Power - Recap

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The episode begins outside a DARPA research facility, where an unfortunate staffer ends up shot dead after swiping a nasty-looking device for an enigmatic woman; who is there for the device. Later, after Nikita and gang have discovered the dead staffer and find the device missing, Michael explains to Birkhoff that the device synthesizes a rare isotope and allegedly "represents the future of clean energy"; hence it is a device that could change the face of mankind, and therefore is obviously of great importance and is also in great demand. Nikita recognizes the shooter as a Division agent, from the evidence at hand; she thus realizes to an extent as to who must have put the agent up to this mission. It's up to the team to find her and retrieve the device as soon as possible; which due to its utility is of the utmost importance.

Later, Michael and Nikita track the agent to New Jersey based on the information and clues at hand. Also, with some help from Alex, they confirm the fact that the device was stolen in order to turn it over to Amanda and Ari, as those were the instructions given to the agent. Amanda and Ari basically have a master plan, which prominently features this device. The whole reason for the operation being carried out was the fact that, it's their key to getting control of Zetrov, something that they have been pining after for quite a while now; and this device is their best bet for gaining control of the organization. Meanwhile, Michael and Nikita try to interrupt the exchange so as to prevent them from achieving their goal. It turns out, Gogol agents too are after the device, and hence are at the scene. Hence, it then turns into a firefight between them and Gogol agents, who are also on the trail of this all important device.

When Nikita goes looking for the device, she gets into a struggle with and is eventually shot by Amanda, during the whole retrieval process; but it thankfully turns out that, it’s not a kill shot. For reasons only know to her, Amanda chooses not to kill Nikita, but instead is just fine with injuring her. Hence rather than killing her, she instead takes the device and flees the scene with what remains of the Russian team; thus achieving what she had come for in the first place. Meanwhile, after another flashback to Nikita's days at Division, everyone's in Moscow, with Michael wondering why Amanda didn't take the kill shot, especially when she had such a golden opportunity; and as she might not get such an opportunity once again, and this time was her best bet. Meanwhile, Alex briefs everyone on the inner workings of Zetrov HQ, in hopes of stopping Ari and Amanda's formal takeover.

The briefing is so that, they know what they would be up against whilst trying to prevent Ari and Amanda. The plan involves Alex herself showing up for the planned reception, and Nikita posing as a supermodel, so they can infiltrate the premises unnoticed; in order to foil the ultimate plan. Alex is somehow able to get into the board meeting so she can keep an eye on the proceedings, and where Ari pitches the stolen device and makes his case for CEO as was expected, while Nikita tries to lift the device dressed as supermodel, but triggers an alarm while doing so; resulting in alerting everyone, which unexpectedly leads Nikita into a world of trouble, in the things that ensue. The alarm brings Amanda down to say hello, as she is immediately on to the fact that Nikita might be nearby... which means she triggers the extraction of all the air in the hazmat chamber; thus landing Nikita in a world of trouble from the look of things.

It's Michael to the rescue, as he realizes that Nikita is in trouble, and might need some assistance. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Nikita that she "broke her heart" by turning against Division, as it wasn’t something she would ever have expected Nikita to do, and also that she was one of their best, and thus it disappoints her even more. The two ladies have a long-overdue argument about who hurt who more, digging up all that has transpired in the past, thus trying to justify their position. Meanwhile Michael rushes to the scene sensing Nikita’s peril, pretending to be part of an arriving response team, so as to blend in, as he realizes that it’s the best possible way for him to get to Nikita; he manages his endeavor quite successfully.

Later, when he asks her to stall Ari, Alex decides to tell the board that she's supposed to be dead in some detail, so as to put their minds at ease. Meanwhile, Nikita makes good her escape, and also manages to knock out Amanda in the process, and is reunited with Michael while Ari gets fired from everything, for all that has just happened; much to his anger and frustration. Amanda calls Division for help in stopping Nikita and gang as if they aren’t caught, all her plans would be in vain. But Percy decides to leave her out in the cold, literally; as this is the best opportunity for him to make a comeback. With Amanda out the door, Percy decides now would be a good time to retake Division, and thus gain its complete control; he realizes, he might not again get such an opportunity any time in the future. He has Mason (the agent he co-opted last week) pretend to haul him in.

The moment Amanda finds out, she knows that Percy is plotting something, and orders his immediate cancellation; so as to prevent him from doing anything against her interests. Smooth-talking as ever, Percy puts doubt in Sonya's mind, and while she survives, he's clearly got the upper hand; thanks to all that has transpired things seem to be tipping in Percy’s favor, from how they are shaping up. He convinces Sonya to call Birkhoff, and everyone can hear as Birkhoff tells Sonya the truth about what Amanda is up to, including sending a video of her saying everyone is "fully expendable" Much to everybody’s shock and horror.

Amanda seems to have lost her credibility within the division, a fact clearly visible from the expressions of the people present. For that, Amanda and Ari end up in Romania, hunted by Gogol and Division; as they do have become hunted, in the recent light of events. Somehow, though, Ari has a half-decrypted black box, which is not going to make Percy very happy, as there is something very pertinent in it, which might get Percy in trouble, from the look of things. We get one last reminder of the difference between Amanda and Nikita: Amanda laments letting Nikita live; if it weren’t for Amanda sparing Nikita’s life, she wouldn’t be in the trouble she is today.

Meanwhile Nikita is proud of herself for not bumping off Amanda; clearly essaying the fact that human life holds value for Nikita, even if it is her enemy’s. Thus she could no longer be a part of the division. The episode ends on this note.