Clean Sweep - Recap

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The scene opens with Percy’s guardians on the phone with Amanda. They buzzed her phone threatening to clean sweep Division as soon as she harms Percy. Listening to their conversation through the guardians who have raided Senator Pierce’s house are Nikita, Michael, Birkhoff, Alex and the captured Sean Pierce. It turns out that Amanda is compelled to release Percy. Although she hopes his plan has a loophole, Percy is okay with going down in a clean sweep. If Division is not his, it is nobody’s. Nikita and company are trying to prevent clean sweep. Sean finds that weird, and Birkhoff too. However, it is about saving people. It is not about Division. Sean lets on his mother has told him clean sweep can be activated from anywhere. They have to worry about what the guardians can do from there. Meanwhile, Percy is released, and is on his way out. The guardians are working for Amanda, but one of them – the terminator – is visibly poised on Percy’s side.

Amanda hopes to deactivate the clean sweep easily, but Percy’s man – the saboteur inside Division has made that nearly impossible by planting a detonator on the deactivation room door. When Amanda finds that out, she wants a team to immediately start working on it. At Nikita’s place, she, Michael and Sean are planning to raid the senator’s residence and take out the guardians. Sean hopes to come with them, but Nikita points out he was about to kill her. He was only trying to protect his family. He still intends to do that – his mother is a hostage under the guardians. Besides, they will need him to get through the perimeter, and the inner boundary. Meanwhile, Semokh arrives at his intelligence office for briefs. It turns out that the guardians they sent out are now working for Percy. They have figured out the two men were seen in Amsterdam together, and that they have to kill them before they carry out all of Percy’s orders.

Percy walks out of Division with Amanda’s men. On the way out, he tells her he will miss her as he glares at her with all the shrewdness in the world. Amanda already suspects the saboteur, because Percy hopes he will go with him, and will be the one to relay back the orders and announcements. Meanwhile, as Nikita, Michael and Sean arrive at the Senator’s premises, they have are listening to the talks inside. One of the Oversight members is trying to show the guardians are acting wrongly for their own good, and as Senator Pierce is fidgeting around with her phone in the pocket, she gets pushed onto a chair and drops her phone. One of the guardians shoot it off. That’s when Sean gets worried and is about to rage into the building, but Nikita manages to convince him. No, they should not split up, they need to go in together as of now. Meanwhile, Alex gets the important briefing from Birkhoff.

She is on her way to Division so that she can stop the clean sweep if and when it is triggered. Birkhoff has designed a cell phone for her to follow what she needs to do. And what does she intend to tell Amanda? Exactly what she wants to hear. Meanwhile, Percy is on his way where the guardians are driving him. He expresses disappointment about the way they are working for Amanda. He was the one to have given them their freedoms. Alex arrives at Division, and tells Amanda about what she discovered in Russia. Her mother is still alive. And besides, she hopes Amanda knew that. And she also wants to know why Percy has betrayed her. If required, she is ready to torture him for knowing why. Amanda seems glad thinking she has Alex on her side. Before long, Percy fetches a pistol from the side of the door, and shoots the guardians. Amanda immediately gets an alert, and is worried.

Right now, Percy has a man inside Division. He is working for him. Meanwhile, as Semokh gets an intelligence alert, he sends his men – about 10 of them to attack the Senator’s house – the Oversight meeting. Meanwhile, when the saboteur prepares for the kill, he manages to take down one of the men working on deactivating the door detonator. Before long, he encounters Alex moving towards the gas pipes. However, they soon get into a fight over Percy’s orders, but Alex manages to escape, when the other man working at the detonator comes in looking for his partner – distracting the saboteur. The saboteur shoots him down. Before long, Alex is escaping through the vent, but she has lost her phone. It doesn’t take long for the saboteur to get on her tail, but she manages to escape using a wire and yanking it off the hook so that he cannot use it.

It is already dawn, and when Percy arrives at the senator’s residence and steps out of the car, Nikita has him at gunpoint. So does Michael. Percy goes on with his cold voice, saying how suddenly Nikita has turned around to save Division. He will never understand her approach. However, Percy lets on something that Michael doesn’t know, but that is not enough to be changing his focus. As the guardians call Percy, he has to pick it up, because if they get a hint something is wrong, they will trigger clean sweep. Nikita is too eager to pick up the phone, and when she does, the guardians want to know if Percy is still alive. In the process of handing over the phone, there is a fist fight, as a result of which all Oversight members expect the senator are gunned down. Before long, Semokh’s men attack from the eastern perimeter.

That is when Sean and Nikita are waiting for opportunities to gun down the guardians. In a fierce rage of bullets, Percy, who is escaping into the car with the clean sweep trigger, gets hit in the stomach. He overlooks his pain, and triggers clean sweep. By now Alex is at the panel. She manages to hear out the instructions Birkhoff has, and cuts the right wires on time. Clean sweep is not happening. Meanwhile, as the gun battle rages across the senator’s porch, Sean is worried some of Semokh’s men have already got inside the building. Michael wants to go in, but Nikita says she should. Michael should stay out and cover Sean. Just as Nikita cuts the captive tapes on the senator’s chair, two men are approaching from behind. She takes them out. Michael arrives on time, and takes out the third one at the other door. Alex has to get out of the panel area, but shooting at her is the saboteur. He finds her at point blank, but she manages to slide into the cell where Percy was captive.

Although the glass is bullet proof, the saboteur takes a shot at her to intimidate. Back at the senator’s residence, Sean hugs his mother, happy to see her alive. After that, the senator calls up Amanda, and tells her they should be working on a cover story about the three dead Oversight members. She should make sure they died as heroes. When Amanda gets to the cell where Alex has been caught in, she wants to know her real story. However, Alex is still playing by her own plan. Back at the senator’s place, Nikita ridicules the senator’s concern for body count. How does she get bothered about people dying? Wasn’t she the one to order the previous assassinations? They were necessary, replies the senator.

Back at Division, Amanda calls up Semokh’s intelligence man. She reports Percy has escaped with his man. Besides, she deserves to be paid back for her favor. Semokh’s man can think of a few ways to do that. Unlike Amanda’s bosses no longer exist, Semokh does. However, there is good news. Alex might be ready to make a comeback. And what about Nikita? Amanda has future plans for her too. The episode ends.