Ryan is escorted by a guard to Jonathan Gaines. He says that he ruled him out and says that it makes sense. Ryan says that if he can spot the pattern, then anyone can. Gaines says that he could have Ryan transferred, but Ryan says that he has given the information to Nikita already. As Ryan is escorted to his cell, the guard tries to fight Ryan, but he gets the upper hand and throws him over the balcony. They guard dies.

Nikita and Michael get back and find out that Gaines is the leader of the finances of Oversight. Nikita gets the information that Ryan killed a guard in the prison and Nikita gets ready to go. Meanwhile, the Senator meets with Sean and he asks who put out the hit. She says that it was a collective decision. Sean tells her that he is done, but she convinces him that he has a duty and he says that he will do it only because she is his mother. At the same moment, Amanda hears their conversation and hears the Senator tell him that they are going to replace Amanda. Alex meets with Uri and tries to talk to him on a personal level. Uri reveals that they all feel that she is a traitor and that she is trying to kill Semak and take over Zetrov and work under Division’s orders. She tells him that he is wrong.

Michal is escorted into prison and Nikita is posing as a Probation Officer. At the same moment, Roan is there and puts something into Ryan’s IV. Nikita gets there and it is too late. Michael is shot by Roan in the shoulder and can’t pursue him. Later at their hide out, Nikita is getting ready to go after Gaines. Michael says that he is going with him. However, he gets up and is weak. Nikita put a sedative in the water. She tells him that he has a son that he might have to protect someday and says that she loves him too much. Alex talks to Uri and says that she is not trying to do anything like he thinks and he says that he doesn’t believe her. He says that she is being controlled by Division. Sean meets with the Senator again and says that Ryan is dead and says that he is going to turn in Gaines.

Meanwhile, Roan checks on Gaines and he says that he will be ready in 5 minutes. At the same moment, Nikita is scaling the building and cuts her way in. She goes up to Gaines and says that he is going to give names to the members of Oversight. Sean comes in and tells Nikita to let him go. Amanda gets a call from Roan. He tells her the update and she tells him to kill them both. Gaines reveals that the head of Oversight is Senator Madeline Pearce. Sean shoots Gaines and Nikita dives behind the couch. The Division team open fire when suddenly Michael shoots the men with a sniper rifle. Nikita manages to escape without being killed. They get back to their hideout and Michael says that they share the risks and decisions. Michael says that she means a lot to her and says that if she ever does that again, they are through. The news gets the information that Gaines is murdered and Alex comes up to Amanda and asks to talk to Uri again, but Amanda says that he has been canceled. Amanda says that she is going to have to remain in Division.

Sean meets with Madeline again and she says that the future of Oversight is critical since the death of Gaines. Sean tells Madeline that Nikita knows her name now and that she is going to be first on her list. He says that she is her mother and she will protect her. He says that after he takes care of her and kills Nikita, he is out. Nikita goes up to Julie Anne, Ryan’s mother. She tells her that Ryan was a hero. Meanwhile, Amanda walks up to a man tied to a chair. She welcomes him to Division. It is Ryan Fletcher. He says that he doesn’t understand. She tells him that his continued survival will be determined on his help that he gives. Amanda says that she is only going to require him to do what he has been doing. She wants him to take down Oversight. The episode ends.