Wrath - Recap

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The episode begins at the CIA Black Site in Norway. Percy and his man walk into the CIA facility and ask for detainee review. Inside is an imprisoned man, who Percy says he is there to get out. The man doesn’t react at all to what Percy is saying. Percy then tells him that he is not with the CIA; the proof of this is the fact that he and his team had captured the imprisoned man 5 years ago. The imprisoned man asks Percy if he knows where “she is”. Percy is turn tells him that he and she had a bit of a falling out. The imprisoned man says Percy has got a deal if he can find “her” for him. The man accompanying Percy then proceeds to swiftly kill the guards standing there. Meanwhile, Nikita and Alex are running on the beach getting some exercise.

Nikita asks Alex what she plans to do with her newfound fortune. Alex it seems hasn’t really decided yet. Alex then asks Nikita if she will settle down with Michael, now that things have settled down. Meanwhile, Seymour and Michael are going at it in a make shift boxing ring in their lair. Seymour and Michael are discussing Michael’s relationship with Nikita. Meanwhile, just as Nikita and Alex are entering the lair, a can call comes in from Senator Pierce. It is Sean on the line informing the gang, that the Division might be doing business without Amanda. They immediately realize that Percy must have wriggled his way back into Division. Sean is worried about the safety of his mother, and just as he is saying this, a person on a bike sticks bomb to the Senator’s car and escapes, Sean tries warning them, but the car blows up before he can do anything. Through satellite imaging Nikita and gang find out what just happened. Meanwhile, Percy is being briefed about what has just transpired.

Sean is pissed to no end and thinks its Percy’s doing, he decides to take revenge. Over the phone Alex tries her best to calm him down, as she says no one can yet be sure, who has done it. On the traffic cam Nikita sees the footage of the biker, stop remove his helmet and stare at the camera. She recognizes him as Brandt who was taken down by division 5 years ago. He is also the same guy Percy helped escape from prison, earlier. Five years earlier, Nikita is shown reporting to Percy about Brandt dealing with terrorists and selling them Plutonium. She has it seems, gained his confidence and Percy gives her 3 days to bust him. Back to the present, Nikita tells the gang that 2 days later Brandt was brought in, but they never found the Plutonium. They figure out that Percy has allowed Brandt’s escape, because he wants the Plutonium that was never found.

Meanwhile, Percy reprimands Brandt for being so rash in his actions. Brandt tells Percy that, he did it all deliberately as the Senator would be given a national funeral, and that would draw Nikita out. He needs security plans for the funeral. He reminds Percy that he needs Nikita, if Percy needs that Plutonium. Meanwhile, Sean comes in and is told by Nikita all about Brandt. He realizes that he killed the Senator to get to Nikita. Meanwhile, Nikita tells him that Brandt’s next move would be to stakeout the funeral and lie in wait for her. The guys warn Sean of the fact that he might be used by Brandt to get to Nikita. Sean apparently doesn’t care, and wants to anyhow attend his mother’s funeral.

Meanwhile, Percy briefs an operative about the risks involved and things he should and shouldn’t be doing in order to get to Nikita, at the funeral. He tells him to capture her if possible, instead of killing her. Later at the funeral, Nikita and gang are keeping a watch out for Brandt. Seymour spots a suspicious looking van, Nikita goes to deal with it. She finds the driver of the van dead, just then Brandt jumps on top of her from the roof of the van and renders her unconscious. He then removes her GPS com device, after throwing her into the van. Later, the gang is back in their lair and on the alert trying their best to locate Nikita. Seymour then comes up with the info about an inmate of Brandt’s and they plan to check him out.

Meanwhile, Brandt tortures a restrained Nikita; for all that she has done to him. Meanwhile, the inmate who was with Brandt is kidnapped by the gang, from a Military Police vehicle. Meanwhile, Brandt is still at it, Nikita tells him she was only following orders, but Brandt doesn’t believe her, he feels she enjoyed it. Five years earlier, Nikita is shown getting out of a room, after having brutally having beaten up Brandt to a near pulp. Outside Percy congratulates her, for bringing down Brandt. Back in the present Nikita tells Brandt “I am sorry, I am sorry that I didn’t take out your other eye, and if I knew you would be talking me to death, I would have cut out your tongue too”. She tells Brandt that she enjoyed beating him up.

Brandt calls up Percy, he wants to hurt Nikita and Percy says he can help hurt Nikita, but he needs the Plutonium. He tells Brandt that she can’t stand to watch the ones she loves get hurt. Percy tells him that, he has someone in mind who he thinks Nikita cares for. Later, Percy comes online and tells Michael that if he wants Nikita, it will require a sacrifice, and it will have to be him (Michael). Later, Michael leaves for the sacrifice, after ingesting a tracker which will come online in half an hour. Michael reaches the designated place is told to drink a liquid and then faints, with a camera showing Brandt that Percy has kept his end of the bargain, now it’s his turn to keep his end of the bargain.

Brandt keeps his end of the bargain and hands over the Plutonium; he is then given the address to where Michael is. Later, Brandt throws in front of an utterly shocked Nikita, an unconscious Michael. Meanwhile, Sean and Alex are trying to search for Michael with Seymour guiding them; the sensor is not showing up as Brandt is somewhere underground. They zero in on the area and but need to find the house. They realize that Brandt could have taken Michael and Nikita to Brandt’s inmate’s house. Seymour gives them the address for the house. Meanwhile, Nikita gives Michael an earful for being foolish enough to give himself up.

Just as Brandt enters the room and starts once again beating her up, Nikita manages to free herself and starts beating up Brandt, a violent scuffle ensues, with both of them trading blows. Ultimately Brandt overpowers Nikita and is about to choke her to death when Sean shoots him from behind, a few times. Later, Nikita apologizes to Michael for being rude to him earlier. Later, Nikita tells Percy that his plan failed and it only helped to bring her and Michael closer together. Percy offers Nikita a deal that, she give up her crusade against him and he will do the same. Nikita turns down the offer, and says she is coming for him. The episode ends at this point.