Fair Trade - Recap

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The scene opens and Seymour meets an attractive young girl in a café. They get chatting together, and as the coffee arrives, Seymour manages to drop something in the cup Alison is carrying for her boss. Seymour keeps talking her to distraction, and tells her about his boss, Nikita – focused, high on life, annoying as ever – she does not need caffeine. When she asks where he works, he tells her that he is a partner in a firm that is getting ready to supply products to the military. Without suspecting anything, Alison tells him that the café could do with him coming more often.

Later, when Alison gets to her boss, a senator, she is on the phone complaining to somebody that they have lost 80 million dollars, and they need to retrieve a box. She has someone she trusts on the job. Captain American, as Alex calls him, enters the room where she is getting ready to leave for Russia. She is going after the man who killed her father. When Captain America complains about her ways, she shows she has done her homework, and she is going with a different identity to remain under the radar. Captain America has a talisman for her – it is the watch that belonged to Alex’s father. When she wants to know if Amanda knows any of this, Captain America tells him that she does not and will not, but on one condition – after reaching her target, she should give him a call. She will need someone to be watching her back.

Later, when Seymour arrives at his living room where Nikita is getting into her work outfit, she wants to know where the senator is now. He can tell her only if the senator has ingested the micro-drop tracker Seymour dropped in her coffee. Not before long, he is able to identify the senator’s position on his computer after the senator has drank her coffee. She is still in her office, and not moving anywhere for a while. In the meantime, David tells Nikita to take fear as a positive thing. It helps in situational awareness. So is David going to tell her about situational awareness now? David argues, and goes on to talk about Michael, making her a little less charged up, and a little more sensitive and reminiscing.

Moments later, the computer shows that the senator is on her way out. Nikita and Seymour rush out. When they reach the DC convention, it turns out that the senator’s venue has had a last minute change. Captain America is with the senator, just like Amanda wanted. He is quick to suspect Nikita in the vicinity as her car skids away. Later, when Alex, disguised as a prostitute is entertaining a client in a strip club, she walks off to get him a drink. Finding the chance, she makes an important call, but is soon pulled away by her client. At the convention, Nikita finds a different way to get in. She poses as the flower girl, and enters the venue clearing security. Seymour is in a car nearby guiding Nikita on her earphones. He tells her about the structure of the building, and tells her to approach the ventilator shaft. When she gets there, Seymour warns her about the shaft’s depth just as she gasps losing her shoe in it. Meanwhile, Amanda is tracking the first, second and third Division representatives through her assistant’s computer.

Meanwhile, as Alex takes the poledancing platform to impress her client and the other patrons of the club, cops arrive soon. They have report of illegal sex workers from Russia. Alex puts up a fight, but gets arrested. The cop tells her that she will be deported to Russia. Meanwhile the senator walks the convention building with her bodyguards, and learns that retrieving the black box is so important, that if it lands up in the wrong hands, not only will be devastating for the Division, but for the entire country. As Nikita, hiding in the ventilator shaft confirms to Seymour that she has identified the Division bodyguards around the senator, Amanda’s assistant gets an alert on her screen.

She has been able to spot a con signal – Seymour in the vicinity of the senator’s convention venue. Amanda immediately suspects that Nikita is around and alerts Captain America. The senator is guarded and led out towards a safer part of the building. Seymour notifies Nikita of the progress, and she gets off her blocks. In the meanwhile, authorities get to Seymour. Unable to escape, he is surrounded. Meanwhile, as Nikita follows the senator’s movements, Nikita gets in her view. She runs, and Captain America gives chase. Nikita wittingly distracts a police officer at a food stall, but manages to remain unnoticed. The cop and his colleagues turn around, and find Captain America pointing a gun in their direction.

After escaping to a safe zone, Nikita wants a rendezvous with Seymour, but he has already been taken by the Division authorities. They take him to interrogation, where Amanda’s has him ready on a belted chair. At first, he claims that Michael and Nikita threatened to kill him if he did not help. Amanda is not believing. As the first step towards torturing out information, Amanda crushes Seymour’s right hand, bringing down his typing speed from 120 to 60 words per minute. Meanwhile, Nikita gets to Seymour’s apartment. Finding no one, she uses his phone to call Michael. She is in a strange mood filled with anxiety. He asks her to focus, and explains that she will have trade with Amanda – she will have to give up the black box if she wants Seymour back.

Meanwhile, Amanda is at her treacherous best, and about to poke an instrument into Seymour’s brain, through his nostrils – something that will reboot his mind. Just as she pokes enough to bleed his nose, her assistant reports Nikita is on the phone. She wants to trade her black box for Seymour. By now, Nikita knows who Captain America really is – the son of the senator, and a US navy sailor – his first name is Sean. After a brief bargain, Nikita is able to get Amanda to agree. The senator, who is connected via the phone lines, agrees that they need the black box more than Seymour or Nikita. She gives the go ahead. Amanda tells Nikita that Seymour will be with her within an hour.

Later, when Alex arrives in Moscow, she and the rest of the sex workers are escorted down an unusual passage. Escorting them is the cop who indicted her in the strip club. He gets the girls to a truck near the runway, and looks like he is trading the girls for something important with Russian mobsters. As soon as Alex realizes something is wrong, she uses her combat skills to take out the gangsters and the American cop, after which she orders the rest of the girls to get into the truck. Meanwhile, as Amanda starts interrogating Percy about the black box, and the news shows people around the world out on streets protesting a world financial collapse, Percy schools her. People like to believe that God has a plan for them, but no one else.

Later, when Sean arrives with Seymour, he finds a taxi driver who has come to take them. They have to get into it to reach Nikita, and she is tracking it through the common transponder all taxis have. Amanda wants to track it as well, but her assistant reports that Nikita’s signal is interfering. However, by the time Nikita’s taxi gets to her in a parking lot on 51st Street, Amanda and company are able to get Sean’s position again. He lets Seymour go. Nikita tells him to get to the next level at the parking lot – it is the roof. Nikita and Sean are poised for a face off, in which Sean destroys the black box with a bullet, but Nikita is swift enough to snatch his gun. Then, as Sean accuses her of trying to kill his mother, she calls her a bitch. Moreover, he is on her side – an evil one. Nikita shoots him down, but he is not dead. He gives chase, but Nikita and Seymour escape in a helicopter.

After Nikita and Seymour get back to his place, he thanks her for coming for him. When she is leaving, Seymour asks where, and she replies she is going to look for Owen – he is after a black box with a Russian black ops team. When the senator asks Sean why he gave up the black box, he claims it was for saving her life. Moreover, he has plans of getting to Nikita through Alex. The episode ends.